Adopted by One Direction.....Great

Jasmines parents died two years ago,when she was 14, and she had to leave her friends,boyfriend,and was put innto an orphanage. She was quiet and was always the tomboy everyone hated. When she got picked to be the adopted child will she survive and which guy will fall for her?


1. Being Adopted

                               "Did you see Zayn's hair?'said the blonde girl "OMG look at Harry! I sat there on my uncomfortable bed and tried to make them shut up. I never want to hear the word One Direction ever again. I could not believe girls go crazy for these brtish guys that cant even sing."Girls there is a new adoption people! yelled the head witchress Everyone knew if she didn't like you she would say bad things about you in front of the adoption parents and it was always me.The girls were screaming probably just my pet cricket I lost again. It took me five minutes to go down since the screaming never stopped. So, I brought my laptop and put my headphones one. I walked down stairs and saw some guys. I sat down while the girls scattered them. I started to make a new remix . All of a sudden a curly haired guy tapped me on the back and said"You know how to do that stuff?" "Yeah." "She is really cool!' said the blonde guy They started to whisper and then went to the head witchress. She looked really suprised. "Jasmine you are adopted now go pack your stuff now!" said the headwitchress I was suprised and got all of my stuff. The girls gave me evil glares the entire time.  I said goodbye to my guy friends. Then, I left the orphanage.We got in the car and I just played on my computer the entire time. They looked surprised at me like i should know them or sommething.. I finally asked them who they were."I'm Louis thats Harry,Liam,Niall,and Zayn. Now that I know their names I still don't know why they sound familair. "We are One Direction! Great I got THEM.

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