I Hate It That I Love You

"2 weeks ago, I wouldn't have ever seen this coming. The boy I once hated entirely, I slowly started to love him, slowly, but I did."
Neither of them expected to fall in love, it just happened. Through the faults in life, nothing seemed to work between them, yet everything seemed to fit perfectly.


5. Of All People


Lucky me, I get to spend the night, with Molly (a.k.a the devil). Just the thought of it made me cringe. Thank goodness she doesn't have feelings for me. Imagine someone you absolutely, positively hate, being in love with you. Makes me sick.

Jessica, Colton, and my parents left already, and of all people I'm left with her. She came downstairs in sweats, and and big shirt. 

"What's gotten into you? You look like you've tried every drug in the world." I chuckled, after my comment. 

Then, right then and there, she burst into tears. 

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," I continued,"did I say something?" 

She just sat and sobbed into her hands. What was I supposed to do? If you need anyone to comfort you, I'm the last person you should come to. 

She started mumbling a bunch of stuff, that I couldn't understand. She was the ugliest cryer I've ever seen.

"Please stop crying." I said, trying to sound heart-felt. 

"I-I'm s-s-sorry," she stuttered. 

That's when she got up and walked back upstairs. This was definitely a girl thing. Either it was that time of month, or just some girl drama stuff.

I decided to text Tiffany, her best friend. She just got back from her trip to California. 


To: Tiffany

I heard u just got back from Cali, and I was wondering if u could com over 2 my house and comfort Molly. She's staying with us 4 a while, and she seems upset. Just get over here ASAP.



Within a couple seconds, I got a reply.


To: Me


From: Tiffany


Obviously she was surprised, that I texted her. I dated her for a while, then dumped her, and we haven't talked since. 


The doorbell rang, and when I opened it, Tiffany walked right in, and said "Where is she?" 

"Upstairs, down the hall, through the door at the end."

She ran upstairs, and I followed slowly behind to snoop, but I couldn't hear anything. 

The door opened, and Tiffany came out and said, "I'll be right back." She said, holding her keys.

"Where?" I questioned.

"She broke up with Cole last night. He cheated, and when you and I broke up she did the same for me, so keep an eye on her and I'll be back in twenty." She quickly ran downstairs, and to her car.

Great. I was alone with her again. Every once in a while I could hear, sniffling, whimpering, and groaning. They were together for 3 years, and then that happened. I had to feel bad. Wait no! No I didn't. We hate each other. We love it when were hurting, angry, or upset!  I don't feel bad, it's funny when she cries.

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