Am I Still The One? (COMPLETED)

Lydia and Harry were the best of friends until Harry Left to audition for the X-Factor. For years he never contacted her, just ignored her. Now he's back, and trying to make up for what they lost. But when rumors go spinning, so does Lydia's head. Can she ever really trust him not to betray her again?


6. The Plan

Lydia's P.O.V.

              Things couldn't be going better with Harry. Everyday for the past month and a half, we had been doing something new together, while keeping our relationship secretive. He would just sweep in, uninvited. That didn't mean he wasn't welcome. My aunt was thrilled to have him around the house again. I wasn't the only one who missed him. She and Anne went out almost every free day my aunt had. Just to hang out and talk. And what just happened to be their main topic? Harry and me. We even walked in on them planning our wedding. We quickly ducked out of the house, to avoid the embarrassing conversation. Once we were out, Harry and I sat on my roof again. He looked at my and must have noticed me blushing, because he laughed and pinched my cheeks. I had to admit, things were going fast. However, we didn't say the "L" word yet. That could definitely wait. I mean, we've loved each other in the past, but that was as best friends. I didn't even think I loved him in a romantic way yet. 

         A knock came to my door. Knowing who was waiting behind it, I opened the door and immediately hugged the tall figure in front of me.

        "Hello Harry!" I smiled, still clinging to his chest.

        "Er, sorry love, I don't believe I'm Harry." A voice said. This voice was very different, yet some how familiar. I quickly shot up and looked to see who I " attacked". He was a tall, like Harry. He had dark brown hair, that seemed to go in every direction, yet it worked for him. He had inviting blue eyes, and a bright smile, "Speaking of Harry, is he here?" He said, walking in.

       "No," I shook my head and closed the door. We just stared at each other for a moment before he quickly explained himself.

       "Sorry! You must think I'm completely crazy," He smiled apologetically. I nodded in agreement, and he just laughed, "I just feel like I know you so much already. My name is--"

       "Louis Tomlinson," I interrupted.

       "Oh, so you know me." He inquired.

       "Can't name a single person who doesn't." I said, still staring.

      "Well, I was looking for Harry. He won't answer my calls, and when I went to his flat, there wasn't an answer." Something made a buzzing sound from his pocket, and he quickly got out his phone. He cleared his throat before reading it out loud, " 'I just got out of the shower, I'll meet you and the boys at your flat. I'm going to pickup Lydia first. Can't wait for you guys to meet her! Bring Eleanor! xH' " I couldn't help but giggle as he read Harry's text out loud, "Well, I'm slightly embarrassed," Louis admitted, "I am sorry for intruding."

      "I'm not." I giggled. He laughed along side me.

      "Well, I'm going to go get Eleanor. I'm guessing Harry will pick you up shortly." He paused before continuing, "Do you think we could not mention this to him? I want to get a little prank out of this."

       "Sure, I can keep a secret." I agreed.

       "Do you have anything on him? Something embarrassing?" He begged. I though for a minute before one thing popped into my head.

       "Well, when we were younger, something did happen in a tree house." I grinned. I continued to tell him all about the 'tree house incident', as Harry and I referred to it.

      "Great! Just, when I 'meet' you, play along." He said, walking out the door, "Bye!" I waved back at him as he shut my door. I went up stairs to go pick out an outfit, when I heard my phone buzz from on my bed. I reached down and opened a text from Harry.

Hey, I'm on my way to pick you up. I want you to meet a few people today xH

      I sent a quick reply and tried to pick out what to wear. I decided on dark denim jeans and a white t-shirt. I looked at myself in the mirror. Too simple. Plus I would freeze to death. I grabbed a dark brown leather jacket and a peach scarf. I picked out a pair of dark brown leather boots as well. As soon as I was all dressed, I opened my bedroom door to see harry, leaning against the frame.

       "Hey babe," He winked, "Man, still with all of those layers, you still look fine!" He wiggled his eye brows at me. I laughed and pushed him away. 


Harry's P.O.V.

         "Here we are," I declared, pulling up to Louis' flat, "You ready?" Lydia nodded.

         "I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous." She bit her lip. Damn, she looked so good.

         "Nervous? About them? You're kidding." I said. The boys were the wrong people to get nervous around. They could never be serious enough.

         "Well, they all have this awesome sense of humor. What if I don't get their jokes? Or if I make a complete fool of myself. What if they don't like me?" I couldn't see her face, she had turned away from me, but she sounded really concerned.

        "It'll all be ok," I said rubbing her back, she still didn't turn around, "They will love you." I continued. I just watched the back of her head as she nodded. I got up, and walked around the car to open her door. I held out my hand and she took it, keeping her face pointed at the ground. 

         I got up to the the big doors and gave them a knock. I looked over at Lydia. She was as smiley as she could be. I offered her a smile She must have been putting on a brave face. That's one of the things I loved about her. Went the going got tough, she got tougher. She faced challenges with a smile.

       The big doors opened, interrupting my thoughts.

       "Welcome! Come on in!" Louis greeted us. I squeezed her hand, and offered her another smile. I then led her though the doors, and introduced her to Louis.


Lydia's P.O.V.

       I didn't know what Louis had up his sleeve. I was kind of worried about it the whole time. I wondered if I should "set it up" or something. I watched out of the window as we pulled up to a huge home. It was gorges. I assumed it was Louis'. 

       "Here we are." Harry said.

        "I have to admit, I'm a bit nervous." I sighed. I felt a smile come on, so I had to bite my lip.

         "Nervous? About them? You're kidding." Harry laughed. His laugh. Oh my... I couldn't hold it anymore. I quickly turned my  head to the left, looking out of the window. 

        "Well, they all have this awesome sense of humor. What if I don't get their jokes? Or if I make a complete fool of myself. What if they don't like me?" I did a mental face palm. Was that really the best excuse I could come up with? Stupid, stupid stupid --

        "It'll all be ok," Harry said, rubbing my back. I was using everything in me not to smile or laugh, "They will love you." He continued. I knew I couldn't say anything, or else I would loose it. I nodded in reply, and he took his hand off of my back. Seconds later he was opening my door for me. I took the hand he offered, and got out of the car. I kept my eyes on the ground as we walked. One look at Styles and I would loose it. I guess you could say I was a bad liar. We got up to the door, and harry knocked. I was pretty proud of myself. I had made it this far, without him getting on to me. He looked over at me and smiled. That's when I realized that I had been smiling. I quickly tried to change my expression, but no such luck. I liked to smile. Smiling's my favorite. I couldn't get it off my face. Suddenly, the big doors in front of us opened, and Louis appeared from behind them

        "Welcome! Come on in!" Louis smiled. Harry gave my hand a squeeze, smiled at me, and led me through the big doors. He then Introduced me to Louis.


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