A Bruised Heart And A Broken Smile

Alysonn Brielle Thompson is just a normal girl from Wolverhampton. Liam Payne has been her best friend for ages. They even managed to stay close when he became a pop sensation in the band One Direction. When she goes to live with Liam and the boys at their house in London she starts to develop feelings for Harry Styles. The problem is that she has a boyfriend who will also be staying. Except Liam doesnt know how abusive he is. No one does. Louis also seems to hate her. After she overcomes the abusive boyfriend, with some help from Harry, she has to overcome one more thing. Can she ever trust another guy again? Can she accept Harrys love? Or will she push him away forever?


6. Dont Hide That Smile

*2 Months Later*

"Stop Niall, stop tickling me Im gonna pee!!" I hear Hailee scream from the living room.

Her and Niall have been going strong  for about a month now. Its really cute to be honest, and I couldnt imagine a better guy for her. John hasnt been around much, and trust me Im not complaining. Also Ive started developing feelings for Harry these past couple months. Everything about him makes my spine tingle, hes all I think about and I cant wait to wake up everyday to see him, be around him, hear his voice. Too sappy right? Haha.

And I have also noticed Louis and Hailee are getting close. Not in that way, but in a friendship way. Im not gonna lie, it does irritate me. I mean he treats me like shit all the time, and lately its been worse. Everyone notices too, I know they do. But its whatever I suppose. Im just really nervous about tonight. Everyone except Harry and I are going out on dates, and since John is not here and Harry doesnt have a date, it will be just me and him. Great. 

They leave around 6:30 p.m. or so and thats when Hell has arrived at this London house. I can hardly speak when Im around him for two minutes let alone a few hours. Yup its official, im going to die. Just then Harry walks out in a v-neck and skinny jeans. His hair is wet so he must have just gotten out of the shower. Yup, its official. Im dead.

"Well hey there Aly, it seems they have ditched us." Harry says sitting down next to me.
I think Ive just developed asthma. 
"Yea haha, seems like." I say nervously. 
"You hungry?" 
"I could eat" I say. 
"How do...uhm...tacos sound?" he says seeming nervous.
"Tacos sound amazing" I say smiling at him. 
"Okay, follow me love." he says getting up and walking into the kitchen. 
I follow him into the kitchen and he starts taking items out of cabinets and out of the fridge. 
"So you seem excited to make tacos" I say. 
"Yea my Mum would make them for me all the time back home. She would always swear I was half mexican." 

As he says this, he smiles looking down at what he was doing. I couldnt help myself, I reach over and poke his dimple. 

"Hey now, why did you do that?" he says laughing. 
"Because your dimples are just so freaking cute." 
"This coming from the girl with the most amazing smile I have ever seen." he says looking at me.
I can feel my cheeks turning red, and I look down to hide my face. 
"Hey, dont hide that smile" he says forcing my head up with his hand so Im looking at him. 

I look into his eyes and instantaneiolsy i become lost. It doesnt last long though, I come to my senses pretty quickly. I grab the spoon from the sour cream and I wipe it on his face and run off into the living room. I look back and I see him right behind me. The next thing I knew I was on the floor, and Harry on top of me. We start laughing and he leans in close and says in a low whisper

"Now Aly, that wasnt very nice." 
I can feel his abs pressing against my stomach and I become nervous, but its a good nervous. He looks into my eyes, leans down and kisses me. 

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