Fell In Love With The Bad Boy

When Kimberly and her mother move to England she goes to a new school. Her Family is rich but she isn't a spoiled brat. She is very caring, loving, and she is very pretty. She has straight brown hair, brown eyes, and she has a perfect smile. But what happens when she get's enrolled to a new school and meets Harry the school's bad boy? Will she fall in love with him? Will he do whatever to make her his girlfriend? And will she be safe with him?


21. Last Day


          Kimberly's pov

     It is only one more day until my wedding. I couldn't wait to see Harry again. I really miss him, especially about what happened yesterday. I woke up and went downstairs to make some breakfast for all the girls and i. They are probably having a hang over right now. I made pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I put all the plates with food on the table and went upstairs to go wake the girls up. I went to the guest room where they were all in and found them sleeping. " Wake up girls." i whispered. " I don't want to get up!" Perrie groaned. " Well you have to because your breakfast is going to get cold" i said and walked downstairs to eat my food. After a couple of minuets all of them came down and sat on the table. " Thanks Kimberly for making all the food" Elounor said. " No problem so what are we doing today?" i asked. " We will just stay here and just get some sleep for tomorrow." Natalie said. " Well ok, I'm going to take a shower and then we could just watch movies or something." i said and washed my plate and went upstairs. I took off all my clothes and got in the shower. After i did everything that was necessary to get cleaned i went to my room and put on some black jeans and a yellow shirt. I went downstairs to find all the girls watching Finding Nemo without me. " You guys are watching Finding Nemo without me that is so messed up!" i jokingly yelled at them witch made them burst into laughter. I sat next to Elounor and began to watch the movie.


           Harry's pov

   It was only one more day for the wedding and i couldn't be happier. I just wanted Kimberly to be mine. Forever. Me and the boys are just relaxing in the pool. We were having really fun. But the only thing i could focus on was the wedding. " Come on mate let's have some fun" Liam said. " Let's play volley ball!" Niall screamed. " Ok so i am team captin!" Louis shouted. " I am the other team captain!" Liam said. " Ok so i pick Harry and you get Niall " Louis said. " OK and Zayn will be the score keeper since he can't swim." Liam said. " Ok let's start!" Louis shouted. We both went to our sides and Zayn put on the volley ball net. " OK..1..2...3!" Zayn screamed. Well this should be interesting. After about an hour of playing me and Louis lost by a point. We all went to take a shower and we all went to sleep since it was already 9:30 pm.

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