Mia and her friend scarlet go to a concert on the birthday they both share. Austin Mahone is there favorite singer in the whole world and they score a chance to meet him. Will it just be a hi and goodbye or will something else happen...

never good at these things please read the story :) thanks!!!


1. Birthday present

      I cant believe that we are turning 17 on Tuesday, it seemed like we where playing hide and seek in my backyard just days ago. I turned to scarlet she started laughing for no reason this was normal for her though, IF anything about that was normal. when she calmed down she laid  upside down on my bed, maybe this will help, scarlet said with a goofy grin on her face, I could tell she was about to start laughing again. Remember when we where playing hide and seek and I was following you the whole time you where looking for me.  THAT WASN"T FUNNY it took me almost an hour to find you! there was a silence soon enough we both started laughing. Mia, Scarlet, there is something down here for you! gosh my mom can be so loud sometimes!! scarlet gave a small giggle at my statement. Sometimes I think that we have laughing problems. what is it mommm I said in a whiny voice, she gave a huge I know whats gonna happen type of grin. I looked at her puzzled, she handed us an envelope with our names on it. I had a special friend get these for you two! WAIT! she yelled before you open it let me get earmuffs. What? she stood back in front of us with huge, I mean HUGE earmuffs. Scarlet started to open the envelope when I saw a ticket inside there,i reached at the envelope that she was holding, I grabbed it and read what it said I stood there in shock and started to scream.



Austin's point of view


   I have had such a busy schedule, I haven't had anytime to do anything I am excited that alex will be with me for the rest of the tour after tonight. this day has been going soooo slow. taylor was still getting ready to  preform so I was just alone in the hallway other than some of the workers passing by every few minutes which didn't bother me.

skip to Thursday-



mia's point of view


Today was the day of the concert, I woke up at 5:30am skipping around, where usually it would be noon and I would have to be dragged out of bed. but today was a special day, I would get to meet Austin Mahone!!!

skips till concert-

mia get down here or you will miss the concert I hear scarlet yell, nononononnnononono I come running down the stairs. I quickly run into the car all ready

skips car ride-

he sang all my favorite songs, taylor was good also but austin was AMAZING

now it was time to go backstage and meet him...


I will go and get him for you, said one of his gaurds most likely. soon I hear footsteps coming towards us and I start to tense up. Hello! I hear a voice in front of me say, big brown eyes meet my gaze. I am Austin nice to meet you, he starts laughing really hard, I'm just kidding , what are YOUR names? Well I'm mia and this is scarlet. Hi Mia hi  Scarlet waving to us both. Dude you didn't bother to introduce me to them a voice says from behind me.



short chapter- I just started writing, but the story will get lots better promise



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