The Geek

Zella never thought she would end up with Marcel. Her best friend, Veronica, talked her into going to prom with him. Marcel really wanted a date for the dance, and Zella only said yes because she was going to be paid thirty bucks for it from Veronica. She never thought she would fall in love with him, and she never thought he would completely change.


35. 35

Zella's P.O.V.



I walked over to Brittany and Hannah. I am so nervous. 

"Guys! Guys, stop!" I said pretending to break up the fight. 

"You're not in this, Zella!" Brittany yelled. 

"Guys, come on!" I screamed at the others.

Tony ran up and held Brittany back, Marcel held Hannah. Lauren and I pushed Sean against the wall. I gut punched him and kneed him where I shouldn't have. He looked up at me with anger in his eyes.

"You stupid bitch!" he yelled at me.

He grabbed my shoulders and slammed me against the wall. My head jerked back, and I'm pretty sure I busted it. I'm not going to let that ruin the plan. I looked deep into his eyes and I could tell he started to get a little scared. I punched him right in the face. I pushed him down to the ground and nodded at Tony. Tony ran over and jumped on him. I watched as he punched, kicked, and slapped him. I waved Marcel over. He ran and pulled Sean up, as Tony pinned his arms behind his back. Lauren, Jiwon, and I started hitting him. Jenny came up and took Tony's place. Tony took our place and we went over to Jenny and Abbee.

Okay, girls. You ready?"

"Yeah," they all said, except Abbee.


"Huh? What?"

"Are you ready?"

"For what?"

"Never mind.Just stand here,"

"Okay," she started staring at something again. I followed her eyes and saw she was looking at Marcel. I rolled my eyes and looked at everyone else.

"Alright on three. 1, 2, 3, GO!" I screamed. We all ran over grabbing each others hands, Tony and Marcel moved out of the way. We spread apart and ended up slamming Sean against the wall. We all stood there and watched as he passed out.

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