Love At First Sight... *Complete*

Kelly Garcia and Justin Bieber are from two different worlds. Justin is a mega pop star where as Kelly is a girl who isn't liked by anyone but her one friend Missy. But what happens when those two worlds collide at one of Justin's concerts. Is it love at first sight or not? My first Movella!!! I hope you enjoy!!!


39. Of Course I would!

Kelly's P. O.V

I slowly opened my eyes as the sun shined through the open blinds. Ugh, I meant to close those last night. I looked to my right and Justin wasn't there. Thanks for closing the blinds babe. I got up and heard clanging from downstairs. I walked downstairs and Demi was in the kitchen. "Hey where's Justin?" "He had to go to his house. He told me to tell you that he will be back here tonight. He's visiting family." I nodded. "So what are ya making?" "Pancakes." "What do you want me to do?" "Could you get the chocolate chips out for me?" I nodded and got her the chocolate chips. "Here ya go." "Thanks. You want to go wake up Shawn and Molly?" "Sure." I walked up to their room and opened the door. "Wake up soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Garcia." Shawn groaned and turned around. I walked up and took the pillow from right under his head. "Hey, I was using that." I hit him and he looked up. "Breakfast is almost ready." I said. Throwing the pillow back at him, I got out of the room. Shawn and Molly came down a minute later and all sat at the table eating pancakes. I went upstairs to change. I found my light green t-shirt, shorts and my black vans.( I walked over to my bathroom and brushed out my hair. I decided to leave it its normal look. I walked over to my bed and went on Vine. I was laughing at a Marcus Johns vine when there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" I shouted. Molly came in and sat by me. "Hey, what ya doing?" "Watching Vines." "I love Vine!" "I'll follow you right now!" She nodded and looked at me. "Okay, serious time. I have a very important question to ask you." I nodded her to go on. "Well, I was wondering, since I'm an only child and you are very close to me, I was wondering if you wanted to be my maid of honor?" I smiled and hugged her. "I would love to!" "Fantastic! Well, you know now you are going to be with me all the time through out this process." I nodded. "Well, I'm going to go hang out with your brother." "Okay. Thanks for asking me to be your maid of honor." "No problem babe!" I smiled as she walked out my door. I was watching some more vines when my phone started ringing. It read The Hottest Guy On Earth. Yea, he changed it but I never changed it because it's true:).  "Hey babe." "Hey babe." "So, what's up?" "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to come over to night and have dinner with my family. Jazzy and Jaxon have been asking about you since I came over." I laughed. "Aww. Sure! I can't to see everyone." "One sec." I heard in the background J say, "Hey Jaz, you want to talk to Kelly?" She said, "Yes please." "Here you go." I could here him give her the phone.

"Kelly!" "Hey Jazzy." "I miss you!" She said. "Aww, I miss you too." "Are you coming over tonight?" "Of course I am." "Who dat?" I heard Jaxon say in the background. "Kelly!" Jazzy said. "Let me talk!" "Okay!" "Hewo?" "Hey buddy." "Kewy!" "Hey. Guess what." "What?" "I'm coming over tonight!"
"Yay!" I laughed. "Okay guys, let me talk to my girlfriend please." "Otay. Bye Kewwy!" Jax said. "Bye Kelly!" Jaz said. "Bye guys!" "Hey babe." "Hey! Oh my gosh, I love them! They are so adorable." "Well, I feel loved." "Oh, stop. You are adorable too." "Thanks. So are you!" "Haha, so what should I wear?" "Whatever you have on now. I bet it looks good." "I have an oversize green shirt on, jean shorts, and black vans." "It looks beautiful." "I'll change my shirt." "Okay, what ever you want." I laughed. "Well, I have to go. I love you. See you tonight." "Love you too. See you tonight." J hung up and I walked over to my closet. I found a sleeveless top,  light skinny jeans, and stuck with my black Vans. ( I walked to my bathroom and brushed out my hair again. I texted J.

K:What time do I need to be over at your house?

J: I'll pick you up at 5.

K: Ok. See you then!

J:Love you!

K: Love you too!

I looked at my clock and it was only 3. I have 2 hours to do nothing... I went downstairs and started watching The Walking Dead. Demi came in a couple minutes later joining me. We just got done watching one episode. "So, now what?" "J's picking me up in an hour to go to his place for dinner." She nodded. "Well, now what?" I shrugged. "Watch another episode?" "I guess..." I put on another episode. Halfway through the show the door opened. "Kelly?" J asked. "In the living room!" He came in and sat next to me. "Hey babe." He kissed me. "Hey J." "So, you ready?" "I thought you were coming in half an hour." "I need to stop at the store and pick up something for my mom." I nodded. "Well, let me get my shoes on and we can head out." He nodded. I said bye to Demi and got my shoes on. We walked to his car. We took off to the store. "What do we need to pick up?" "Chicken." "Oh, are we having chicken." "Yea, chicken marsala." "Yum!" We got to the store and got the chicken. We were walking to the checkout when I saw the cutest stuffed animal dog. "Oh my gosh! J look at this! Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen." "Well, second cutest thing." I looked at him questionably, then I figured it out. "Aww, thanks babe." I kissed him. "Do you want it?" "Yea, but I don't have my wallet." "I'm going to get it for you." I shook my head. "No. It's fine." We were walking back when I said, "You know, people are going to give you weird looks for having sunglasses and a hat on inside." He nodded.

"I have to run back and get something else that my mom needed." He said. "You can head out to the car." I nodded and he headed back. I got in the car and looked at my phone. He came back and put the chicken in the back. He sat in the drivers seat and looked at me. "Ready?" I nodded.

We got to his house. "Hey, can you grab the chicken. I have to pick something up." I nodded and went and opened the door. "AWWW! J! I told you that you didn't need to get me it!" I took the puppy. "Well, too bad. I got you it." "Thanks." I kissed his cheek.

We got inside and J shouted, "We're here!" Pattie came around the corner and walked up to me. "I haven't seen you since like 3 weeks ago!" I laughed and hugged her. "KEWWY!" Jaxon said running up to me. Pattie got out of the way and I bent down picking him up. "Hey buddy!" "Hi." "Kelly!" I looked over Jaxons shoulder and say Jazzy running up to me. I quickly put Jax in one of my arms and picked Jazzy up in my other one. "Hey babycakes!" "Hey!" I was talking to both of them when Justin came over and took Jaxon from me. "How about we all go sit in the living room and talk. Just so Kelly doesn't have to stand and hold both of you." They nodded. I set Jazzy down and she took my hand in her little hand. We went to the living room and all talked about how they were and what they had been up to today.

"Dinner's ready!" Pattie yelled from the kitchen. We went and I sat between Jazzy and Jaxon, Justin sat across from me and sat between his mom and dad. "Hey Kelly." Jeremy said. "Hey." We all started eating, and oh my goodness was it good. I'm going to have to ask Pattie for the recipe. After dinner I help Justin do the dishes. "So are we going to stay here overnight?" Justin asked. "I guess so. It's pretty late and I'm getting tired. But, I don't have any PJs." "You can borrow a shirt and boxers from me." I nodded and we finished up the dishes. We went to J's room and he gave me a shirt and boxers. I went to the bathroom and changed. I checked my wrist and of course on the day I need one I don't have a pony tail. "Justin!" I shouted. He came and said through the door, "Yeah?" "Does your mom have a pony tail?" "I can go get one for you." "Thanks." "Yup." I waited and brushed my hair with my fingers. J knocked on the door. "I have one for you." I opened the door and took it from him. I walked to his room and put my hair in a bun. Jaxon stood by the door. "Kewwy." "Yes buddy?" "Can you tuck me in pwease." "Sure. Does Jazzy need to be tucked in also?" He nodded. "J, come with me. I have to tuck the kids in." He laughed. "Okay." I picked up Jax and brought him to his bed. "Here you go buddy." I said tucking him in. "Good night bud." I kissed his forehead. "Goodnight Kewwy. I wuv you." I smiled. "I love you too." While J was saying goodnight to Jax ,I went to Jaz. "Goodnight Jazzy." "Goodnight Kelly. I love you." I smiled. "I love you too." I kissed her forehead. J already said goodnight to Jazzy. We turned off the light and went to J's room. I laid on the bed and snuggled close to J. "Goodnight J. I love you." I said. "Goodnight Kel. Love you too." And with that I feel asleep.

A/N Wow... this was a long chapter.... haha anyway, THANKS FOR READING SO FAR!! MUCH MORE TO COME! LOVE YOU ALL!!!<3


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