Dangerous love

"stay away from the blond one."she points to the boy with the blonde hair. He's trouble. I feel my eyes drift away from him. "He goes after every girl says he loves them has sex with them and then ripes their heart out. Just stay away from him." "What's his name?"I ask and she sighs"His name is Niall, Niall horan"

I need a break from the other story so I wrote this one please comment! Thank ya xoxo.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2 
Niall leans back in the driver seat, one arm stretched to the wheel the other one at his side. Niall looks at me and places his hand on my thigh, slowly moving up. "Get the hell off of me" I slap his hand away and he laughs "you're definitely going to be tricky" he sighs I roll my eyes and look out he window. "Go fuck a slut" I hiss and he huffs "been there done that" he says it like its no big deal or anything. "Ugh you disgust Me" we pull up to a house. "Where are we?" I ask and he looks at me "a party" I widen my eyes "I don't do the whole party thing" I put a fake faint smile on my face. "We'll too bad" he says opening the car door and stepping outside. He opens the door for me and I get out without saying a word. He stands infront of me his blue eyes sparkling he's taller then me about 5 9 5'8, I'm about 5'2. He leans over and kisses the mark and sucks I let out a moan and I feel a smile grow on his lips as he kisses my neck. "N-N-Niall" I shove him off of me, my heart racing. "Glad to know where your soft spot is" he smirks and raises one of his eyebrows and I feel a blush creep on my face." That was a reminder that you're mine"  He was good at trying to get what he wants. Niall wraps his arm around my waist giving it a tight squeeze. He knocks on the door "Niall lad you made it!" A boy with brown hair holding a red solo cup obviously drunk says happily. "Woah who's the babe?" The boy stares at me and Niall's  grip around me gets tighter. "Back off she's mine" he snarls I get a little startled by his actions "woah man isn't she just another fuck and run? I mean sharing is caring" Niall bites his lip which I have to admit is hot. "Sharing is caring unless its STD'S" I mumble so low that no one can here. "She's mine" he growls "I'm not anyone's" I yell and remove nialls hand from my waist and walk away disappearing into the party. "Emma" I hear him call after me but I push  his voice away. "What are you doing here at a party like this?" A girl with wavy brown hair and and a dress up to hugh thigh walks up to mr holding her red solo cup in her hand. "Um I was brought here" she raises her eyebrow "by who?" She swirls her cup around "Niall horan" she laughs "as if" I move my hair and show her the mark. She's stunned but then she gets this smile on her face "he's good in bed" she licks her lips "nice talking to you" I wave goodbye and try to find a bathroom. But I run into Niall instead. "Hello beautiful" he smirks grabbing my hand. "Want a drink?" He asks and I shake my head no. "Why not? Live a little" he says and I bite my lip "no" I say softly. He licks his lips "alright suite yourself" he wraps his hand around my waist and takes me to the dance floor. It was hot in there, probably from all of the people hooking up. The muisc is blasting through the speakers i honesty wonder how the neighbors didnt call the cops yet considering you could hear the music ten houses down. Niall starts to slow dance with me, he looks me in the eyes. "You're so hot" I feel my cheeks burn. Niall leans in and kisses my neck, I squint my eyes closed. "Say my name" he whispers I my ear. My heart races I refuse to say it. "Say it Emma" he says forcefully and goes back to kiss my neck. His hands gripping the fabric of my shirt. I feel my stomach turn. His hands move up my body and lower to my bum "Ni-Nia-Niall" I gasp  pushing him off of me. "Babe you are not making this easy" he says grabbing my hand I pull my hand away. "I'm not trying to make it easy" I snap and brush past him. I need to find a bathroom because maybe I can escape or something. 

I walk up the stairs to people making out. Bathroom, bathroom, I say to my self. "Hey gorgeous where are you going?" Josh looks at me moving closer "bathroom" I say politely and walk towards the open door. "Niall's looking for you" he sighs "it's a shame you would b happy with me" he moves closer "I'm not interested" I move back "I wouldn't do that to you babe" he points to the mark on my neck I cover the skin with my hand. "Get away from her" Niall says firmly. "Who's gonna make me?" Josh turns around. "If you even touch her I will Finnish you" he clenches his fists. Josh looks at me and places his arm around my waist, and moves it higher and higher until he is steps away from my chest. My heart races and I freeze, nialls face, you could see his blood boil. "You go any further" he hisses stormin over to josh an punching him in the face. Josh releases me falling to the ground from Niall's punch. Blood squirts from his nose and he keeps punching him. I quickly dart towards the bathroom. I sigh and slide against the door. I lock it and feel tears burn in my eyes. Why do I have to be his target? Why me? I feel the tears spill out of my eyes. "Emma" Niall knocks on the door. I run the foset. I wipe away some tears. "Emma answer me" he is unclear because the door is blocking us. I look around searching for a window. I spot one then look at the door. "Sorry Niall" I smirk and hop on the bathtub. I glide the window open slowly to make sure Niall can't hear me. "Emma open the door or ill beat it down" he bangs his fist against the door. I step out of the window and gulp looking for a ladder. I notice a tree near by and reach for the steady branch. I close my eyes and exhale. I let go of the window ledge and grab onto the branch. I slide my hands towards the trunk of the big oak tree. I grab the rough bark and begin to climb down the tree, I hit the ground with a thud. I got stabbed by a few twigs but nothing major. I then stand up and run. 

Nialls POV: I jiggle the door knob, and it's locked. Shit. I move the handle so hard that it opens. I slam the door against the wall and look around for Emma. The water is running, I quickly turn the handle off and look for her. A cool draft fills the room and I laugh and look towards the open window, the white curtain floating as the cool breeze blows against it. I shake my head and look out the window. I notice a girl with brown somewhat curly hair tuning, my eyes widen and I quickly run out of the house. It's dark and hard to see people, I sprint trying to find her. Simone's breathing is heavy and a few twigs snap, the person gulps and right then and there I new it was Emma. She spots me and keeps running. Come on. I sigh and chase after her, the only light is the streetlight. My feet pound on the cement ground you heard the thud of both of our feet. I run faster and faster. Damn she's quick. 

Emma's POV: I run as fast as I can, I just want to get away from him. My breathing gets unsteady and a arm wraps around my stomach lifting me off the ground. "Let go of me" I struggle pounding on the strong arm. "Relax it's me" I hear his Irish voice and I freeze. "Why are you running?" He asks as my feet slowly touch the ground again. "I'm runing away from you. I mean you should figure out why. But I guess some people dumb and don't catch on" I cross my arms facing him. His facial expression is puzzled "says the girl who climbed out a bathroom window" I roll my eyes. He dim street light gave us enough light to see each other. "Were you crying?" Niall asks and I laugh "why do you care you just want to fuck me" I slam my arm into him walking past him. "Emma" he groans jogging to catch up to me. "That's not true" he says softly placing his hand on my shoulder "you dipshit don't lie" I hiss and grab his hand an shove it off of me. 
I rub my neck, the little reminder of what Niall said repeated in my mind. "You're mine" I try to shake the thought out of my head. Niall walks besides me I don't dare to look into his blue eyes. "I want to go home" I mumble looking up at the dark night sky, the stats twinkled in the galaxy. "Fine" he sighs, placing his arm around my waist. "Get off of me if you know what's good for you" his hand stays put. "Let go" I snarl trying to pry his hand off of my body, but his grip gets tighter crushing my sides. "Niall seriously" my voice quivers. "You're um crushing me" I say quietly and he releases me. A sharp pain enters my side an I place my hand over it, squinting my eyes hiding the pain. "Sorry" he mumbles and I sigh. We approach the mustang and Niall like always opens the door for me. I bend down and enter the car, he walks around the car and to the driver side. He hops in shaking the car a little. He starts the car and the engine roars. "You have never been touched before have you?" He asks and I feel heat shoot up from my body. His hand slowly glides up my thigh, my breathing in heavy as he reaches but I shift away from him. "I'm taking that as a yes" he smiles "glad to know I would be the first one to make you feel pleasure" the word pleasure makes me want to throw up. His hand moves to my upper body, crossing over my stomach, ribs, and he is right below my chest. I feel frozen, vulnerable. My chest rises up and down quickly I stare at Niall wondering what his next step was. I squint my eyes shut trying to hold bal the tears. He sighs and moves his hand away from my body. "So innocent" he puts the car in drive I look out the window. "You really have never-" I cut him off "just leave me alone, so what if I haven't. I know you will probably force me so you can say another score for Niall" I spat I look at him his eyes feel guilt "you are not like the other girls" he makes a few sharp turns. "Yeah well maybe because I'm more protective of my body" I cross my arms over my chest. "No, there's something about you" I laugh "oh is it because I won't sleep with you wow that's something different alright, a girl saying no to Niall horan" I say it in an annoying voice. Niall quietly chuckles, "you have got a lot of personality" he pulls into my drive way parking the car. I stare at Niall and he stares at me "what?" I ask fixing my shoe laces. "Nothing" he smiles I roll my eyes "okay then" I push the door open and Niall gets out. "What-what are up doing?" I ask and look towards the house to make sure Niall doesn't do anything stupid. You forgot something. I tilt my head in a confused matter and Niall leans in and kisses me, it's a very passionate kiss, slow and his lips are soft and taste like pepermint. I shot my eyes open, I shove him off of me and whipe my sleeve over my lips. Thinking of how many times that little rat has kissed girls makes me angry. I'm falling for his stupid trap. "What's wrong?" He asks and I laugh "listen Niall just go home, it's not working" I feel butterflies flap their delicate wings in my stomach. "What do you mean?" H asks confused "like you dont know? I'm not falling for your crap" I turn around and walk up the stoop. I slam the door shut and push my hair back. "So honey how was your date?" My mom asks and I feel sick "fine" I sigh heading up to my room. "I'm not feeling very well I'm just going to go to bed" I yawn and walk towards my room. I though my shirt off and toss an old football t-shirt on, it was basically Fallon apart at the seems. There are holes  in the sleeves and around the collar. I get a text from an unknown number. 
Number: is your bra size a B? 
I drop my phone and turn towards the curtain and twist the blinds close. 
Me: who is this?
Number: Niall  
I add Niall as a contact. 
Me: you just won't stop Niall will you? Goodnight Niall
Niall: goodnight gorgeous
I look in the mirror and notice my cheeks turning to a bright pink color. I don't know why but this boy is making me go crazy.

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