Just Another Pretty Face

I'm Courtney Styles. The Courtney Elizabeth Styles, sister of Harry Styles. I remember meeting Louis. The day before the auditions. We fell in love and had Lillian Catherine Tomlinson. A month later I was diagnosed with cancer. I have one year to live. I have one year to write our story.


2. Chapter One

Courtney's POV

Chapter One

" The usual," I said to Margret. I always came to 'The Seed' aka the local coffee shop. Margret was the manager. I came here so often for reading  she always knew my usual- Kona Coffee. It's was a rainy gloomy day so I thought some coffee won't hurt for a girl. Well suddenly a guy with a brunette 'do comes rushing in. He looks exhausted but I just ignore his loud panting. Lots of people were whispering. "Why are they like that?" I asked to myself. The 'Queen Bee' at my school, Jordan Henry, was like,"CAN I PLZZZZ LIKE HAVE UR AUTOGRAPH!!!!" The guy was just like "Sure...." He wrote, " to one of my lovely fans- thank you! Xx, Louis Tomlinson." I thought I heard the name somewhere... He ordered a Decaf. Just decaf. I was just pretending that the two raindrops were racing. I suddenly fell on the floor. "Shit... Oh l'm so sorry!" I truly meant it. He helped me up. "No I should be apologizing. So... Well... Sorry. Haha."  "It's nothing," I lied. I mean like this was my only designer top... I mean like... SERIOUSLY! "I'll get you a new outfit and coffee," he suggested. "No need for that!" I told him. "Well I'm Louis Tomlinson," he said. He held out his hand.  I held out mine and said, " Courtney Styles,"

A/N: heyyyy guys!!! Srry this might be bad. This is my FIRST fanfic so plzzzz comment how u like it! But get to know me...
   Name: Lauren
I love LOUIS TOMLINSON !!! (As u may tell) 1d makes me confident and proud. I luv the guys sooooooooooooooooooooo much! I'm really busy so I'll update it ASAP! Favorite, and like plz! I will have some contest! Luv u guys!

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