Another day in the life of Harry Styles

this story is based on harrys point of view on his life in the band!


2. chapter 1

*after the concert*

"ok so we have some fans coming backstage so no hitting on them harry!" liam said. "Sorry but i cant control myself when it comes to girls" before he could say anything else. paul came busting threw the door with 3 girls following behind him. 

they all looked the same, WAY to much makeup smeared on there face. directioner shirts on. and jumping up and down crying looking like there about to have a heart attack. Except for one she had no makeup on and she was hiding behind one of the other girls. im guessing shes shy because when i walked over to her she hide her face from me. "well hello there love." i said in a calm voice. "h-hi" she stuttered back. i grabbed her hand and pulled her out from behind the other girl so i could see her face. she was beautiful she had amazing blue eyes and short brow hair. "whats your name?" i asked her. she mumbled her name but i couldnt hear what she said over the other girls screaming. i pulled her out of the room and took her to are dressing room where it was much quieter. "what was your name again" "E-ella" she stuttered. she kept looking away trying not to make eye contact with me "whats wrong?" i asked trying to get her to look at me. "nothing im just a little shy" she said making eye contact with me. "you have amazing eyes" "t-thank you" she mumbled while blushing.

he talk for an hour or so until louis came in saying her friends were looking for her. "before you go, take this" i said while handing her a slip of paper. "what is it?" she asked while looking down at the slip of paper i was handing her "its my number"




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