Inseparable Or So I Thought... *Completed*

Hi, my name is Christy Brantley, I have a best friend named Niall Horan. We have been best friends since our baby days. Then he tries out for the X Factor and he joins One Direction. He starts being a jerk, he goes to my school but he pretends like he never knew me. What can I do to make him remember?


3. Lets Try It

"Come on sing it again." I say. "Please!" I beg, giving him the puppy dog eyes.

"Ok!" He says and he starts singing So Sick again and I sway along.

"You are amazing, why didn't you tell me you could sing!" I say and he shrugs and blushes.

"I'm not the best." He says and I push him.

"Best I've heard!" I say and he blushes more.

"Lets go watch soccer." He suggests and I shrug and we go downstairs and we go to his living room.

"Greg!" I yell and he pops his head in.

"Yes?" He asks and I smile at him.

"Want to watch soccer with us?" I ask and he shrugs.

"Sure." He says, coming toward us but I stop him.

"Can you get me a Dr. Pepper, please." I say and he sighs and Niall puts up two fingers meaning he wants one too and Greg leaves.

"Miss. Bossy over here!" Niall says, nudging me.

"Oh whatever!" I say and Greg returns and hands us our drinks. "Thank you Greg." I say and he nods and soccer comes on from commercial.

After the Game

"And Niall kicks it towards his net." He says and I look at him weird and I steal the ball from him and I start kicking it down towards my end and he somehow steals it back and I look back at him. "Like I said before, NIALLER LIKE A PUMA!" He says and makes a scratching motion in the air and I start laughing and I start chasing him but he makes a goal.

"Niall I want to try something." I say and he walks up to me with the ball under his arm.

"What?" He asks, wiping his forehead.

"Come with me." I say and we go inside and up to his room and I grab one of his guitars and I hand him the other one and I start playing the beginning chords of So Sick and so does he. "Now I want you to start singing." I say and he does and I think we sound pretty good.

"Wow that sounded cool." He says and I smile at him.

"We should audition for the X Factor together." I say, smiling at him and he nods.

"That would be cool, having my best friend with me up on stage while I sing and you rock the guitar." He says and then we go back to back and I play air guitar while he rocks air mic and we start laughing.

"I better get going." I say and I hug him and then I leave.

Niall's POV

After she leaves I pull up the X Factor website and I sign in our names and I send in the form and I smile to myself. Someday we will be playing MSG, I think to myself and I lay down and I start thinking about that and then I fall asleep.

Authors Note

Sorry for all the short chapters tonight I will try to make the next ones longer!

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