There once were two best friends but they were also twins. Their brother is in the most famous boy band in the world. his name is Famous HARRY STYLES.

AND we are his twin sisters Hannah and Alexandra STYLES. and this is the story about how harry became famous and now he is finally returning home to his now 17 year old, all grown up twin sisters. BUT he is not returning home alone the rest of One Direction we be joining us for our old Summer vacation at our family beach house.


4. coping with change

Hannah's POV

I was sleeping when I felt someone shake me and I woke up. I opened my eyes to see Alex. As a reaction I asked What. She said what's wrong. Why would there be anything wrong. Of course her being stubborn and my twin sister didn't let it go. She always has to keep asking til i admit what's wrong.

What aren't you happy Hazza is back" she asks a little concerned. "No I am I love Haz I'm glad he is back" I say. "Then why did you walk out" she asks pushing me to spill why I'm upset. " I broke up with Adam yesterday" I finally say as I began to cry but got stopped by Alex saying " He is not worth your tears now cheer up and go say hi to your brother" I jump up and say you know your can be stubborn sometimes" I chuckle a little. " yeah I know " she says and gives her cheeky smile.

Then we do back to the house


I run inside and jump on Harry who was sitting on the couch in the living room.

"AHH " he screams as I begin to laugh " I missed you big brother " I say as I give him a big kiss on the cheek before Alex jumps in on our Family Reunion.

Alex's POV

When i finally saw Hannah hugging Haz I just couldn't let them hug alone. So I joined in on it. After we finished hugging we finally got a chance to meet the boys that have been there for our big brother for the past 3 years.

" Hey guys come meet my sisters" Harry screams for the boys to come say hi to us. Next thing we know 4 teenage boys come running in. My eyes landed on the one with the black quiff and I guessed his name was Zayn. After all we Talk to Harry a lot before everything happened. "So boys this is Alexandra and Hannah" Harry said motioning to us both as he said our names I nudged his stomach very angerily "It's Alex" I said glaring at Harry  he laughed and then I saw Hannah staring at the boy wearing stripes I laughed then I looked at Zayn again he was already staring at me and I looked away quickly "Hey Hannah let's make some Sandwiches" I said getting up and grabbing her hand and forcing her up in a dragging way

When we got in the kitchen I turned around to her "What's wrong Alex?" she asked "I'm having a melt down that stupid Zayn is.....flirting with me using his eyes..but I try not to notice because I'm with Brandon and I think I may have a crush on him and it doesn't help that your crushing out on stripe boy over there and Damn it What the Hell am I suppose to do!" I whispered/yelled as I pulled bread out the cabinet and she got peanut butter and jelly

"Well I'm not very fond of Brandon" she said putting quotions around his name and I got a little mad but understood "And I see the way you look at Zayn" she said "I don't looked at hhim a certain way!" I said defensively "Yes you do and you know like him" she said I turned away from her getting iritated "But I don't wanna hurt Brandon" I said starting to make the sand wiches "Will it be easier if I did it?" she asked "Damn it I don't know I can't think what ever is necessary" I said "Ok give me your phone" she said I didn't argue but I freaked out "Crap I left it in the treehouse" I said "It's fine finish this and I'll be back" she said then left I finished making thew sandwiches I made double the people because of one boy!

Hannah's POV

I went to get Alex's phone I went in the treehouse and saw it on a shelf I grabbed it and opened her dialer I dialed Brandon's number in seconds he answered "Hey!" he said "Hey, We need to talk" I said pretending to be Alex then I heard a girl in the backround "Um sure hold on" he said as I heard a few voices then a door shut  "Ok whats up?" he said "well I'm just gonna get straight to the point" I say  "Babe whats going on?" he said " Well I heard that girl in the back round and your not fooling anyone but yourself " I shout at him "Babe that girl was my sister" he said lying I know because I was dating his only sibling " Haha very funny you only have a brother dummy but nice try" I say trying not to laugh because this was way to funny "what are you talking about?" he said playing dumb " oh what ever were done and that's final and tell Sammy I said hi" I say laughing "Babe don't do this you know you can't live without me" he said " yeah but guess what I can and If you try to contact me again I promise you will regret it" I say and hung up on him then I returned to the boys and hand Alex her phone "Done" I told her she looked shocked but happy too

When me and Alex got tired Harry suggested we play truth or dare Alex screamed "Nooo!! Haz you cannot truth or dare remember last time I'm not going through that agian!!!" She yelled Harry laughed "Oh come on! I gave you a good memory!" he said cheekly  Alex got angry "what about the neighbors?" I said laughing "what about the Neighbors?" Niall asked Alex got mad at Harry and through a pillow at him "you gonna tell them" Harry asked me I smirked "Sure...So Alex was Dared by HArry to jump in the pool naked and Scream 'I love being Naked!' at the top of her lungs and if she didn' do it she had to go next door with only a blaqnket on and ask to marry the father then cry" I said almost laughing "she did first choice" Harry added I looked over to Alex she was completely red in the face "I wish I was there" Zayn commented Harry burst into laughter and Alex through pillows at both of them but she still very red 'poor Alex' I thought "So we gonna play?" Harry asked and everyone agreed even Alex though she was terrified.





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