Best Song Ever! Best Life Ever?

^ Niall and Gemma start to date, Harry is over-protective of his sister. how does harry feel about Nemma?
^Nigeal met a girl on Her name is Averi. They start to like each other. Nigeal moves from England to America. He goes to a new school, Swope Middle School. Nigeal ends up going to the same school as Averi. And so on.
^ Nigeal's (and Harry's) parents have a new baby on the way.
(Im making up the story as I go on so I don't really know what will happen.) **comment any ideas you have for me to use**


2. chapter 2

                                                 *** AVERI'S POV***

I was sitting on the bottom bunk trying to sleep but I couldn't. I had a crush on Nigeal is so nice and sweet and funny and I could go on but I don't want to write a story, lol, I thought to myself.

 I think Nigeal isn't telling me something. Is Nigeal related to Harry Styles???Or is it just my imagination. Harry tweeted today,

Moving to America with my family and the boys.

And Nigeal  said he was moving to America. Also Nigeal said he looked like Harry. And he had a baby brother. And a dog named Zeus. And an older sister. I thought about it and looked at Harry's old tweets--

My dog, Zeus is so big. I love German Shepards!

Happy 1st birthday, Kenny! I love you, baby Bro!!

Hanging out with my brother, Nigeal, and my sister, Gemma. Its funny how my brother looks almost exactly like me! lol

That last tweet I read was interesting. Now im convinced that theyre related! I started getting pretty tired so I turned off my phone and went to sleep. I woke up at 8 in the morning to the sound of my phone buzzing. I looked at the screen, a group chat invite from my friends. I accepted and logged on.

Heyyy. Morning Averi- From Michy

Sup chicka lol- Ahni

Hello my beauty- Brandon

Good morning guys- Averi

okay so we heard that Harry and the boys are moving to Texas!!- Michy

OMG!! -Averi

gtg bye- Brandon

okay bye- Ahni

see ya- Michy

bye boy- Averi

                       *Brandon has left the conversation*

hey got to go. im in the welcome committee at school and I just got a notification saying theres gunna be a new kid- Averi

k bye- Michy

bye- Ahni

bye- Averi

                  *Averi has left the conversation*



I turned off my phone and headed to the school, we were having a welcome committee meeting.

"Were getting a new student. His name is Nigeal Styles," My head shot up, Nigeal Styles?? What if that my Nigeal and I was right? "Here is his class schedule," Mrs. Cali said handing the sheet to me. "You will show him around, okay?" She said, I nodded my head. Meeting was dismissed and I rode my bike home.
Once I got I home I put my bike in the garage and went to feed my dog, Maya. I went to my room and closed the door. My sisters music was on really loud it it sounded bad. 5 minutes later I hear scratching at the door. I opening it and in came Maya. Shes so cute. Shes a miniature teacup Chihuahua. I dressed her in a jean dress today because it was sunny out. Maya is pampered! She has 3 drawers full of little dog clothes.

Maya jumped up onto my bed and layed under my blanket. I plugged my phone in and went to He was online. I smiled as I opened our chat and started typing.

Hey- From You

Hi- From Mysteriousboy

guess what- From You

what- From Mysteriousboy

youre Nigeal Styles, aren't you? Youre his brother, aren't you?- From You

waaaaaattttt nooo- From Mysteriousboy

Your lying, whenever people extend their vowels, theyre lying. tell me the truth- From You

Fine! Harry styles is my brother. I didn't want anybody in America to know because I thought they would try to be my friend just because im related to harry and not because they actually want to be my friend. sorry I didn't tell you. promise not to tell anyone?- From Mysteriousboy

Promise:) X- From You

X im moving to Houston, Texas and going to a school called Swope Middle School- From Mysteriousboy

I know. im in the welcome committee at school and they said Nigeal Styles is going to be gong to our school and I instantly knew it was you. Im the one who gets to show you around! cant wait till we meet!:)- From You

Cant wait either xoxo- From mysteriousboy

lol xoxo- From You

gtg, the private jet is about to land or something like that. the pilots speaker is crappy lol xoxo bye- From Mysteriousboy

lol bye- From You

I closed out of the app and went to instagram. Boring. I went to twitter and started twitter stalking One Direction. Maya wanted to go outside so I turned my phone off and took her to the backyard. She played around a bit and tried eating some grass. Shes so cute, im glad my mom finally let me get a dog. Maya and I played outside for about 20 minutes then we went inside. She layed in her castle bed and I went to my room. I looked on my phone it it said, New Message From Brandon.

I clicked on it and texted him back.

Hey, I wanna ask you something- Brandon

What?- Averi

do you wanna, uhmm, go to the movies tonight? We can see Reck-It-Ralph, they have it in 3D now?:)- Brandon

uhm, sure. What time?- Averi

7:45. so ill pick you up around 7:30? see you then:)- Brandon

okay bye- Averi

I got ready. I put on my white middle sleeve baggy shirt that had the British flag on it. I matched it with dark jean shorts and my Areopostal flip flops. I put on some mascara and light shade of glimmer white eye shadow. I put on rosy cheek glow and coral glimmer lipgloss. My hair was straightened and my bangs were left to hang cutely in my face. I sprayed Summer Shimmer perfume and grabbed my phone. 7:25. I finished just in time. I heard a honk outside and the doorbell rang. I walked from my room to the living room. I said bye to my mom and sister and answered the door.

"Hey," I said answering the door.

"Don't you look pretty," Brandon said holding out his hand. I looked at his hand and turned away, leaving him to hang there.

"Thanks," I blushed. We got into the car and went to the movies.








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