Switch Bodies (One Direction Fanfic)

What will happen if four of your friends can't remember you especially if your four friends are from One Direction? Liam survived the car crash with only minor injuries except for Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis who remember nothing from the accident and even their name. Betrayal will occur, violence and blood. Who will you trust if you don't know who your enemy is?


10. Confession

Liam's P.O.V.

I was staring at her from head to toe. Still can't believe what I'm seeing. I might be dreaming! I saw her coffin and her body laying in the cold cement in the kitchen. I might be hallucinating.


I said voice shaking.

"Liam, long time no see!"

Eleanor said with a smile.

How could she said those words? She let us believe she is dead for over a year!

"Babe, who is it?" Danielle said while walking to my side.

"Ooh, Eleanor! What are you doing here?"

"I just past by Dani, I didn't see you last night."

I look at Eleanor then to my girlfriend. There is something their not telling me and I'm going to find it out now.

"I clearly do not understand this!"

I said looking at Danielle.

"Umm, babe. Eleanor faked her death"

"What??? Wait, are you serious??"

I said shouting.

"It's not Dani's fault. This is my decision, Liam don't blame her."

"Do you what you two did to Louis?? You crushed him! You let him believe that the most important girl in his life is dead!"

I said still can't believe what's happening.

"I'm sorry! Ok! I know what I did was wrong but it's the only thing I can do to be able to live!"

"Eleanor, you don't have to explain." Danielle said. "Liam! You don't understand that this is hard for El! Louis is not the only that had suffer! We all suffer because of what Harry did to us! Let's just talk about this, babe!"

"I'm going out. I need some time to think."

I said while walking out the door pushing Eleanor aside.

Louis P.O.V.

I'm meeting someone or would I call it a date? It's been over a year since Eleanor's death and I know grieving won't make any difference. She is gone and I need to move on. I look at the clock at the center of the cafe I'm sitting. It's almost nine am. I looked around, clearly no one noticed me. Our fame fade since the accident happened and It's still a shock to me. We had work really hard and it all come to an end. Simon are still in touch with us and it feel like nothing really happened except the fact that Harry is still not in prison. I become conscious of my surrounding when the door of the cafe opened and a girl entered. She is tall, black hair and blue eyes. She is one year younger than me but it's not a problem. She is wearing a red dress and it's obvious that she really did dress up for this. Too bad, I don't think she will like what I'm going to say.


She said while hugging me.

"Rose you look so beautiful today!"

"Well, thank you! I'm excited for what your going to tell me!"

She said while putting her coat in her chair.

Don't let your hopes up, I almost said.

"Yeah, me too!"

I lied.

"So... What is it?"

I can hear eagerness in her voice.

"Maybe, we should take our order first"

I said.

"Good idea"

She is looking at the menu and I can't see her face. Maybe it's not a good idea. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut and said that I'm not going to say anything to her, but that's wrong. I need to tell her the truth that I'm Louis Tomlinson not Niall Horan.

The waiter come to our table and soon take our order. A fee minutes later, the waiter come back with our lunch which I found very appetising.

"Rose, I need to tell you something."

"What is it?"

Rose said between bites.

"You know Louis Tomlinson, right?"

"Yeah, didn't he the one who lost his girlfriend?"

She asked.

"Yes, he is the one."

"Why do you asked, all of a sudden?"

I didn't reply. What I'm I going to say?? Because I'm Louis Tomlinson?

"Is something wrong, Niall? Is it about Louis because you know we can talk about it."

She said while holding my hand.

"No, it's not that. It's just..... What I'm about to say will might let you think I'm crazy"

"I have heard worst. It's okay, I will understand it."

She said. This is why I began to love her, she is so understanding.

"I'm not who you think I am, Rose and I'm sorry."

She didn't reply and I go on.

"I'm not Niall Horan, I'm Louis Tomlinson"

I said looking at her then she started to laugh.

"Ha, ha, ha!! You got me there Niall!! You really do know how to make a girl laugh. You look so serious that I almost believe it."

"But I'm not joking! I'm serious Rose"

"Wow! You really are a good actor! But Niall, I know the truth so just go on to what your really going to say."

She said still laughing.

I took a deep breath.

"Rose, please! I'm serious! I'm not Niall, I'm Louis!"

I said almost as a shout.

Rose began to be serious. She saw the change in my voice.

"Your lying! Stop lying to me! We have been dating for 5 months! You don't love me anymore, do you? Do you love someone else?? Tell me Niall! Tell me what I need to change for you to love me again!"

"It's not you, Rose. Your the most perfect girl I have met. But I can't keep lying to you if I'm not really the one you love"

I said realising we are causing a scene.

"Maybe, we need a break. Maybe your just tired. I'm going home. Let's talk about this if you are yourself again"

She said and stood up. She grab her jacket.

She left and the only thing that left me that she was ever there was her sweet scent that I began to identify. I know she will not come back just like the other girls I have dated. She will never understand.

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