James cares for his country. But he worries about Isobel and that stirred something inside of him which could stir something bigger in the country.

(It is set in the olden days incase that isn't clear in my writing haha, not quite sure what year, but somewhere waaaaay far back like in the 1400s :D)


25. 25.

We get into the top room that we were in before. The one on the floor where nobody else is allowed. This will be our "quarters" now which sounds weird but it's nice. Everybody else in my family has their own room in the palace on the floor below and they're all settling in and for once, I'm in a home with them and I have no fear of them interrupting me in any way.

"Do you feel at home?" James asks, smiling and wrapping his arms around my waist. 

"Mhm." I tilt my head up and kiss him but pull away gasping. 

"Am I that bad?" he jokes. 

I laugh. "No, no. But the baby's kicking." 

He just stares at my stomach in amazement. I laugh and grab his hand, holding it to my tummy. He carries on staring in amazement. Neither of us speak. It's an amazing moment. There is this baby, this little human that is mine and James' and it's a bit of each of us, and it's in my stomach, of all places. 

"Wow." he whispers. "This is amazing for me, just experiencing this for a minute. I can't imagine what it's like for you all the time."

"Pretty good." I say. 

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