Love can't last... Can it?

This is my first one so no hate please. Cassidy and Katrina are best friends and have dreamed of meeting their teenage hearthrobs, Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Niall and Katrina fall in love. But what happens when someone new falls for Katrina...? Will she stay with niall? Or her mystery love....


2. Knowing her name

Cassidy POV:

Katrina and I scored with these front row seats! I see Harry perfectly!!! He's so cute. 

*After concert* 

Niall POV:

"So we meet again, eh, beautiful?" I said. She blushed. "Can I catch your name, love?" "It's Katrina. And thanks for saying I'm beautiful." She looked down. "Well why lie to a beauty like you?" Her face brightened and she smiled with her beautiful blue eyes shining looking into mine. She really is perfect. "Look, Katrina. We just met but will you come on tour with me? And call you mine?" "Yes and yes!!!!" She replied quickly. Cassidy had left already so it was me and my girl and the lads. I leaned in and kissed Katrina and she kissed back. Her lips are so pink and soft. I could see Harry glaring. Does he like her, too? 

Harry POV:

I just sat there. Watching Katrina and Niall kiss. Being my usual jealous self. I want Katrina. And I had to have that girl. That one was made for me. She's so perfect. After the kissing stopped I asked everyone to watch a movie and they all said yes. Bad choice letting Liam choose because we got stuck watching toy story. But I sat by Katrina. She didn't seem to mind. Her smile is so pretty with those perfect little dimples in her cheeks. Niall got up and went to bed and took Katrina with him. I went shortly after because I heard soft kiss noises.

I heard Harry crying. Niall was asleep so I went to see Harry. I knocked and he instantly opened the door. He saw that it was me and glumly said "Hello, Katrina." Harry seemed broken. "Are you okay?" I asked. Stupid question. "No, for your information I'm not okay." He said as a tear dripped down his face. "Do you want to talk?" I asked. "Don't make me love you more. It hurts enough already." He said shutting the door. So I went to talk to Louis for a bit and hopped back to bed with Niall. 

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