Hope (One Direction Not Famous) *ON HOLD*

My name is Faith. Faith Malik to be exact. I live in London with my brother Zayn. One day a new boy moves in across the street and the city changed. We were all quiet, our secrets were well hidden, nobody knew about us. Until he moved in. We became close. He found out my true self. Who is he you may ask? He is our hope. He is Harry Styles.


5. Meeting Veronica

(A/N This chapter is focusing on Veronica. What happened that year. And what Zayn and Faith really are.)


Nobody was supposed to remember Harry Styles. Except Faith. She is the reason no one can remember him. Well not her exactly. Who am I? Oh that's a simple answer. I'm Zayn's and Faith's little sister. Now don't get your panties in a twist I'm sure you want to know what happened that year. The night EVERYTHING changed. Well allow me to explain.


It was the usual here in Bradford. Cold, rainy and dark. The whole gang was here. Me, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Faith and Harry. We were all at a partyt that night, but Zayn and Faith were being weird. They couldn't handle the music, their exact words were 'It's too loud it's hurting my ears we're just going to head home.' and they left. I went and told everyone else that they left but Harry was nowhere to be found so we just thought he'd left the party. We got home that night and heard blood curtling screams. Our parents were inside the house. We got scared. Well I was scared. Liam, Louis and Niall looked like they knew what was happening, but I didn't. Liam and Niall ran inside while me and Lou stood in the moonlight. It was the first time I noticed that the moon was full. Only at that time I thought it didn't mean anything. I was 15 at the time, Niall 17, Zayn and Faith were 18, Louis 19 and Liam 19. I heard growling and got scared. I guess Louis noticed because he held onto me. I heard my mom scream 'NO!!'

"GET BACK!' Liam growled.

"GET THAT THING OUT OF MY HOUSE!" It was then that the growling sounded like it was coming from outside and it ran towards the woods.


-Next Day-

I was in my room all day worried about Zayn and Faith. Why would they run? Especially to the woods? Why did Niall have to follow them? What did Liam mean by they have a couple hours left? Are they going to die? My eyes welled up with tears at the thought. It was then that I heard them downstairs. It wasn't only them. But I couldn't hear everything clearly. It was Liam's voice though. My parents were in there room. Awaiting there arrival? I don't know. I heard Zayn say "You only have a few minutes don't stop to say goodbye." I heard someone say something but I couldn't make it out. "Faith just get your stuff and lets go." I heard a 'Okay' then footsteps running up the stairs. I was about to go stop them from leaving but I heard Liam start talkiing again. "I don't know why it took them forever to change. I changed when I was 16." That confused me. Were they talking about puberty? No they wouldn't leave cause of that. Would they? The conversation stopped so I got up and went to Zayn's room where Faith was waiting for him to finish packing.

"Faith...... Zayn" I whispered. They both turned there heads towards me. In Faith's eyes there was sorrow and worry. In Zayn's I saw sorrow and anger.

"Ver." Faith mumblec.

"Don't leave.. I..... I l-love y-o-ou guys." Zayn got up and hugged me and Faith hugged me too. We stood there until Zayn pulled away and said

"We love you too. Don't forget that." I nodded. Then Zayn's face turned to worry

 "SHIT!" Faith yelled. Faith pushed me out of the room, slammed the door and locked it. I heard the growling again. My parents came out of there room. I said 'LEAVE THEM ALONE!' 'YOU ALREADY MADE THEM LEAVE. LET THEM GET A FEW MINUTES IN PEACE'

It was then that my mom said "YOU DON'T KNOW WHY THERE LEAVING DO YOU?" I nodded my head no. She unlocked the door and opened it. Giving me a view of the two people in front of me whom I loved. Until I found out what they really were. Two mosters. I looked at them in disgust. They weren't normal. They were far from it. They looked normal but they weren't. They, Zayn and Faith, my brother and sister, were werewolves.

Liam grabbed them. Niall grabbed there stuff and left.


I heard a few months Niall seperated from them cause he had some 'buisness' to do. I on the other hand haven't seen them since that day. I haven't heard from them since that day. I had no communication with them what so ever until now. Who am I you may ask? I am next in command of the Resistance. You thought I wanted my brother and sister back? No. I want them to suffer. Like I did. I want them to feel the pain I felt. I want them to know that turning into a monster changed me. My mom hates me. I was shunned from my own family. All because she cried wolf. All because we're werewolves.

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