Torn (Harry and Marcel)

Harry and Marcel just got the biggest news of there life . They are moving to a whole new county different people new personalities. But what if they both come across this one girl that made both of there hearts skip a beat . She feels the same way . As she get to know them better she start to develop feelings for the both of them . Who will she choose ?....Who will break her heart ?and who will fix it ? ..the better question is who will leave her Torn .


2. Chapter 2


Harry's P.O.V 

Beeep! Beeep! Beep!!

My alarm clock rung , I groggily opened my eyes and slowly sat up in the bed and hit the clock . 

Beep!!Beep !

I groaned The shit wouldn't stop ringing . I unplugged the clock and sighed in relief . 

God I'm so tired 

I swung my legs off bed and stood up . 

I stumbled over to my dresser on grabbed my shirt and put it on . I slipped on my sweat pants . I really don't wanna move nor wanna spend 16 hours on a air plane .

I don't understand we make good living here we don't need to move to a place were I can get sunburned .

There was a soft knock on my door before it opened

"Harry ..c'mon the taxi is here ." My mum spoke sleepily leaning against the door frame .

I furrowed my eyebrows "Wow I just woken up , I should of set my alarm a lot earlier " I chuckled weakly and grabbed my beanie and put it on .

"Yeah ..just take your bags downstairs , your brother is already in the taxi surprisedly . " 
She said and walked away 

I sighed and grabbed my phone and texted Lauren my girlfriend 

"Hey baby , I'm leaving now :( I wish I could of seen you before I left xx ." I texted 

I didn't expect a response from her , it's 3 in the am . 

I locked my phone and slid it in my pocket . I went over to my suitcases And I picked it up 
And sighed dramatically .  I carried them out of my room and down the steps . 

"Harry ! Hurry we are leaving now ." My mom annoyed at my slowness

I just woken up what do you expect , plus it's winter .

I rolled my eyes and walked out of house , I immediately got goose bumps as the cold crisp air hit my skin . I shivered and went to the already open trunk of the taxi , i just tossed my things in and slammed the trunk down . 

I clasped my hands together and quickly got into the taxi . 

I leant my head against the window as I blurred out my mums boring conversation with the middle aged taxi driver .
I watched out the window as the trees past , Im really going to miss it here . Not the really cold winters . But the people ,there so nice I find it really hard to make friends . I'm just not a people person . For Marcel ,people come around him because they are simply afraid of him because he has the tattoos . He doesn't scare me one bit .

Marcel's P.O.V 

I looked at my phone and smirked Lauren just texted me

"Baby I'm going to miss our little study dates ;) too bad your leaving ;( "

I sighed why does this girl keep texting me , yeah I mean I took her virginity and she's my bothers 'girlfriend ' . I know I'm a jerk for doing that to my brother but if a hot and a very horny girl . Comes and sits on you lap , you are not going to be able to say no .

I glanced over at Harry he's to busy looking out a fogged window he's probably even thinking about her . I sighed I feel bad . The taxi came to a stop and my mum paid the man .

He opened the trunk and all of us got out of the car and quickly grabbed our bags and hurried into the airport really needing warmth . 

I took a quick glance at the busy airport in 3 in the morning . I followed behind my mum and Harry as  they walked over to the ticket claim and got our tickets . 

She handed me one and I looked down and studied it . "Terminal 8" I say and looked up at the signs . I spotted it and started walking towards it  . 

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