Inseparable Or So I Thought... *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Brantley, I have a best friend named Niall Horan. We have been best friends since our baby days. Then he tries out for the X Factor and he joins One Direction. He starts being a jerk, he goes to my school but he pretends like he never knew me. What can I do to make him remember?


5. What Has He Been Up To?


I haven't seen Niall in about 2 weeks and I am starting to get worried. I sit at the back table where me and Niall usually sit but I sit alone and I just eat my lunch and I look around at everyone and I feel like a total loser.

"Hey loser." Alexis says and I turn and I look at her.

"Please Alexis, I don't need this." I say and she just laughs.

"Awe is Christy all lonely? Boo hoo." She says and I get tears in my eyes.

"Just leave me alone." I say, raising my voice a bit.

"What are you going to do?" She asks and I get up and I run to the bathroom and I let the tears fall. Where is Niall, what can he be doing that is more important than being with me, his best friend? I asked there even though I already knew the answers. He had a lot of things he could be doing than hanging out with me. I text him but he doesn't text back. I stay in the bathroom until the final bell rings and I run to my locker and I get my stuff and then I run out of school and I run to Niall's house. I ring the doorbell and Greg answers.

"Is Niall here?" I ask and Greg itches his head.

"No sorry." He says and I bite my lip and I run off to my house, the tears threatening to escape and when I hit my room, they fall. A couple hours later there is a knock on my door and with hope that it's Niall, I jump up and I throw open my door, but it's only my mom.

"Dinner is finished." She says and I bite my lip and I walk downstairs with her and I take my plate and I go and sit in the living room and I turn on the telly. I flip through channels and I land on the X Factor and I am about to turn it but a certain blonde head catches my eye so I turn up the volume and I listen.

"We're One Direction." Says the group of guys and then they begin to sing 'Only Girl In the World' and I close my eyes.

"I'm not hungry." I say and I put my plate in the kitchen and I run back up to my room. There are a lot of things Niall could have been doing and that just happened to be the one that hurt me the most. I start crying some more and I just cry myself to sleep.

Authors Note

Sorry this was short but I hope you liked it.

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