You Found Me

I'm a normal teenager. I am living a normal teenage life... until I met Harry Styles. I didn't see that coming. I swear. Yeah, you think I'm the best girl ever in the whole school. Ye--- No! I'm a wallflower. I have a radio station that no one knows I DJ. My dad is a radio DJ, but no one knows me. Until, Harry came into the neighborhood.


3. getting use to the life

Sarah's P.O.V.

   You think you will get use to crazy neighbors when you lived with them for so long. Well, that is not true. They always seem to have new ways to annoy me. Like they had kids! Literally, I think they are wanting to drive me insane Oh, but it just had to get worse. Harry moved in, and now I have to start sleeping around nine o'clock. THEY ARE RUINING MY LIFE! Harry has screaming visitors, while, my other one has kids throwing things into my property. I found a wedding ring in my back yard once. I returned it as soon as I found it. They said that it must have slipped out and landed in my backyard. Like I'm going to fall for that. I'm not that stupid! Whatever. I have to get use to this. One way or another, I am going to get a good nights sleep! JEEZ!

   In the morning I woke up, and it was REALLY weird. It was a Saturday, and I woke up at ten o'clock. Did my neighbors move out or something? I checked, still there. Toys lying everywhere, doll house here and there, small, miniature vehicles everywhere. Yep, still there. I looked over at Harry's place, and it looked normal. Quiet, a little too quiet. I went over to his house to check what's up. When I knocked on the door, he didn't answer. I went over to his bedroom window and threw a pebble at it, of course not breaking the window. Still, no answer. Dude, he is one hell of a deep sleeper. I need to learn to do that. I finely made up my mind, to climb to his bedroom window. When I got there, I found him in his bed. He looked so cute when he was asleep. Well, maybe because he didn't act so crazy when he was asleep. Yep, that's why! I knocked on his window as loud as possible. No response. I tried to open the window, and to my surprise it was open. Ok, one thing I need to tell him it that he needs to close his windows if he wants to keep all of his belongings.

   I went up to him, and poked him. No response. I was finally pissed. I slapped his face to wake up. No response. Now he got me really angry. I went over him and got a pillow. At that moment he moved. I stayed as still as possible. He stopped moving, then I continued on. I got the pillow and when I was upright, he just laid on his side. I hit him with the pillow and yelled at his to wake up. He didn't budge. He moved again, and I knew he was playing with me. I got on top of him and started to shake him. Yes, it was pretty akward, but I wanted to ask him an important question. I just laid right next to him and just took a deep breath. Then all of a sudden he just sat right up. I got on my elbows and said, "Really? All it took to wake you up was a deep breath?" He looked right at me and screamed. I just had a confused face on right then.


Sarah: Through the window?!?

Harry: Well, you could have knocked?!?!

Sarah: Trust me, been there, done that!

Harry: What are you talking about?

Sarah: You really need to teach me how to sleep that deep.

Harry: Um, what exactly did you do when I was asleep?

Sarah: Nothing you need to know.

Harry: Tell me.

Sarah: Nope.

   He just gave me a look that was similar to the puppy face, wait, it was! I forgot to tell him the puppy face didn't work on me! I gave him a face that told him, seriously dude? Then I said, "Puppy faces don't work on me." He rolled his eyes and laid back down.

Harry: Why are you even here?

Sarah: I got to sleep until ten on a Saturday morning, and I went to bed at nine for nothing. I want to know what is going on.

Harry: I told my girlfriend to just find another guy. She's been at me ever since a year ago, I think.

Sarah: So, now she's gone?

Harry: Yep. Why you interested in me?

Sarah: Why would you ask that about---

   His face was right beside mine. I could feel his breath. I turned toward him and backed off. Literally, like I was at the edge the bed. He just put a sneer on his face. I got my answer. I wanted to ask more, but I thought there could have been a better time. I could save it. I rushed out through the window, but before I went out I looked behind me. I smiled then jumped onto the fence. I surprisingly made a soft landing. I jumped into my yard and went to the corner. I turned back toward him and waved. He was at the window looking at me with the hugest eyes I have ever seen. He waved back dumbfounded. I felt like a ninja doing that! I rushed in. I went over to my room. I just laid back and did my hair up in a bun, got some nike shorts on and a tank-top that I cut up on the sides and tied back together. Yeah, I ruin the shirts, but then at the end, they look fabulous. I sat back in my bed and started out the regular Saturday day. Read, check social networking sites, read some more, run, shower, read some more, then eat, then the list goes on and on. Yep.

   At the end of the day, I heard a knock on my door while I was listening to music and making another one of my boring shirts look fabulous. I ran down stairs and opened it. It was Harry.:

Sarah: Um, hi?

Harry: Well, that's a nice welcome.

Sarah: *rolls eyes* What do you want?

Harry: I was just wondering if you had anything planned for tonight.

Sarah: Are you asking me out?

Harry: No! You know just two friends hanging out with each other. That sort of thing... ok, yes I am asking you out. Where would you like to go?

Sarah: C'mon in silly.

Harry: Is that a yes?

Sarah: Yep.

   When he got in, I led him toward the living room. I told him to make himself at home.:

Harry: So, where would you like to go? The movies?

Sarah: Harry. You need to know something about me.

Harry: Yeah, what is it?

Sarah: All my dates, had chaperones, and plus, after the sophomore year, I never had a boyfriend. Ever.

Harry: What kind of parents did you have? Rich enough to hirer chaperones? Or just super over protective?

Sarah: They were in the high middle class, and yes, they were super over protective.

Harry: Wow. Do they know about us?

Sarah: They don't even know you exist.

Harry: Well, that's a good sign.

Sarah: Yep.

Harry: How about this. I'll take you to the movies, then I'll take you over to my place and I'll show you one of my little secrets.

Sarah: What kind of secret are you talking about?

Harry: You'll love it! Don't worry.

Sarah: Let me ask you a question.

Harry: Yeah, anything!

Sarah: Are you a pervert?

Harry: No! Sort of, but not that bad of a pervert! I mean I like it when girls---

Sarah: That's all I need to know.

Harry: *blushes* Sorry.

Sarah: No problem. Something is wrong with the boy if they aren't a little perverted.

Harry: True.

Sarah: I'll go and get ready.

Harry: Ok. I'll wait here.

Sarah: All right.

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