Army Love

Apryl's boyfriend goes into the army. Will he come home and marry her.? Or will he die serving the country.? Find out in Army Love.


6. Dead?? He can't be..

Apryl's p.o.v.

     Me and the kids was watching the telly when my phone rung. "Alexander hand me my phone please." I say. He nods and grabs it. The twins are six now. Misty is still five though. I answer the phone. "Hello?" I say. "Hey is the Mrs.Smith?" the man asks. "Y-yes why??" I studder. "I'm very sorry to inform you that your husband is dead." he told me.

Alexandria's p.o.v.

     "He's what?! Is this some kind of joke?!" Mommy yells. She's crying. She hangs up the phone. "What's wrong Mommy?" I ask. "Daddy is.. d-dead." she tells me. Daddy? Dead? But he was OK this morning. "How Mama?" Alexander asks. "A very b-bad person r-ran into h-his c-car." she said. I start crying. Misty looks ready to kill someone. "But Mommy Daddy was happy this morning! He can't be dead!" Misty cries. "Mama, is Daddy a angel now?" Alexander asks. She looks at him slowly nodding. Then she starts to smile. "Yes, Daddy is an angel." "GROUP HUG!!" I yell. We all run and hug Mommy. Daddy is gone bye-bye but we still have Mommy. We don't have to have the perfect life. We will all miss Daddy a lot but we can still be happy.

Apryl's p.o.v.

     "Bedtime!" I call. The kids run up to their beds. As I walk up the stairs I think, we'll be fine. They just have to learn to live without a father figure. I smile as I tuck the kids in bed. I whisper in each of their ears," I'll always love you. Daddy will too." Then I went to bed. Alone.



                                                                       ~* The End *~

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