Adopted by One Direction.....Great

Jasmines parents died two years ago,when she was 14, and she had to leave her friends,boyfriend,and was put innto an orphanage. She was quiet and was always the tomboy everyone hated. When she got picked to be the adopted child will she survive and which guy will fall for her?


8. Big Mistake

                                          We walked in side and explored the cutest mansion I have ever seen in my life!I was so surprised at what Niall did and could not believe he was so thoughtful."Hey babe the boys asked us if you and the girls want to go to the club?"asked Niall "Sure but who is going?" I asked "Everyone is going,why?"asked Niall confusly "No reason I just wanted to know." I said "I knew I just had to stay from Harry as much as possible!" I thought

                                                                   Skip car ride

We finally got to the club and  were greeting everyone. I heard music and all of the girls danced to what seemed like forever. Harry was staring at me and I couldn't help but stare at him to. I finally walked up to him. "Hey girl!" said Harry "Harry I want us to forget everything we had and just stay friends!" I said "What are you talking about just have a drink!'yelled Harry Great he is drunk and now I have to have a drink or who knows what would happen to me. I walked to the bar and didn't know what to pick since I didn't drin. "Harry I don't drink so I don't know what to pick. "Here have this!" said Harry point a weird glass full of who knows what I didn't know if this was good or bad. Should I drink it...what the heck. After drinking two of the glasses everything was a blur. I saw Harry and Niall arguing. I saw the bar and then I saw..Nothing. After all of that I woke up into a hotel room with  a huge headache and woke to Niall wraping his arms around me. Wait when did Niall get tatoos like this and then again tatoss period. OMG i slept with Harry. Please say I have close on! Crap I am naked!!! I got up and quickly got dressed and drove to the house so mad. I hope no one knows. I went inside the house to see Niall with a cut hand crying his eyes out! "Niall what are you doing?"I asked "How could you Jasmine I thought you loved me!" He yelled "Niall I was drunk pease forgive me!" I cried  Niall passed out!

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