Best Song Ever! Best Life Ever?

^ Niall and Gemma start to date, Harry is over-protective of his sister. how does harry feel about Nemma?
^Nigeal met a girl on Her name is Averi. They start to like each other. Nigeal moves from England to America. He goes to a new school, Swope Middle School. Nigeal ends up going to the same school as Averi. And so on.
^ Nigeal's (and Harry's) parents have a new baby on the way.
(Im making up the story as I go on so I don't really know what will happen.) **comment any ideas you have for me to use**


4. Chapter 4

I had to tell Nigeal that I had to go. Brandon got a little upset I was paying attention my phone and not the movie. So I sat and watched the movie. Brandon yawned and stretched his arm over my shoulder. I laughed a removed it. He looked slightly embarrassed and upset. After the movie we went to the photo booth. We took funny pictures. On the ride home it was quiet. We pulled into the Swope subdivision and up to my house. I said bye and thank you. Brandon walked me up to my door. He turned me facing him and kissed my lips. I pulled away.

"What are you doing?" I whisper shouted.

"Will you go out with me?" He asked with pleading blue eyes. I liked Nigeal, not Brandon. I couldn't say no. but I definitely couldn't say yes.

"I have to go. Good bye, Brandon," I turned away walking inside leaving him out there all alone. I looked through the window and watched him drive away. I went to my room with Maya and checked to see if Nigeal was online, he wasn't. I made a pouty face and spent the rest of my night scrolling through instagram and twitter and watching One Direction music videos. I fell asleep listening to Best Song Ever.

            And we danced all night to the best song ever

           We knew all the lines now I cant remember

           How it goes but I know that I wont forget her

           Cause we danced all  night to the best song ever.


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