I Hate It That I Love You

"2 weeks ago, I wouldn't have ever seen this coming. The boy I once hated entirely, I slowly started to love him, slowly, but I did."
Neither of them expected to fall in love, it just happened. Through the faults in life, nothing seemed to work between them, yet everything seemed to fit perfectly.


2. A Party?


My eyes flickered open, to a dark, and cold, room. I stretched my arms, and walked to the window. It was really frosty, and hard to see out of it. I tried breathing hot air on it, and rubbing my hands against the freezing window.

It was clear enough to see a little out the window. It was snowing, as usual. Nothing different about a winter day in Minnesota. The window had a clear view of the front yard.

I put my slippers on and shuffled my way downstairs. The smell of bacon, pancakes, and eggs filled my nose. I walked into the kitchen and Alex says "Well, look who got up this morning."

I scrunched my nose at him and went to grab a plate.

After my plate was filled, we sat down at the table.

"So, Molly," Lindsay began "How'd you sleep?"

I sat and thought for a moment,"Great actually!" I said enthusiastically. I was partly sarcastic and partly not. I mean, I slept fine, but it wasn't my bed.

"Well that's fantastic!" she said. Obviously, she took me seriously.

"So, Alex," Jessica started, in her evil little voice, when you can tell she's busting him for something."What about that party tonight?"

Jessica raised her eyebrow, and Alex shot her a glare.

"What party?" Lindsay asked.

"Mom, it's just a small party with some friends," he continued, "And I was wonder if I could go."

"Absolutely not." she said bluntly.

"But mom!" his voice grew louder,"I've never been to one, and I'm a junior in high-school now, I think I can handle a small party."

Mrs. Thompson sucked her cheeks in, and thought for a moment. "I'll let you go under one condition."

He groaned.

I thought this was all kind of funny. Alex getting busted, for thinking about going to a party. And now he has to make a deal with his mom, if he wants to go. The deal is probably going to be "You have to make me (as in Lindsay his mom) go and chaperone." Ha! That would be the best. 

"You have to take Molly with you." She said.

"WHAT?!?" Alex shrieked.

I almost burst out laughing. Alex was pissed!! Maybe staying with them wasn't so bad after all. I couldn't wait to go to my first Junior party. I had to text Cole and see if he was going. This was going to be awesome! Not to mention, I almost died of laughter by the look on his face. I can't believe I, Molly Peterson, ruined Alex Thompson's night! 


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