A Cinderella Story

There is two sides to every story.
In every Cinderella fairy tale only one story has been told; Cinderella lives with her evil step sisters. What if it was the other way round? Two sisters living with their evil step sister? Cinderella is a poor girl with a horrible life.... Or is she? And is it?


2. Spirit

15 years later...

I had him. My hands were wound tightly around his soft neck. He spluttered in pain. It felt good, making him pay for all the hurt he caused me, cheating on me with her, forgetting about our love for each other. He looked like he was trying to say something. I released my grip slightly and hissed 

"You could have loved me, we could have been together instead you slept around with that slut!"

"Ella what are you talking about? I never loved you! Kissing you was a mistake, I was drunk! Shelby is the one I love! Now get off me!

He seized me and wrestled me off, he was too strong...I should never have loosened my hands. I looked up and gasped, a ghostly figure was looking at me...her eyes, they were like mine her hair too, long strait blonde hair. She smiled at me, to others it would have looked like an evil gleam, but to me it was full of love and power. An eerie voice spoke.

"kill him, don't let him get away, you deserve better..." New strength filled me and I dived on top of him squeezing with all might watching life ebb away from him. Then for some strange reason I kissed him. Then I sucked. It felt good, so good as if my hunger had been filled...

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