Whoops (Harry Styles fanfic)

Harry and Melinda are your average teens. But their history isn't as normal, they had both met in year ten of school and had a pretty horrific night at a party. It was an accident the occurred but Harry has no memory of it. Melinda had moved out of the school district and to a new one. A year later she moves back on her own and to her surprise Harry is still there. Luckily enough she also has her old friends two. As they are reunited it becomes a bitter sweet life.


1. First Day Back Part 1

Melinda's POV

My alarm on my iphone goes off at exactly 7:30 AM and i have only have an hour to get ready. Today I'm going back to school from my tenth year. I'm a little anxious i haven't been there in two years. I quickly jump out of bed to take a shower. I get in and feel the freezing water run down my now damp skin. I wait for the water to warm and spend about twenty minutes cleaning my-self and then get out i put on white skinny jeans, a white undershirt underneath a peachy lace shirt, and white converse. I let my naturally brown curly hair down and put on minimal eye liner and mascara.

I run down the hall to the kitchen and get a bowl of my favourite cereal, Lucky Charms. I usually would yell at my mom and inform her im leaving but i live on my own now. I run out to my car and get in so i can drive off to school. I find a parking spot as close to the school as possible and i was pretty luck too. I park three spots away from the school as i get out i see a very familiar face. When i look closer it is my old friend Gwen. I guess she notices me two because she runs over to me and embraces me in a death hold, or as she calls it a hug.

"Holy crap it's you. I've missed you so much i can't believe your here." I pull back from her grip and look at her. She is still as petite as i remember her. "Hey Gwen I've missed you too. I really want to catch up with you so tonight i want you to come over to my new place." She nods in agreement then squeezes me one last time. "Oh one more thing will you come to the office with me, I don't want to be alone with Mr. Parker. He creeps me out." She laughs at my statement but its true. He's to nice to all the girls here to not be some kind of creep. "Yeah I'll come." She looks at me with her sweet face. As we walk to the front office I see a lot of recognizable faces and i can see they remember me as well. So far so good  too, I don't see the guy I have been dreading the most to see. The only people i see that i didn't like is the big group of cheerleaders who are by far the biggest jerks other then Stacy and Lee-Anne, they were my friends actually.

We end up in the office and Mr. Parker stands there like he's been waiting for me. "Ms. Roberts welcome back. Here is your schedule, now the school has changed a lot so i will be giving you a tour." Gwen looks at me and winks, "Actually I was thinking i could give Melinda the tour because by the looks of it we have almost every class together." He just nods and allows us to leave. As soon as we are out of the building i look to Gwen. "We seriously have almost every class together?" She excitedly shakes her head and i couldn't help but squeal a bit.

3rd period Chemistry

We approach the class room and i notice every spot is taken except the very back desk which we completely empty. And another downer was there was nobody i knew in this class. When i enter the room the teacher told me to sit in the back but my partner will most likely be late. I wondered who it is maybe some one i know. She begins call out names after the third bell rings. Class began and five minutes later the door swings open. It swings my way so i couldn't see who it is yet. "Mr. Styles late again. you know i might as well just give you your own bell to tell you to come in at a later time." Everyone begins to laugh but i don't understand since i don't really understand his reputation yet. He walks in and then the whole world stops. He walks over to Mrs. Connor and apologizes, then i think she explains the new person in his seat. He looks over and smiles. He walks over and just sits down. I can tell his reputation is not good because people begin looking at me and whispering.

Just great the guy i absolutely hate just has to be so close to me. I will not let a repeat of his mistakes happen to me again. I feel anger and depression set in. I wait out the class because everything they are doing now i already know. Class ends in what feels like hours. I quickly grab my stuff and get out as fast as possible but i guess not fast enough. He caught up with me in a matter of seconds and i has no choice but to continually back up to avoid making contact with him.

The wall suddenly reaches my back and fear wets in. He puts one arm above my shoulder on the wall, "So long time no see. Where have you been beautiful?" I look away from his face and ignored his questions. "Look I've got to get to class." he put his arm down and looks at me confused. I just leave him as quick as possible. Now i wish i had stayed with my mom.


so this is my first chapter to the book and  i want to know what you think. I honestly think the stories were one of the boys is a bad boy living a normal life. I have been wanting to make a story like that but i never got around to it until now. And i think i will put my other fanfics on hold to focus on this one because i have a good feeling about this one. Oh and if you want to read any other fanfic i have began but im putting on hold its on Wattpad and my name is still Directioner012400. But yeah just tell me what you think i might put the next chapter up soon!!!!

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