Army Love

Apryl's boyfriend goes into the army. Will he come home and marry her.? Or will he die serving the country.? Find out in Army Love.


4. What Are We Going To Do.?

Brent's p.o.v.

    After the movie she gets on top of me. "Let's have some fun," she says. I pull her shirt up and start massaging her boobs. She moans. I roll so im on top of her and she takes my shirt off. She kisses down my neck. I pull her pants off. She pulls mine off too. I take off her panties and bra and start rubbing  her. She moans my name. I put two fingers inside her. I take my boxers off. I'm hard.

Apryl's p.o.v.

     He's so hard. It turns me on. He put his thing at my opening. I moan. "Stop teasing.!" I say. He starts rubbing me again. I moan. ""I say. He smiles. "Please all of you. I just need your full size inside me now.!" I say. Then he puts his full size in me. I scream. It hurts but then it turns into pleasure. He goes faster and harder. Then he cums. He pulls out and lays beside me. We are both breathing hard. "That was great." he says. "Yeah but I could be pregnant again." I say. He nods. I look at the clock. 4:30. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up I heard Brent on the phone. I ran to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. Positive. I start crying. He runs in now off the phone. "What's wrong.?" he asks.

Brent's p.o.v.

     I have to go back to the army base. She's pregnant again. "Brent, what are we going to do.?" she asks. I think for a second. "You can come to base with me.?" I say it more as a question. She nods and starts crying. "Shhh its ok.."I say. "What if you die.?! Then it wont be ok.! What will I do then.?!" she starts yelling. "Hold on." I say. She looks confused and scared. I go call base. "I can't be in the army anymore." I say when they answer. "Why not.?" They ask. "I have two babies and a pregnant wife I have to take care of." I tell then. "Okay" they say. I hang up. I walk to her. "I'm not going back. Ever. I left the army." I tell her. She half smiles. "Thanks." she says softly.

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