You Found Me

I'm a normal teenager. I am living a normal teenage life... until I met Harry Styles. I didn't see that coming. I swear. Yeah, you think I'm the best girl ever in the whole school. Ye--- No! I'm a wallflower. I have a radio station that no one knows I DJ. My dad is a radio DJ, but no one knows me. Until, Harry came into the neighborhood.


2. first day back to school

Sarah's P.O.V.

   Yeah, you think that having Harry as your neighbor is a good sign. It's bad. There are people going in and out of his house. After, one o'clock in the morning. They sometimes argue or mumble to where I can't hear them. I didn't want to know what was going on. I didn't. I'm serious. I am thinking about moving out of this crazy neighborhood. Not joking! Most of my neighbors are crazy. I can't get a full nights rest. I woke up today by a startle. It was not from my crazy neighbors that I've know for many years. It was Harry. I couldn't handle it anymore. Every since he moved in I couldn't have a full good nights rest. I also didn't have a choice to sleep-in in the morning, because of my other crazy neighbors. Today was the first day back to school. I'm not that excited! I don't know why... um maybe because I'm a wallflower. Good news on that, you don't get bullied. No one notices you.

   I was sick of the bull that Harry was making my first day back to school morning to start out. He woke me up at four o'clock. I think I need to start going to sleep early. I dressed up for school and did my make up. Yes, I am kind of pretty, but not to an extinct that model companies are begging me to be one of their models. That's not me. If they asked, yeah I would say yes, but they never did. I put one of the cutest outfit that I saw and bought of the Hollister's models wore. Hair, make-up and everything. I was in-love with the outfit. White ruffled shirt, short-short jeans, and a cute, grey, buttoned down, tight jacket. I lightly curled my hair, and lightly put some simple make-up on. I put on some black, cute, formal sandals on and was out the door. Harry was waiting at the corner for the bus. He didn't look happy about it. Oh well, to bad for him. I hurried to my car hoping he won't see me, but with my luck, that didn't happen. He ran towards me. He didn't look that bad himself. I hurried inside to start the engine, then he slammed into the same car window as he did on that rainy day. I opened the car door, not wanting to be rude, and let him in.

Sarah: What school?

Harry: Oh, it's just the district school here. I forgot the name.

Sarah: We even go to the same school. Yeah.

Harry: Someone didn't drink their coffee this morning.

Sarah:I usually get it while I'm going to school when my neighbors wake me up early, but you did it for them.

Harry: Sorry, my ex-girlfriend keeps on wanting to came back with me, but I keep on saying no.

Sarah: Stubborn now are you?

Harry: Not that much.

Sarah: Well, we are here.

Harry: Thanks for the ride.

Sarah: No problem, anytime.

   We apparently had the same homeroom, two classes together, and same lunch period. Why is this happening to me? Can this day get any worse?

   I just had to ask that. Yes, this day did get worse. I didn't like it. When me and Harry had the same class, he would always sit next to me. I decided to come in late so that he won't find a seat next to me. I went to lunch early to catch up with the other wallflowers at their table. As usual, they ignored me, I ignored them, then we just ate our lunch. We would sometimes have small talks, but nothing big. Then, Harry found us. How the hell did he do that? Oh well, I just ignored him like he wasn't there.

Harry: *clears throat* Hey.

Sarah: Hi.

Harry: Wait don't tell me. A girl like you is a wallflower?

Sarah: Yeah, so what. (Everyone was starring at us. I didn't like it.)

Harry: Well, I'm sorry didn't think a girl like you would be such a person.

Sarah: Well, I'm sorry to be the carrier of bad news, but I am.

Harry: This can change.

Sarah: What if I like not being the center of attention?

Harry: It still going to change.

Sarah: How can I change your mind.

Harry: I don't know. I'm stubborn when this kind of things happen.

Sarah:*rolls eyes* Well, bad news for you, I have the hardest head you'll ever meet.

Harry:*laughs lightly* I think I can change that.

Sarah: Nope. Not going to happen.

Harry: C'mon. Your not a kind of person that can be left alone and not in the crowd. I'm mean literally, your not shy with me.

Sarah: Oh, shut up. Eat your lunch, it's getting cold.

Harry: Not until you say your going to change.

Sarah: Not going to happen.

Harry: Pig head.

Sarah: Just eat.

Harry: Fine. You're only passing with me this time.

Sarah: Sure.

   Gosh, Harry can be stubborn at times. Anyways. My plan for the class thing sort of worked. I mean he didn't sit beside me. I sat in front of him. Yeah, it's a working progress. At the end of the day, when I was about to head out and stopping by my locker, Harry was waiting there for me. Really? There was not way in God's green earth that he already memorized where my locker was. I just headed over there ignoring him.

Harry: So, can you drive me home?

Sarah: Don't you take the bus?

Harry: I don't really like the bus. You know with all the other people and everything?

Sarah: What's wrong with the other people?

Harry: They creep me out. Especially the kids that hit the growth spurts early. I mean like dang they are really scary.

Sarah: Fine, just this once. Your going to ride the bus. I'm just doing this because your new here, and I'm being a nice non-crazy neighbor.

Harry: Nice to know that one neighbor isn't crazy.

Sarah: Know how you feel.

   We had a quiet ride back home. He took the wheel, while I was having a heart attack when he told me he wasn't use to the wheel being on the left side. I wasn't sure why Europe did that to the cars, but oh well. When we got home, I quickly got out of the car. I was never so happy to be back home and not in a moving object. I usually took my time getting back home. Not caring about the world around me and enjoying the park if I had enough time to go there. I sometimes had to go to the library for service hours, or to the radio station to DJ some songs. I had a normal wallflower life. We said our good-byes and good nights. I went up to my room got cleaned and read a book until I was tired as hell, and went to sleep.

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