Whoops (Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry and Melinda are your average teens. But their history isn't as normal, they had both met in year ten of school and had a pretty horrific night at a party. It was an accident the occurred but Harry has no memory of it. Melinda had moved out of the school district and to a new one. A year later she moves back on her own and to her surprise Harry is still there. Luckily enough she also has her old friends two. As they are reunited it becomes a bitter sweet life.


2. First Day Back Part 2


So this chapter took so long because.... Well i want it to be close to perfect. I literally thought about this chapter every night before i fall asleep and i would lay in bed for 2 hours before i got up to think about it. But here it is.

Melinda's POV

Thankfully i only have so far one class with Harry. I mean i can only pray i have my last two classes with out him. I quickly rush to the next class which is honors choir, I have been singing since i was in 5th grade and i absolutely love it. When i walk in the class my heart sinks. There he is just sitting there, talking to some random people. The teacher notices me and walks up to me, "Hello you must be Melinda. I'm Mrs. Almeida." I just give a smile. "Hi."

She had voiced me and i was a soprano. And with my luck i was put in the very middle of the entire group right next to Harry. He just flashes a big smile at me and i turn to the front of the class. "So while i pick our choir pieces you can sit and chat among-st your selves." the teacher stated. He turns straight to me. "Will you talk to me now since you dont have to worry about class?" I just pop my head phones in and ignored him.

Thats when he touched my knee, "Come on i really missed you and i want to talk." He said a bit demanding and thats when i crack. "Look i dont appreciate you touching me like that, and i really dont want to be bothered right now!" i whisper yelled at him.

He was shocked i could tell, he slowly drew his hand away and went silent. And being the kind of person who doesn't yell like that a lot i feel like crap after. "So why are you to class on time?" It slipped out of my mouth and i didn't even notice.

"Well this is the only class i like. I do a lot of singing." Wow that was unexpected. But it was also something i found oddly attractive, but i still hate the guy.

Then my train of thought was interrupted, "Mr. Styles, since you seem to be the closes to Melinda will you take her around the school to show her all the rehearsal area, and tell her when we go there." He smiled widely and nods. I stand up dreading what would happen in the halls. As we begin to walk the halls are completely empty. Through out the whole time i just ignored everything he said that had nothing to do with the rooms. We continue the mini tour and i see its about to end. I thank the lord and get back to class and i mentally smiled to my-self.

School finish and im meeting up with Gwen to go to my new place. This will be boss and so amazing. We get to my flat and i still have like clothes and stuff to unpack but thats all. When we get there she just throws her stuff on the floor and plops on my couch. "So Melinda i have something big to ask you."


so this chapter did take quite some time but another excuse is school started so yeah. So who is going to see This Is Us in the 30th?! I am with a bunch of people from school i didnt know were Directioners. And we are all going to smell so good lol. But i will have the next chapter up in a few ill get it up sooner then i did this one. Promise!!!!

~Directioner012400 xoxo




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