The Geek

Zella never thought she would end up with Marcel. Her best friend, Veronica, talked her into going to prom with him. Marcel really wanted a date for the dance, and Zella only said yes because she was going to be paid thirty bucks for it from Veronica. She never thought she would fall in love with him, and she never thought he would completely change.


41. 41

Zella's P.O.V.



I woke up in a dark room. I sat up and looked around. I stood up and turned on the lights. There was a note taped to my door.


    Going out for a couple days. I'll miss you!





I smiled. I looked around to see Marcel on the floor. I giggled and sat down on his stomach. He lifted his knees up and I leaned my back on his knees. I watched him as his eyes slowly opened. I smiled when I looked at him.

"Good morning, Marcel,"

"Hey," he said in his morning voice. Oh my god that's attractive.

"What do you feel like doing?"


"But you just woke up,"

"So? We were expelled, we can do whatever,"

"Yeah, I know. My mom left a note saying that she'll be gone for a couple days,"

"For what?"

"Work probably. I never really get to see her, she's always gone,"

"What about your dad?"

"He's uh," I cut myself off.

"Zella? Are you alright?"

"I just don't really want to talk about him,"

"That's fine," I looked into his eyes and smiled. "Zella?"


"Will you be my girlfriend?" he laughed, knowing my answer.

"Yes," I smiled. 

I remember prom. When I saw him, I started to feel different. It wasn't his look. I always thought of him as a friend. I never knew the real him. I saw that Marcel, the school geek, was something real, unlike some of the other people in my school. Marcel was much more different than any other person I have ever met. I smiled as he messed with the chain around my neck. I also smiled because my dad is the one who gave it to me. I looked in his eyes.



"What made you like me?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like when I was the geek, what made you think I was attractive?"

"I don't know," I said looking down. "The way you looked at me, the way your eyes sparkled, how your smile was the only thing I could see," I whispered. He smiled at me. I leaned down and kissed his lips, and we decided to watch some movies.





I know my updating has really sucked lately, and I'm sorry about that. I am just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy! Also, keep commenting! I need to know if you want a sequel, or just and epilogue. I'll update soon!

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