There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


13. Messege from Mia *Not a chapter but please read*

Hey guys It's the co-author Mia I'm sorry that this book hasn't been updated in a long time but the original author does not get on movellas any more. It's a sad ended but this story has to come to an ending. I have spoken with the author about this and she agrees that this story is finished I'm so truly sorry I did enjoy helping her with this but she has moved on from writing.

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