The Abduction - Book 1

Rosilyn George is a girl who is described by the people she knows as 'analytical minded.' That's why when her sister Cameron's friend goes missing one night, she agrees to help the case. But little does she know that she's entering a whole wad of trouble...

Book 1 out of 3 in the Rosilyn George Abduction Series.

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3. Summer Holiday Surprises


“Cameron!” I squealed with a smile on my face. “Cameron!”

She saw me instantly and rushed over. Her face was red and her smile was beaming as she told me all about the things she did on her last day of 5th grade. Playtime, assembly, break-time, then playtime all sounded like good fun. But there was only one thing on both of our minds and that was the holidays ahead!

The walk home passed quickly, with Cameron going on about her new teacher and her friend Lotta that was leaving. Then it was my turn. I talked about the usual stuff - homework, detention, grumpy teachers for next year. It never ends.

“Hey, can I ask you something, Rosilyn?” said Cameron, looking up at me.

“Sure, little blonde,” I say. “Shoot.”

Cameron giggled. “So basically, my friend Mia’s having a party and she really wants me to come. And since mum and dad aren’t around…?”

I pause for a second. “Oh, I’m not sure. You’ll have to ask mum and dad. They will pulverize me if they find out I’ve let you to a party.”

Cameron’s smile turned to a frown. “Ohhh, mum and dad never listen! They never let me go to any parties or have any sleepovers! I haven’t been to a friend’s house once this year, so please Rosie? For me?” And then she did this smile that I cannot resist.

I give in. “Fine, you can go. Just don’t tell mum and dad, okay? They’re away for the night; I don’t need them worrying about you.”

“Yay!” said Cameron. “Thank you!”

“That’s okay.”

By the time we got home there was only 1 hour until Cameron’s party, so I helped her pick an outfit. After half an hour we were ONLY down to 3 options (yay!) so we randomly chose a pink flowery dress with a white shrug and matching silk shoes. My best friend Evie arrived just in time to do her make-up and hair before whizzing her off to the party in her Ford. When she got back we both exchanged sighs over a cup of tea.

Let me brief you in on Evie. Evie’s my best friend – She’s got dark, curly hair which she assembles with dozens of pretty hair slides. She’s very fashionable – unlike me. I think she was the person who taught me the word ‘shopping’. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten and that’s not changing for a long time.

She was first to break the silence. “Ummm….oh, I forgot.”

“Great way to fill an awkward silence,” I retort.

We burst out laughing, and then we fill the rest of our time playing on my Bubble Station. In fact, we only remember Cameron’s party when the clock strikes 8, which sends Evie on a wild goose chase to Cameron’s party and back.

After that, it didn’t take long to send Cameron to bed and snuggle up by the television with some popcorn. I flicked through the channels and finally decided on ‘CSI Miami’ (detectives are awesome). I was just in the middle of the episode when my mobile started ringing.

“Ugghh, at this time of night?” I moaned to myself. “Who could that be?”

It was an unknown number. I hesitantly pressed the answer button on my phone and almost jumped when I heard a high pitched voice over the phone.

“Hello there, is that Rosilyn George? Cameron’s sister?”

“Yes, this is. May I know who is calling…?”

There was a quick pause at the end of the line. “Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Emma, Mia’s mum. Cameron came to my daughter’s party just about an hour ago. There’s a girl called Cassia O’Sullivan in Mia and Cameron’s class who also came to the party. Do you or Cameron have any idea where she could be?”

I racked my brain. “Cassia O’Sullivan? No, I’ve never heard of her, and I don’t think Cameron mentioned anything about her. Why do you ask?”

There was a long pause as Emma sighed over the phone.

“She’s gone missing. Cassia O’Sullivan has gone missing.”

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