The Geek

Zella never thought she would end up with Marcel. Her best friend, Veronica, talked her into going to prom with him. Marcel really wanted a date for the dance, and Zella only said yes because she was going to be paid thirty bucks for it from Veronica. She never thought she would fall in love with him, and she never thought he would completely change.


23. 23

Zella's P.O.V.



I made my way to gym and our principal, Harvey, told us not to change into gym clothes. I went to the locker room and put my stuff in a locker. I came back out into the gym and sat in the line everyone was forming. 

"Okay, students. As you know your old gym teacher was fired, so we had to hire a new one. Well I want you to meet your new gym teacher. His name is Leeroy, and he is very excited to meet you all. This part of gym, you will be doing dance and he will be choreography. So here he is! Leeroy!" My eyes widened as he came into the room.

"Hi boys! Hi!" I noticed how gay he must be. That must be why he said hi to the boys only. "Oh and girls," everyone was trying to hold back their laughs.

"Okay, so here's what I'm thinking. First step of the number, is gonna be really big. Stay with me, cause I'm quite quick. And 5, 6, 7, 8. And 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Niall for the shimmy, for the shimmy, for the shimmy, and Zayn pirouette, and Louis do the splits, and Liam you stay exactly the way you are cause you are per-fect," he puts his extra hand on his hip, like the other one is and everyone is shaking their heads and looking at him like he's crazy. 

he went over it many times, it was really getting annoying. Finally the bell rang and I can get out of here. I can't believe we have to deal with that for the rest of the semester. 

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