She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


25. She's Eccentric Epilogue


            It’s been ten years since my wife died and a lot of things has happened. I went to America to study architecture.

            I cut all connections to my parents and friends and started a new life. That is the only way that I know to be able to move forward.

            I worked part time at a cafeteria and met incredible people. I met Jay, Rance, and Mark who forms a band.

            The time I met them, Jay stands as their vocalist and lead. Rance is the bassist and Mark is the drummer.

            They invited me to join with them and we decided to form a four member band. I became their rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist.

Jay, became the back-up vocalist. I decided to do that because I thought that maybe, in a simple thing like that, I am living the dream that Aimee wants.

We started playing as an amateur band in the cafeteria I am working in. But then we got discovered and made it big.

We named out band ‘Armee’. It is based on the theme of our song we created ‘Army’ and from my late wife’s name ‘Aimee’.

We have been hitting it big for four years now and we have lots of fans. But I decided to retire and go back to living normally.

This will be our final show before we disband. That is why we chose to make a concert in our own country.

Jay came to me and tapped my shoulder. He’s a tall guy with blue and green eyes and he’s the most charismatic among all of us.

“This will be the final performance, so let’s give it our all,” he said. I gave him a nod as we head back to the stage.

The people started screaming and we can hear the round applause if people. The crowd has gone wild.

We are going to perform a cover of “Lights” by The Cab for our final performance. I went in front and grabbed the mic.

I faced thousands of audience but I am not really singing for them at all. I am always singing for her, for Aimee.

My bandmates started the music and now it’s my turn. I grabbed the guitar which is around my body and adjusted the microphone.

Now it’s time to leave the lights

And hope that the future is just as bright

Please think of me back home

So, so close

I planted all my songs with seeds

In hopes that they would be my escape

From my, my life

I never read machines

You pushed me to succeed

I won’t be gone for, for long, long, long, long

I’m more than just a product

I’m not a clever line you thought of

You gotta save that for someone who cares

Now it’s time to leave the lights

And hope that the future is just as bright

Please think of me back home

I’m so, I’m so close

And even though I’m so far gone

Know that I’ve grown

With one last song

A piece of me to hold

So, so close

We are so, so close

Come and take a walk with me

We’ll slither up my sleeves

This isn’t lust

This is, is more, more, more, more

We’re months and miles away from dreams

We’re swallowing this scene

This love tells

No, no, no

No, no, no

             As I feel our final song, I am readying myself to meet my family. I am readying myself to be a father to my kid.

            I am twenty-eight right now and I’ve escaped for a long time. I am not sure if they will accept me but I’ll do my best.

            I have to face reality and face the truth that I’ve turned my back on for so long. I am ready, I know I am.

            I have my own money now, I have my own life. I am more responsible than I previously was, and smarter now.

            After our last performance, I bid goodbye to my bandmates and go straight to the hotel room where I was staying.

            I packed my things and get ready to leave, and then I saw Aimee’s picture. I have one picture of her that I always keep no matter where I go.

            Even though I went to different countries, I was never able to see anyone with a face as beautiful as hers.

            She would always be the most beautiful woman in the world for me. And I will never stop finding a girl as beautiful as her.

            After I packed my things, I bid goodbye to all the crew that helped us for our final performance.

            And then, I went straight to my parent’s house. It took me four hours before I could even reach the city.

            I felt exhausted that I want to relax. But I will get to see my daughter, a daughter that I had abandoned for ten years.

            Surely, she won’t recognize me. She might even hate me because of abandoning her. And I fear that she won’t accept me as her father.

            When I got to our house, I parked my car in front of the gate. The place still looks the same, nothing really changed.

            The gate is low and you can reach the knob from inside to I reached it and opened it. I was able to get in the garage.

            I walked towards the door which is open so I let myself get inside. The first thing I saw when I got in is a woman sitting on the couch.

            I know it’s my mom. “Mom,” I called out. She quickly looked at me and I can say she was very surprised.

            “Chase!” she cried out. She leaped to close the gap between us. She embraced me tight as if she doesn’t want me to go.

            “Oh, my Chase!” she parted and looked at my face. She cupped my face with her hand and kissed my cheeks.

            “We’ve been waiting for you!” she said as she started to cry. “You’re back to us atlast!” she exclaimed as she embraced me again.

            I never expected a warm welcome like this at all. So I embraced my mom. “Yes, I am finally home.” I said.

            My mom took the bag I am holding. “Let’s go and put your things inside your room. I know you need some rest from traveling for four hours,” she said.

            I nodded. “But how come you know I traveled for four hours?” I asked. She did not turn to look at me.

            She went straight to my room so I followed her. “I was watching your concert at the live broadcast earlier,” she said as she put my things down.

            I let my eyes wander around my room, our room where Aimee and I stayed. It’s pretty much the same from what I can remember.

            I think my mom noticed that I was looking around. “Nothing has changed, huh? I am always cleaning this room because I know you’ll come back,” she said.

            I noticed a big framed picture so I moved towards it. It was me and Aimee on our wedding picture. I’ve only seen this once before I left.

            “It’s good to have you back, dear. Your dad will be so glad to meet you,” my mom said. I turned to look at her.

            She has not mention anything about my daughter, I felt scared. I don’t want to hear that something happened to her.

            So I approached my mom and asked her. “Where’s my daughter?” I asked. She gave me a very big smile.

            “I thought you’d never ask about her. She’s at school and she’s probably going to be here in a few minutes,” she said.

            I nodded. It’s good that she’s fine. I am quite worried since I haven’t heard anything about her. I hope she’ll accept me.

            My mom held my hand and lead me outside. “She’s being bullied at school. The other kids keeps on telling her that she does not have a mother and father,” she said.

            “But Traisee is a smart girl. She ignores them at school because she knows that she has a father. But she would sometimes cry alone in bed,” she added.

            My poor little girl, she has to suffer from bullying just because I am not there to protect her. But I have to protect her now that I am here.

            We heard a sound of a vehicle that stopped outside. “That must be her. I’ll just pick her up,” my mom said before she left me.

            I felt so nervous. What if she hates? What if she doesn’t want to see me at all? I am frightened.

            And then, a little girl with curly hair entered. Her eyes, nose, lip, and everything looks like Aimee. She looks exactly like Aimee.

            The kid’s frown turns into a surprised look. She was not able to move for a while. And suddenly, she jumped over me and gave me a hug.

            “Daddy!” she cried out while embracing my waist. “I know you’re my daddy! Granny’s right, you came back for me!” she said.

            I can’t believe that she’s embracing me. It is our daughter, she’s embracing me. I saw mom looks at us and smiled.

            My mom is teary. “She knows you. She’s been waiting for you to come back for her, and never lost hope.”

            I parted the kid from me and knelt so I can look at her. She started to cry. “I thought you don’t love me! I thought you’d never come for me,” she cried out.’

            “Granny said that if I become a good girl and pray everyday, you’d come back for me. So I did my best to be a good girl and prayed!” she added.

            I wiped away her tears. “You’ve been waiting for me all this time? You don’t hate daddy for leaving you here?” I asked.

            She cupped my face and looked at me. I feel like I was looking at Aimee. “I don’t hate you. Because I know you are working very hard, that is why I did my best at school too,” she said.

            I got confused with what she said so I looked at my mom. “She knows that you are a famous singer. She’s always watching you on the television,” my mom said.

            I turned to look at the kid again. “Is that true? You are watching me sing?” I asked and the girl nodded.

            “I always watch you and television and I’ve always told my friends that I am your daughter. But they never believed me,” she said.

            I patted her head and smiled. “I guess you’ve been a good girl. So now daddy’s back, and I’ll never leave you again.” I said.

            Her eyes grew wide. “Really? Then are you going to go back living here with us?” she asked with excitement in her voice.

            I gave her a nod. To my surprise, she embraced me. “Thank you dad! I love you and mommy so much!” she said.

            This is my daughter. This is the daughter of my beloved woman. I’ve never thought that it would feel like this.

            And I figured one thing, this kid that is embracing me right now, is exactly like Aimee. They don’t put hatred on people.

            And so, I embraced Traisee. It feels good and refreshing, I should’ve came home earlier if I had known I’ll be welcomed like this.

            Traisee pulled away from me and wiped her tears. “I’ve got to show you something,” she said as her little hand pulled me into a room.

            When I saw the room, it’s full of ‘Armee’ bands posters on the wall. There are six or seven posters pinned.

            And then I looked at Traisee. “Who’s room is this?” I asked. It was mom who answered instead of Traisee.

            She moved closer to us. “This is Traisee’s room. You can see that she’s your biggest fan that she had to post a lot of that on the wall,” my mom said.

            I was speechless. I have never thought of this. I am even thinking she would hate me for abandoning her.

            “Even though she’s a tiny little girl, she’s been silently supporting you and rooting for you all along,” my mom added.

            Tears started to fall on my cheeks. I carried Traisee and embraced her tightly. “Don’t cry daddy. We won’t be separated anymore,” she said.

            I buried my face on her shoulder. “Thank you very much Traisee, thank you.” I said as I continue embracing her.

            Thank you Aimee! Thank you for loving me! Thank you for inspiring me! And thank you for giving me this wonderful kid!

            “Can I show you to my classmates? Because they don’t believe that you are my dad,” she said and I gave her a smile

            “You can invite them tomorrow here. We are going to celebrate for my return.” I said. Traisee broke into a very huge smile.

            “Thank you very much daddy! I love you!” she said as she gave me a kiss and embraced me again.

            It was a happy ending after all. It might not be the way I really wanted it to be, but I know we are all happy.

            I heard things about our friends. Serena and Arvin ended up marrying each other and they are now expecting their second kid.

            Rhea, she met a guy from work who understands her a lot. She married him and luckily, they have three kids now.

            Jake on the other hand ended up with Rei. After all the courtship that Rei did for my brother, he finally married her.

            Jake and Rei have one kid named Charmaine. Obviously it was Jake who named the kid that way, I wonder how Rei reacted over that.

            And yes, it seems to be a happy ending after all. Because I know, even though Aimee is not with us, she’s happy.

            I never left Traisee again and devoted my life to her. I am going to take care of her like I did to Aimee.

            And I am so glad to say that finally, I’ve found a girl as beautiful as my wife, and that is our very own daughter.

            I am now on a live concert for a cause. All the profit of this concert will be donated for the research of different sickness that has no cure yet.

            This will be the last time I will be singing as a star. And I will dedicate this one last song to that woman who turned my world upside down.

“Never had a dream come true” by SClub7

Everybody’s got something they had to leave behind

One regret from yesterday that just seems to grow with time

There’s no use looking back or wondering

How it could be now or might have been

Oh this I know but still I can’t find ways to let you go

I’ve never had a dream come true

Till the day that I found you

Even though I pretend that I’ve moved on

You’ll always be my baby

I never found the words to say

You’re the one I think about each day

And I know no matter where life takes me to

A part of me will always be with you

Somewhere in my memory

I’ve lost all sense of time

And tomorrow can never be

‘Cause yesterday is all that fill my mind

There’s no use looking back or wondering

How it could be now or might have been

Oh this I know but still I can’t find ways to let you go

I’ve never had a dream come true

Till the day that I found you

Even though I pretend that I’ve moved on

You’ll always be my baby

I never found the words to say

You’re the one I think about each day

And I know no matter where life takes me to

A part of me will always be

You’ll always be the dream that fills my head

Say you will, say you will, you know you will

Oh baby, you’ll always be the one I know I’ll never forget

There’s no use looking back or wondering

Because love is a strange and funny thing

No matter how I try and try I just can’t say goodbye

No no no no

I’ve never had a dream come true

Till the day that I found you

Even though I pretend that I’ve moved on

You’ll always be my baby

I never found the words to say

You’re the one I think about each day

And I know no matter where life takes me to

A part of me will always be

A part of me will always be you



Till we meet again…



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