She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


9. She's Eccentric Chapter 8

Chapter 8

            It is the day of the acquaintance party and I am fixing myself. I am wearing a black tuxedo I usually wear in proms. The theme of our acquaintance party is formal so I guess all of the guys are wearing the same clothes as I wear.

            Aimee went out a couple of hours ago she said that she's going to Serena's house and fix herself there. I am excited to see her in an evening gown.

            I brushed my hair up and look in the mirror. I looked so formal, so respectable. I should not forget my speech as the president of school council.

            I prepared that speech a month ago and memorized it right away. And then every morning I would say it in the mirror.

            After I made sure that everything is in place, I left. I went to the gymnasium of our school where the party is being held. There is already a lot of people in there but I just couldn't see Aimee.

            The party started and I was accompanied by the school principal since I have to give my opening speech. While waiting for my turn, my eyes are searching for Aimee.

            I saw Arvin and pulled him from where I was. As far as I know, he picked up Serena so he must've already seen them.

            "Have you seen Aimee?" I asked. He nodded. "Yeah, I picked them up. They are here somewhere." he said.

            Now I am sure she's here but where is she? Arvin went out of the back stage to go look for them.

            I was still hoping to see Aimee but the principal already gave me a hint that I should be ready since I am next.

            I gave out my speech and I left everybody pretty impressed. I was proud of myself since I received a louder applause than any of the school officials.

            After I got down I saw Arvin again and asked where the girls are. I was referring to Aimee and Serena.

            He said that they are in the ladies room and will be where we are in any minute. So, I waited but there is no Serena and Aimee. Arvin said that I should just be patient.

            It was now the performing part of the program. It is the project of all senior students like us. One random person from a class will need to perform, sing in particular.

            We are the last class to make our performance but sadly, I know Aimee is not gonna sing so I just waited for them.

            The person who's going to sing in the party will be graded which will also be the score of the whole class. I just made a decision to talk to our music teacher about it and beg to have a different project.

            The three classes already made their performance. The first one is Shirley Mane who sang "On my own" by Whitney Houston. The second is Jenna Realis, my ex girlfriend who sang "Honestly" by Harem Scarem, and the third is Angelique Reeve who sang "Looking through the eyes of love" by Melissa Manchester.

            Now the host of the contest John, who is Arvin's twin, called out our class. I feel sad that no one is going to perform for us.

            People are waiting and no one is going up the stage. John called our class the second time and two girls came on the stage.

            The first girl sat in front of the piano which is on the stage and the other girl went in front of the mic.

            The girl who's standing in front of the mic has her hair curled into big waves that made her look hot. She's wearing a spaghetti strap dress that has a low neckline that shows her cleavage. I can tell it is  backless and her dress fits on her body perfectly. The cut is short and I think it's about five inches from her knees.

            She's wearing that black dress and a black open toe stiletto that really fits her. She has a big black flower on the right side of her head and wearing a red lipstick.

            She looks so seductive and pretty. She is beautiful and alluring. And that girl on stage, that girl is Aimee. This is the first time I saw her like this.

            I noticed that the people are looking at her and they admire what they see. I just want to pull her out but it would make a scene.

            I was taken aback when Serena started playing the piano. I think I know the song she's playing right now. And then, Aimee sings.

You're a song written by the hands of God

Don't get me wrong cause this might sound to you a bit odd

But you own the place where all my thoughts go hiding

And right under your clothes is where I find them

Underneath your clothes there's an endless story

There's the man I chose, there's my territory

And all the things I deserve for being such a good girl honey

            That song made me have goosebumps. I want to hold her hand and get out of here. She makes me want her with that look and by singing that song. And while she's singing, she's looking at me. I want her to see only me.

Because of you I forgot the smart ways to lie

Because of you I'm running out of reasons to cry

When the friends are gone, when the party's over

We will still belong to each other.

             She sings with so much conviction. And I feel like she's singing only for me. Like she's trying to make the lyrics reach me, and it does.

I love you more than all that's on this planet

Movin' talkin' walkin' breathing

You know it's true but baby it's so funny you almost don't believe it

As every voice is hanging from the silence

Lamps are hanging from the ceiling

Like a lady tied to her manners I'm tied up to this feeling

            I don't know if it's just me or if she really sings it in a higher tune. She sounds so perfect and her voice is so high. I can't believe that the simple Aimee I have at home can transform in the lady I am seeing now.

            She finished her performance with a loud applause and scream by the audience. But me, I couldn't clap, I couldn't move. I just stood there looking at her.

            But I can't go near her since we are at school, she won't like it in anyway. Right after that song I really want to kiss her.

            And right after her song, I came to realize that this is not mere attraction anymore. I am truly, madly, and deeply in love with her.

            Not the way I loved Diane, yes. Because this is much more intense. I want the whole world to know how I feel but I just can't. She will hate me and that is the last thing I wanted to happen.

            Arvin noticed that I froze so he tried to talk to me. "You alright?" he asked. I nodded in response. I think it's best if I just go home because it's just so hard.

            Everyone's eyes are focused on Aimee and I cannot do anything about it. So when I had the chance, I sneaked out and went straight home.

            I can’t tell Aimee about what I feel. I fear that she would leave me once she knew about it. She doesn’t want me to love her.

            I have to hide this, I need to fake what I feel. I want her to stay with me and take my time. I have all the time in the world to make her fall in love with me.

            If Aimee falls in love with me, then I think she wouldn’t mind if I loved her in return. Besides, it’s only been almost two months we’ve known each other.

            When I arrived home, I immediately removed my clothes and went straight to the bathroom and have a cold shower.

            What I saw earlier makes me wanna put her in ‘our’ bed. She makes me want to want her. I know it’s the same for all the other guys.

            That is why I can’t stay there at the party. I know that all the guys want to have her, and I just can’t stand that.

            Because of what she’s wearing, I remembered the night we shared a month ago. I still remember every part of her body and just the mere thought of her like that is driving me crazy.

            I let myself catch the sprinkle of water that falls from the shower. When I had enough of it, I put a plug on the tub and filled it with water.

            When the tub is full, I let myself soak in it. I don’t know how long I’ve been in the tub ‘cause I don’t care. I plugged my head phones to my ear and catch a good song on my phone.

            The first song I heard is the song “Heartless” by Kris Allen. It was a good song so I just listened to it. The version I have is the one that he used to win in American Idol Season 8. I am familiar with the lyrics so I just sang it.

In the night I hear them talk the coldest story ever told

Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul to a woman so heartless

How could you be so heartless? Oh

How could you be so

How could you be so cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo

Just remember that you’re talking to me though

You need to watch the way you’re talking to me you know

I mean after all the things that we’ve been through

I mean after all the things we got into

And yo I know of some things that you ain’t told me

And yo I did some things but that’s the old me

In the night I hear them talk the coldest story ever told

Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul to a woman so

You run and tell your friends that you’re leaving me

They say that they don’t see what you see in me

You wait a couple of months and you’re gonna see

You’ll never find nobody better than me

            Ah… Aimee is just so heartless. So heartless that she told me not to fall in love but actually made me fall in love. How could she be so heartless?

            After I finished taking a bath I covered my bottom with just a towel, I forgot to bring clothes with me. I anticipated that Aimee is still at the party.

            I went out of the bathroom topless and I didn’t expect Aimee sitting at the couch. She’s already wearing the clothes that she was wearing before she went to Serena’s house.

            “Why are you here already?” I asked her trying to hide the feelings I felt earlier. I went straight to my room.

            “Same goes for you. You know I should be asking that because after I sang, you’re already gone.” She said.

            She was about to follow me but I closed the door of our room. “Hey! Why did you close the door?” she asked.

            “As you can see, I am about to get dressed.” I said. I opened the closet to get my clothes and wear them.           

            “Don’t act as if I haven’t seen your body Chase. I memorized every part of you. So, you have nothing to be embarrassed about,” she said.

            “Good joke.” I said. I made myself sound serious like I don’t have any humor in my body at all. I heard Aimee knock on the door. She’s really something.

            After I got dressed, I went to the living room and take a look at Aimee. Her make-up is already removed but her hair is still wavy.

            “Why did you go home early?” she said with her arms folded in front of her. She looks as if she was waiting.

            “My head hurts earlier so I went home after you sing.” I lied. Big fat liar Chase! Your mom never taught you to lie. She even taught you the exact opposite.

            I saw Aimee slowly nod her head. “Too bad you didn’t hear what the principal offered me,” she said.

            Now that was interesting. I think I should’ve waited a little longer before going home. “What offer?” I asked.

            She blushed and smiled shyly. The sexy seductress earlier looks like a blushing virgin now. And this is driving me nuts.

            “Well, they got impressed with me so they suggested that Serena and I perform at the Christmas Vacation Party.” She said.

            Aimee’s eyes are sparkling as she told me about it. “That’s good for you then.” I said. “You know what, I am really scared to face the audience but Serena talked me into it and I am just glad I did it. I’ve never satisfied myself like this, ever!” she exclaimed.

            She looks very happy and I am happy for her. “That is very great to hear. But I hope you’ll never wear that thing you wore today again.” I said in a serious tone.

            She gave me a teasing look flashed with a teasing smile. “Did someone just got tempted earlier?” she said while getting closer to me.

            I tried to evade her since I obviously know what might happen. “What ‘someone’ are you saying? You mean ‘everyone’?” I said as-a-matter-of-fact.

            She walked around me and run her index finger on my shoulder to my elbow. “Oh, that includes you right?” she asked.

            I pulled away from her and took a bottle of water from the fridge. “Whatever Aimee.” I said and I gulped the water from the bottle.

            “You are still trying to be a gentleman and all. That is quite annoying.” She said. I ignored what she said.

            Maybe she get it so she changed the topic. “Have you eaten already or would you like me to cook?” she asked.

            Oh, I haven’t eaten but I don’t have the appetite to eat. When you are in love, it’s difficult to eat. Damn that person who told me that. “Nah, thanks but I’m not hungry.”

            "Oh by the way Chase, I want to tell you something. Good thing I remembered." she said as she rushed to sit beside me.

            I looked at her. "What is it? You seem excited to tell me. Are you going to be a singer now?" I asked.

            She shook her head. "It is nothing like that. Mack approached me earlier." What she just said surprised me. "What?" I screamed.

            I left earlier for selfish reasons and I would never do that again. Aimee might be in danger because of my recklessness.

            "Chill out, it's nothing bad." she said. I took a deep breath to relax myself and when I made sure I'm fine I told her that it's okay.

            "Mack approached me earlier and said that he was sorry for being rude to me last time. He said he just got struck the first time he saw me and when I turned him down, he became embarrassed." she said.

            I continued listening to her until she stops. "So what did you say?" I asked her hoping that nothing wrong happened.

            "Well, before that I decided to remove my wall from everybody so when Mack talked to me, I thought that it is the first step. I said that I don't mind it at all. We basically just chat casually." she said.

            "Just chat? He is starting to make his way into your bed, 'slowly'. I am pretty much sure that you know that." I said to her.

            "It's as if I am gonna let him do that. I know what I'm doing Chase. I am not a stupid girl that will not notice if someone wants to bed me." she said.

            I know she's right. I think I might've really said it in a bad way. Why does my temper just keep on getting worse?

            "I didn't mean it like that. You should know that I'm like that 'cause I... I care for you." I said. Shit! I have to be careful next time. I was about to say I love her.

            Aimee cupped my face and looked straight to my eyes. "I know that Chase. I am truly grateful, but I am a big girl and I know what I'm doing." she said as she gives me a peck in my lips.

            Oh! This is so darn good. But wait, this is not supposed to happen yet. Self control, self control. Please posses me!

            I am really eager to put my arms around her now and claim her lips that was sinfully red a moment ago. But I didn't.

            I touched her hands and hold them in mine. I need to grasp something to say to run away from this heated situation.

            Good thing I remembered Arvin. "Oh! By the way, did Arvin and Serena went home already?" I asked.

            Aimee gave me a bored look and parted from me. She put her hands on her hips. "That is the main reason I went home early." she said.

            I remembered I have something to give to Aimee so I went inside the room to get it but I am still listening to her.

            "I saw them making out on a dark place in school. After that they said they had to go. So I went home already. I bet they are hooking up now." she said.

            Jeez. Arvin is so fast. As far as I know, last month he was eyeing for Aimee. Now he's already screwing Serena? That was fast.

            I found what I'm looking for so I went back to Aimee and hand it over. It is  an iPhone 3S that I am previously using.

            She looks at the phone I handed her and gave me a look, one of her eyebrows is now higher that the other. "What's this?" she asked.

            I smiled at her. "That is my previous phone. It's an iPhone 3S. It is still working. " I said to her. Her expression remained the same.

            "Yeah, of course I know that this is an iPhone 3S and I obviously know too that this is your previous phone. I am asking why you're handing it over to me." she said.

            I understood what she meant finally. "Oh! Well, Since mom already sent me an iPhone 5S I won't be needing that so I am giving it to you." I said.

            Aimee tried to give me back the phone but I did not take it. "I won't accept it Chase. That is too much." she said. "You already gave a lot of stuff to me so no matter what you do, I won't accept this." she said seriously.

            Okay. If she doesn't want to have it then, plan number two. "Okay, I'll just lend it to you for now because sometimes I really want to contact you but I can't get in touch because you don't have a phone." I said.

            She just looked at me for a while and then took the phone. "This is borrowing, I will return it." she said and so I nodded.

            Think whatever you want to think. I am not going to take that phone back from you in any way. I win!

            Aimee put the phone into the desk on the bedside table and took a bottle of tablets. I don't know what it's for but she's been using it recently.

            After she used it, I picked up the bottle and read it. Eszopiclone (Lunesta) is what's written on it. I looked at Aimee and she's already changing her clothes.

            "What is this for?" I asked Aimee and showed her the bottle I am holding. She immediately took it back and put it in the drawer.

            "Oh! It's sleeping pills for my insomnia. I have a hard time sleeping, it's my sickness. It's nothing bad." she said defensively.

            I didn't know that. "You have insomnia? How come that I didn't know that?" I asked her. I didn't have any idea at all. Well, I usually fall asleep first so I didn't really notice.

            "Oh as you know little Mister, we've only know each other for a month so how do you expect to know everything about me?" she asked as she lie down in bed, smiling devilishly.

            That line she just said is so familiar but I just can't remember when I've heard it. I tried to dig in my memories but I can't remember. I think I should just let it go.

            "Oh! Chase. There's something I forgot to tell you. " she said. I was like 'what is it this time'. Is there more things I have to know.

            "Spill it." I said. She pouted with the bored tone of my voice. "I need you to do me a favor." she said and I nodded while still listening to her.

            "Like I said earlier, I'll be performing for the Christmas Vacation Party. I need you to accompany me with the guitar." she said.

            That last revelation just made me jump out of joy. "Seriously? You are going to let me accompany you?" I said.

            Her pout turned into a sweet smile while she nodded. "I'll even let you talk to me in school now. I'll talk to everyone." she said.

            I am just to glad that I unconsciously embraced her. "Oh! That is just so great Aimee. You made me so happy."

            I felt Aimee embraced me too. "I got tired of the wall I'm making to stay away from people. I want to have fun and have friends." she said.

            I pulled away in an instant to look at her. I held her hand and she held mine. "This is really great, but what made you change your mind?" I asked.

            "Well, first Serena is always pushing me to talk to people but I hesitated. And then earlier, when I heard the feedback of the audience to me, it made me so happy. Everyone is praising me. Mack said sorry to me and I felt respected."

            Her eyes are sparkling again. She's so beautiful when her eyes are like this. I continued staring at her beautiful face and listen to every word she is saying.

            "I like the feeling of people praising me and telling me good things. It makes me feel wanted. I wanted to find more friends. I wanted friends like Serena and Arvin who' always there for me. It was just amazing!" she exclaimed.

            I am so happy for her. She's telling me things that made her happy and it made me really glad deeply. I want to make her happy all the time.

            "I am so happy for you Aimee." I said. She embraced me. A thought came to my mind that might make her happy.

            "Oh! I know! You can call Serena and I'll call Arvin. Let's have picnic at the park tomorrow." I said. She looks at me in delight.

            "We're gonna have a picnic? The four of us?" she asked. Her eyes continue to spark but they are wide open now.

            I gave her a nod. "If they can come then the four of us can have a good picnic at the park." I told her.

            "That will be awesome Chase! Thank you! I'll call Serena now!" She gave me a kiss on my cheek and run to the telephone. She looks so excited about it.

            I look at her as she calls on the telephone. The simplest things are actually the best thing that could make Aimee happy. Most of them are childish things.

            She's not the type of girl who would want riches, fame or material things. That is why it is so easy to love her.

            I took my new phone to call Arvin. I can't find the number on my phone and realized that it is on registered my SIM card so I searched it up.

            After I found Arvin's number, I immediately dialed it to call him. It took a rather long time before he actually answered.

            I told Arvin about the plan and he said that he likes the idea. This is the first time we had 'girlfriends' that are close so this is the first time we are gonna have a picnic.

            Later on Aimee came back to our room and said that Serena likes the idea. We decided to sleep early so we can prepare for our picnic tomorrow.

            I am also excited about the picnic that I am unable to sleep even though I am lying in bed for almost two hours. In addition to that, Aimee is embracing me while she is sleeping.

            I still remember the scene earlier and the way she looks. She looks so seductive and alluring that I want to take her in bed.

            Now we're in bed I don't want to take her. I want to take it slowly until she falls in love with me. And once she does, I'll make sure she never lets go.

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