Adopted by One Direction.....Great

Jasmines parents died two years ago,when she was 14, and she had to leave her friends,boyfriend,and was put innto an orphanage. She was quiet and was always the tomboy everyone hated. When she got picked to be the adopted child will she survive and which guy will fall for her?


5. Secret mettings with Harry

                                          "Get off of me!"I screamed "Where you going,the fun has just begun." said Harry "You are sick,and you are gonna be in so much trouble when I tell Niall!" I yelled "What are you crazy,if you tell Niall this will ruin One Direction!" said Harry "Your right and everyone will hate me but Harry how could you!" I said trying not to cry "I'm sorry please don't cry it is just that I really like you!" said Harry really scared "It's okay I forgive you but why didn't you tell me? I yelled "Can I just ask you one question? asked Harry "Sure what is it?" I asked "How bout we just have a couple of meetings like kissing practice or something?" said Harry I really couldn't believe Harry had asked me that! "Harry that is ...sweet but I will not cheat on Niall but to make you feel better you are a good kisser!" I said"It is not cheating it is just a trainer or teacher!" said Harry "Let me think about it!" I said What should I do if I say yes and Niall finds out One Direction will be ovver. If I say no what will happen to their friendship. I think I should just say yes and hopefully bail all the "meetings". "Sure but under one condition we will have to hide not to much maybe once a month never a week they will get suspicious!" I said "Whateves babe!" said Harry Wow Harry is now getting on my nerves! "Now here is lesson one!"said Harry "Wait Har- He did it again. Harry didn't let me finish my sentence. Harry grabed me into the closet and wouldn't let me move. Harry forced me into a 1 minute make out. Then the boys came. He pushed me out and ran to his room. Harry is one sneaky boy and i don't know why but I think I have a little crush on him. Oh crap! "Who am I going to pick?" I said

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