One Girl, One Answer

The day has come. Do I I love Harry Styles- the gentleman, hilarious boy. Did I mention he's my ex? Then there is Zayn Malik- the soft sided, caring bad boy. It's too hard because of haters, a dead best friend, and a brother I barley see. Well... Here we go.


1. Who?



Kristin's POV

It's been almost a month. Any day soon I have to show my love for Harry or Zayn. Being the sister of Niall Horan is a hard game. I wake up to tweets like '@KristinVHoran Shut up none wants to hear ur f****** a**.' I would cry for days in the beginning but now I'm used to it. Zayn and I are really close. He was always there for me. When revealed his feelings I was amazed. But i would never hurt Perrie. Harry on the other hand is such a gentleman. He always is that guy who will cheer u up and make you laugh. We dated until last year because of their schedules. #harryorzayn, #teamkarry, #teamkayn has been trending and #kristinsanswer. I was chewing my nails until Niall comes in saying, "U ok Ms. 'I-am-not-gross-nialler'?" .
"Yes I am," 
"FINE I HAVE TO MAKE THE CHOICE!" I blurted. "Uh good like with that." He grabbed my ham sandwich and left.
"Shoot" my phone vibrated against my butt. It read:

New Message From: Harry Your True Love;):

'Hey love! The lads, girls, and I going to Louis flat. U and Niall coming?.'

Text to: Harry Your True Love

'See u soon!'

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