Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


25. The Check Up/ Next stop.

Kelly's P.O.V

I woke up and couldn't move. I then realized that J had his arms around me. I smiled and stayed there for a little longer. I decided that it was probably time to get up. I moved and slid out of J's arms. Luckily he didn't wake up. I checked the clock and I had an hour before I had to go. I went and woke up J. I kissed him. "Good morning sleepy head. I have an hour before I have to go." He nodded and turned. "Five more minutes." He groaned. I smiled and said, "I guess, then J you have to get ready." I could see his chest rise slower and tell he was asleep. I went to my suitcase and found my jean shorts, grey tank top with angel wings on it, and my black toms. ( I put my hair in a pony tail. "J wake up!" I shouted. He rolled over. "I gave you an extra five minutes. Get up!" I smiled as he slowly got up. "How's your ankle?" He asked. "It feels a lot better. I just hope that I can get it off." He kissed me and went to get ready. I went to the couch and grabbed my crutches. He came out 5 minutes later.

"Well, that didn't take you very long." He smiled. "That's because I didn't do my hair like I normally do. I'm just putting on a beanie today." I nodded and we went to the rent car. "Here we go." J said as he started to drive. We got to the hospital, and went up to the desk. "We are here for a check up for Kelly Garcia." The nurse clicked on her computer a couple of times. "Here we are. The doctor should be out in a little bit." We nodded and went to sit down. "How's it feeling?" I moved it a little bit. "A lot better." He smiled and took my hand. "Kelly Garcia." We looked up and saw the doctor that had helped me the other day.  We went up to him and followed him to a room. "So, Kelly, how has it been feeling?" "A lot better." He nodded. He looked around my ankle. "Well, how about we take a look with the wrap off?" I nodded and he took the wrap off. I was too scared to look at it. J gasped. I looked at him worriedly. "What?" I looked at my ankle. It looked perfectly fine. I looked up and J to see him smirking. "You had me worried there." He laughed and I looked at the doctor. "Well, the swelling has gone down, a lot." I nodded. He took my ankle in his hand and looked around. "It looks amazingly better. How about you walk a little on it. If you can't walk, then you are going to need to be checked up again." I nodded and got up. I stood on one foot. I looked at J and slowly lowered my foot. It hit the floor but there was little pain. I took one step at a time and felt very little pain. "So? How does it feel?" The doctor asked me. "A lot better. It hurts a little bit, but it's manageable." He nodded and wrote something down. "Well, the good news is that you won't need crutches anymore. Bad news, you are going to need to be more careful for another week. Not to much walking on the foot. Also keep taking the pills. Only for a week." I nodded and shook his hand. "Thank you so much." "No problem." We walked out the door. "Well, not a lot of walking but hey, you don't have to have crutches." I smiled. We got in the car and went back to the bus. "Where to next?" "Houston, Texas."

Skip ride.

I woke up in the bed. J was still sleeping. I could feel the bus slow down. I shook Justin awake. "Hey, the bus stopped." He looked at me and nodded. I got up and went to the kitchen. I took my pill and went to the front of the bus. "Hey, are we here?" I asked the bus driver. He shook his head. "No, we have at least two hours before we get there." I nodded and went back to J. "How much time?" J asked me. "At least two hours." He nodded. I went and sat on the couch. I grabbed a fuzzy blanket I brought from home and cuddled into it. It still smelt like my house. Wow, I'm starting to get homesick. I brought the blanket closer to my face and took a deep breath. I felt the couch sink next to me. I looked over and saw J sitting there, staring at me. "You okay?" "Yea. Just a little home sick." He nodded and hugged my side. "Babe, I am here for you." I smiled and nodded. I put my head on his shoulder. I guess I dozed off because the next thing I know I'm being woken up. "Hey, babe, we are here." I nodded and got up. I limped a little to the suitcase and looked for something to wear. I found my grey Victoria Secret Pink Brand shirt, skinny jeans and black Vans. ( I brushed out my hair and left it as it's normal wavy self. I walked out with J holding my hand. "Since the doctor had said that you can't walk on your foot, do you want a piggy back ride?" I nodded and hopped on his back. "So, since you are better, how about the singing at my concert?" I had totally forgot about it. He set me down and looked at me. "I guess, as long as you sing with me." He nodded, "Of course. We could do a duet." "What song?" He shrugged his shoulders. "It can't be one of your songs, everyone expects you to sing those." "So, it would make it a lot easier." We thought for a little bit. "I know, how about we do Boyfriend?" He asked. "That way we could sing that, then switch, like I sing the first verse, we harmonize for the chorus, you sing the second verse, and harmonize the rest." I smiled. "That would be perfect. So, like when I sing, I switch out to say, if I was your girlfriend, and so on." He nodded. "Perfect." We went to the stage and I sat on the side watching him. "Ok. Let's go Kel." I nodded and stood next to him. I was handed a microphone. The music started and we started singing. It was going great. The harmonies were awesome. We sound really good together. We finished singing and everyone was clapping around us. J kissed me. "That was amazing." He said. "I know right."

Scooter comes out. "That was great guys. Little bit of more practice and we got it down." I smiled and nodded. We practiced for like another half hour before we decided we needed a break. We sat down and talked until someone came up to us and said, "Guys. Let's go. The concert is in 2 hours. We have to get you ready." We went to the dressing room. The hair and make-up lady did my hair. She straightened it and put it in an amazing braid. She did natural colors for make-up and I was sent to get in my outfit. I had on a cute white laced and peach dress and white heels. ( I walked out and saw J. "You look beautiful." I smiled and thanked him. "He's right. You look great." I turned around and saw the face a have been hoping to see. "Shawn!" I limped/ran to him. These heels are not to go be good for my ankle. Oh well. I gave him a big hug. "I have missed you so much!" He hugged me tighter. "Hey baby sis." I looked at him. "Hey big bro." J came up and bro hugged Shawn. "Sup man." "Hey." They said. I stood next to J and held his hand. "Kelly, Justin I would like you to meet my girlfriend Molly." She stood there with a big smile on her face. I smiled and we hugged. "It's so nice to finally meet you in person." I said. "I know right." She said back. "Justin, you have two minutes." Scooter said. J nodded and looked at me. I gave him his good luck kiss and he was off. "So, your singing tonight." I nodded and looked at him worriedly. "Don't worry Kel, you will be great." He said trying to assure me. "Thanks." I smiled Demi walked out and I introduced her to my brother and Molly, then Missy came. Let's just say, I introduced Molly to a lot of people tonight. I was watching when I heard J say, "Hey guys. I have a special guest singing with me. This is my girl, my true love. Everyone give around of applause for my girlfriend... Kelly!" I took a deep breath. This is it.

A/N HEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! OMG! I am so mad that I haven't been able to update often. A lot has been going on like school, and soccer and other things. I will try to update tomorrow, but there are no promises. I'm veryyyyyyyyyyyy soooooorrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy! Please don't be mad. Well, LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3 MUCH MORE TO COME!!


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