You Found Me

I'm a normal teenager. I am living a normal teenage life... until I met Harry Styles. I didn't see that coming. I swear. Yeah, you think I'm the best girl ever in the whole school. Ye--- No! I'm a wallflower. I have a radio station that no one knows I DJ. My dad is a radio DJ, but no one knows me. Until, Harry came into the neighborhood.


6. moving in

Harry's P.O.V.

   There are many things in this world that I cannot do. It is to wake up early. Now, all of a sudden my body wants to wake up early, and I mean really early. I didn't like it, but when I tried going back to sleep, I couldn't. It was torture. I didn't want to wake up this early! I looked over to see if Sarah was still there. Supposedly she was still sleeping. Surprise. I pictured a flock of sheep going by. Didn't work. Turned on some soothing music, almost worked. You may ask why. Sarah woke up. She turned towards me and smiled saying, "Well, sleeping beauty changed her mind on waking up late." "I didn't want to change it." We both smiled and kissed. I went over to the kitchen and cooked breakfast. Sarah sat up on the couch and waited. She calmed down her hair and everything like that. When I came out with it and set it on the table she came right over. I made her some pancakes and so on.

   After we ate our breakfast we went outside to check if her father did any damage to the house. We went inside being very cautious with every turn we made. Then something coming out of no where tackled me to the ground. Sarah turned toward the situation and lifted the guy off of me. With no surprises it was her father, and dang did he need to lose weight. I starred at me while I was getting up and standing next to Sarah. I felt bad for her that she has to deal with this guy. With this thing going on I think I'm going to end up with bruises everywhere all the time.

Sarah's Dad: What are you two doing here.

Sarah: Going up into my room to get some stuff.

Harry: Why do you need to do... oh.

Sarah: Dad, I'm going to be staying at Harry's place until One Direction is out of here.

Sarah's Dad: No, I don't get it. Your not staying with---

Sarah: Don't start another disagreement. I didn't ask a question, Dad. It was a statement and that's what I'm doing.

Sarah's Dad: Well, it's your choice. Don't come running to me if you have any problems.

Sarah: Whatever.

   We went up stairs to get the things that she needs. When we got in the room, we hurried in and out, but of course we checked if we got everything. I stepped out for some fresh air on her balcony, and I saw that her crazy neighbors weren't there. I guess they were on vacation. When I got back in, I didn't like what I saw. Louis was at one side of the room checking Sarah out. He soon got closer, but I cleared my throat and he backed away and got back to the corner of the room. I went over to Sarah, kissed her on the cheek and ask if she was ready. She said she was. So we got out and got back to my place.

   Niall was waiting at the front porch. We didn't know why, but he was. When we got there he ran toward us and greeted us asking if I would like to hang out with him. I looked at Sarah and she gave a smile and nodded. I said yeah and asked when. Right then was the only time he had. I looked at Sarah again. She held out her hand for the keys. I gave them to her, she smiled and we kissed. She backed away and went to the house. I yelled out that there was an guest room next to mine. She nodded and went in. I looked back at Niall and we headed out to hang out around town.

Sarah's P.O.V.

   I was happy to see that Harry was hanging out with Niall. I heard that he was the nice one. I had no problem with that. I went on to continuing to move my stuff into my new room. It was nice. I hurried and got started with the unpacking. No, I didn't bring my whole room into this one. I got the important stuff, and I don't need to tell you what is and what's not.

   After I was done unpacking all my stuff, I just got inside the bed and took a nap. I don't know, but for some reason I was really tired. So, yes, I just took a nap. I fell asleep right away!











Sorry for the short chapter!!

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