She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


24. She's Eccentric Chapter 23

Chapter 23

            It was a nice Sunday afternoon after our wedding. Aimee and I are sitting in out garden as we watch the clouds slowly pass by.

            Right now I am holding her hand while we sit together in one chair. My arm is around her and she’s leaning on my chest.

            It’s so quiet and peaceful; all we can hear are birds chirping. The sound of their chirps are like voices singing.

            It’s pleasing to the ear and very calming. I look at Aimee and saw her silently smiling, she looks radiant.

            I planted a soft kiss on her head. Being able to kiss her gives me satisfaction and contentment. I want this feeling to last.

            I felt her move a little. “My legs feel numb, I guess with should stretch for a bit,” she said as she stood up.

            I stood up and watch her stand up and stretched her arms. Her arms are obviously thinner, and her legs too.

            I stood beside her and she suddenly fell. Good thing I was able to catch her. “Are you alright?” I asked her.

            Aimee looks at me. “I can’t feel my legs, Chase! Can you help me get inside?” she asked. Instead of helping her, I carried her.

            “Oh no, Chase! I am so heavy with the baby. You don’t have to carry me!” she said. But there’s no way I’d put her down.

            “It feels good to carry my wife. You should always make me do this.” I said. I saw Aimee blushed and smiled at me.

            We went inside the house and into the room where lay her down. I sat beside her and just stares at her.

            Suddenly, my mom went inside our room with a small bottle and a glass of water in her hands. She went closer to us.

            “Aimee, dear, you forgot to drink you medicine again today. You know that you need this,” mom said as she took a tablet from the small bottle.

            I helped Aimee sit up as mom hand her over the tabled. Aimee took the glass of water from mom and drank it after she put the tablet on her mouth.

            She gave the empty glass back to my mom. “Thanks, I think I was so stressed out yesterday that I forgot to drink it again,” Aimee said.

            “I know. So if you need anything, I’ll just be sitting downstairs, okay? Call me if you need me,” mom said before she went out.

            Aimee held my hand and looked at me. “You’re mom is such an amazing woman. I want to be like her and be a great mom,” he said.

            I pulled her to me and kissed her forehead. “You’re going to be the best mom in the world. I know that,” I said.

            My parents decided to stay here permanently after they settle their business outside the country. I didn’t know about it before, but they have started a business.

            The profit is enough to give us luxury for twice a lifetime so my parents decided to stay here and open up a new small business.

            They are excited to see their grandchild, more excited than Aimee and me. It has been so long since they last took care of a kid.

            How many years have already passed since we lost Traise? I couldn’t remember the last time we even visited her.

            Suddenly, Aimee just holds my arm tight. When I turn to look at her it looks like she’s having a hard time breathing.

            I panicked when I saw her on that state. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked her. The color on her face slowly vanished and she’s unable to speak.

            I held her hand. “Aimee, tell me what’s wrong? Are you okay?” I continuously asked. Aimee is still silent but her eyes are wide open.

            She looks like she’s feeling pain somewhere, I don’t really understand. I was so worried I don’t know what to do?

            “Babe, talk to me.” I said as I tap her face. I am trying to make sure that she’s conscious but I cannot see any response.

            There must be something wrong. “Mom! Mom help!” I cried out. “Baby, hang in there okay, it’s going to be alright.” I said with a low tone.

            I am trying to calm myself because Aimee might panic if she felt that I’m trembling. “Mom! Mom, help me!” I shouted.

            In a few seconds my mom was already beside me. “What happened?” she asked as she pushes me a little so that she can check Aimee.

            “She suddenly became like that, she’s not speaking. She seems in pain, help her mom!” I cried out.

            My mom checked her eyes, her pulse and her toe fingers. “Chase, we need to bring her to the hospital,” she said as she stood up.

            “Hurry, carry her to the car!” she screamed and ran out. I did what she told me. I carried Aimee and brought her to the car.

            I think my mom woke dad up because when I got down he’s already about to sit at the driver’s seat.

            I immediately put Aimee in the car as mom sat beside her. We drove to the hospital as soon as we can.

            When we get there she was put on a stretcher and was taken away. We are unable to enter the room where they took her.

            I was so nervous, I am scared again. Yesterday she became Mrs. Charmagne Wells which really made me happy.

            And now, I am so scared. I helplessly sat at the stool and wait for what’s going to happen. That is the only thing I can do.

            My mom embraced me. “She’s gonna be fine, she must be tired because of yesterday that is why this happened. But I’m sure she’s gonna be alright,” my mom said.

            My mind is so tired of thinking that I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. I don’t want to think, I don’t want to speak, and I don’t want to feel anything.

            I feel like a bastard for acting like this but there’s really nothing much that I can do. In this critical state, I can’t even be beside her.

            I noticed that my hand is trembling and upon looking, I saw our ring. I touched it and stared at it for a while.

            Aimee took the other ring and faced me. “I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I will always be a faithful partner to you. And as I give you this ring, I give to you all that I am, and accept you, from you, all that you are,” she said as she put the ring on my finger.

            I still remember the speech she let out as our vow when she put this ring on my hand. She was holding my hand about this time yesterday.

            We’ve waited hours and hours for the doctor to inform us what’s happening. Or just to even explained what happened to Aimee.

            And when the doctor came out, I feel more nervous. I cannot read anything on his face, it’s plain blank.

            He was holding a piece of paper and his mouth is covered. He put the cover down to his neck so that he can speak.

            “She’s not in a critical state anymore but I wouldn’t say that you should not worry,” he paused for while before continuing.

            “As you see, the pregnancy is stressing out her body more and right now, even if we say she’s conscious, you won’t be able to speak with her,” the doctor said.

            My mom was the one who has the courage to talk to the doctor. “So, is she in a state of coma right now?” she asked.

            The doctor shook his head. “I wouldn’t say that it’s coma exactly because this is different. She’s really awake but it’s like she’s too exhausted and she thinks she’s sleeping. But all her senses are up,” the doctor said.

            My mom nodded. “I thought so. Thanks doc’,” my mom said as she faces me. My mom tapped my shoulder.

            “You should not worry. Yesterday got her really exhausted that is why she became like that. She’s fine now,” she said.

            I was confused with what the doctor said though. “I didn’t really get what the doctor said at all. She’s in coma but not in coma?” I asked.

            My mom sighed. “Well, sleep is like a state of being. When you sleep, your body relaxes. In Aimee’s case, it’s like she’s sleeping but her body is working like normal. That is why even if you talk to her right now, she’ll only think that she’s dreaming,” my mom explained.

            My poor little girl, why does it have to happen to her? Why does she have to experience something like this?

            Why am I so healthy? Why can I sleep so peacefully when someone like her, can’t even feel the goodness of sleeping?

            I think it’s unfair. Why does it have to be out of all the people in the world? Why does it have to be my wife?

            I faced my mom to ask her what’s bothering me. “But she’s still going to wake up, right?” I asked her.

            My mom smiled at me. “You need to have faith in her. Believe in her like you always do. Even if she can’t hear you, always tell her how you feel and surely it will reach her. Okay?” my mom said trying to pacify me.

            Later on we went to the room where they took Aimee. And when I saw her, her eyes are closed, she looks peaceful.

            I held her hand and sat on the bed with her. They said that your senses are awake, so you should be able to hear me.” I said.

            Although she looks peaceful, she also looks… lifeless. Her breathing is slow and she grew paler than before.           

            I cupped her hand. “Your hands are so cold. You must feel cold right?” I said as I rub her hands to make a friction and get it warmer.

            “Do you think this is fine? I’ll keep on warming up your hands until you wake up. I don’t want you to be cold.” I said.

            I know my mom is right, my feelings will definitely reach Aimee if I try hard. So I don’t think if I look crazy or what right now, I just want to be beside her.

            I want her to feel how much I love her, that I won’t leave her no matter what. I know that she can hear me.

            Some crazy spirit went inside me I think. I suddenly thought that Aimee is sleeping beauty and I am the prince.

            A true love’s kiss will wake the most beautiful princess. I slowly leaned over her to give her a kiss, expecting she’ll open her eyes.

            But much to my dismay, she didn’t. Her eyes remained closed, she didn’t even make any movement.

            It’s okay. I keep on telling myself. I just hope she feels the kiss I gave her, I hope that she wakes up soon.           

            Days passed and there’s still no progress with Aimee. The doctor said that she should’ve woken up already.

            It’s now start of June, a few weeks after it’ll be our final examination. And then, our graduation will come after.

            I just hope Aimee wakes up so soon she can see me as I graduate. I am already applying for college on different universities.

            I’m thinking of getting architecture. I want to build a house for the two of us. I don’t care how long we can stay there, but it’s not too bad to dream right?

            I want to build a house where there are rooms which has Aimee’s face as the wall design. I want to have something like that.

            And I want to build a room where the ceiling is made of fiber glass. It will be like a window, and then there would be a cover that we slid on it whenever the sun is up.

            So that every evening, we’ll be able to see the stars. And when it rains, we’ll be able to see how it pours.

            I want to build a small house for Arsee, and her future kittens. I know how Aimee loves animals so I shouldn’t forget to build them a house.

            Aimee is not into flowers, only if they are not planted. I’d have a garden with flowers and no one will be allowed to pick them.

            So, yeah. I decided to be an architect and build a good house for Aimee. I feel so happy with my little dreams.

            One morning in July, I went to the hospital to see Aimee. She looks a bit better that these past few days.

            The doctor said that she’s going great and must be waking up anytime soon. Since school is over I stayed overnight to watch over Aimee.

            I was in the middle of a beautiful dream, a dream that Aimee and I are living happily with our baby.

            I heard her calling me and it sounds good to my ear. She keeps on calling me that I woke up from my dream.

            Aimee’s eyes are open and she’s looking at me while calling me. “Chase, are you awake?” she asked.

            Seeing her like this really surprised me. “Aimee!” I shouted her name and embraced her. “I thought you’d never wake up!” I said.

            Aimee pushed me a little away from her. “Our baby, Chase! Be careful!” she said. Her voice is very low and she speaks a bit slow too.

            I pulled away from her a little. “Sorry! I was too excited seeing you open your eyes. You’ve been in sleep for over two months.” I said.

            She looks very tired for some reason, she looks weak. “So, what date is it today?” she asked me.

            I pulled out my phone and checked the calendar to make sure. “It’s already the 23rd of July.” I replied.

            She nodded. “Yeah, it seems like I was unconscious for 2 months. I can see that our baby got bigger,” she said.

            I touched her tummy which is obviously big now. “I got good news for you. We are having a baby girl.” I revealed.

            While she was unconscious, we had her examined and the doctor said that we might as well check the baby’s gender.

            She smiled. “I really wanted a baby girl. Oh, since I was asleep for two months, I am not able to choose a name,” she said.

            “We’ll, we still got two months to think for a name.” I said. I thought of giving her something since she’s awake.

            “Oh wait! I’ll get something for you as a celebration. I’ll call mom and get her to come here. She’s just downstairs.” I said.

            Aimee gave me a nod. And just before I go, she held my hand and pulled me close to her. I instantly knew that she wants a kiss.

            So I gave her a long loud kiss before I go and she told me she loves me. And before I close the door, I saw her gave me a wide smile. She looks beautiful.

            I went downstairs to call my mom and inform her that Aimee woke up. She went straight back to Aimee.

            I went to the mall and buy a purple cake and some pasta that we could eat while we celebrate.

            And before I go home, I saw a flower shop. I immediately thought of buying bouquet of flowers for her.

            I know that she’s not really into flowers, but it’s more of a self satisfaction. It’s like showing her that she looks as beautiful as the flowers.

            I picked the purple tulips because I cannot find purple roses. I want to give her purple things because she likes purple.

            After I bought it, I immediately went back to the hospital. But when I entered Aimee’s ward, there’s no one there.

            I felt nervous but then thought that maybe, they are performing tests on Aimee again that is why she’s not in the room.

            I waited for a while but no one went to the room, not even mom. So I pulled my phone from my pocket to call mom.

            I was surprised to see lots of missed calls and messages. I forgot that I put the phone on silent mode.

            And so, I checked the messages on my phone. One message is from mom asking me to go back quickly.

            I checked the other messages and there’s a message informing me that Aimee is on the emergency room.

            I put the flowers and the food down to run over the emergency room. And outside the room, I saw mom crying.

            She looked at me and embraced me. “She suddenly collapsed again. She’s in critical condition right now,” she said.

            Mom is crying so I think it’s terribly bad. She’s a doctor and she knows how to control the situation, but this time it’s different.

            “Tell me honestly mom. What’s going on?” I asked. My mom did not answer and just cried silently.

            I felt numb. Aimee should be fine, she was even kissing me earlier. I know that she is going to be fine.

            “I can’t just make assumptions, Chase. But I know this is very bad, I can’t say what exactly is happening inside,” she said.

            And we are in that situation again. We waited for outside for the doctor’s result of Aimee. We can only look at the closed door.

            “Can you get me a cup of coffee?” my mom asked. I gave her a nod and stood up. I went to the vending machine and get mom a cup of coffee.

            When I came back, mom is already speaking to the doctor. My mom is crying harder this time so I ran to them.

            I put the coffee on top of the stool. “What’s wrong mom? What happened?” I asked hopefully thinking that Aimee is alright.

            My mom held my arms. “They had to take the baby and perform a CS on her because the baby is going to die if they didn’t do that,” my mom said.

            But, how about my wife? She did not mention anything about her. “How’s Aimee mom?” I asked.

            My mom closed her eyes and shook her head. “She did not make it. Her body gave up,” she said while crying.

            I just couldn’t believe what my mom told me. I felt like the whole world reached its end. I am in a denial state.

            “No! That is a lie! She was awake earlier and she even kissed me! You are lying!” I screamed as I enter the emergency room.

            The nurses tried to stop me but I didn’t care. I used all my strength to get inside and to reach Aimee.

            And I saw her lifeless body. I just couldn’t accept it at all. I tapped Aimee’s face to wake her up. “Aimee, wake up!” I said.

            I continued tapping her face for her to wake up but there so response. I continued doing it for a couple of times but she stayed still.

            “No! Aimee! Wake up! We are going to celebrate, aren’t we?” I asked her as tears started to run down my face.

            I couldn’t accept it at all. I touched Aimee’s face, it has no colors at all. But it’s the face of the woman I love. The woman I married.

            My tears keep on falling and I can’t stop it. “Aimee… I love you, I love you so much!” I said in between my tears.

            My heart is pumping really fast and my body’s trembling. I feel so numb but I feel the pain in my heart.

            It’s like it’s been struck by a million arrows. It’s so painful that I didn’t have the strength to stand up anymore.

            I felt my mom embraced me and tried to calm me down. But nothing can take this pain I’m feeling away.

            How can something like this happen suddenly? Why does it have to happen when you don’t have a clue at all?

            You were holding her at one moment and the next, she’s gone? How can something like this happen to me?

            I was not able to contain myself for a few hours. But then, I had to fix myself. Aimee won’t be happy seeing me like this.

            I am not in my sanity so it’s my mom who called Leila and the others about Aimee. I can’t even talk to anybody.

            Three days after she died, we decided to get her buried. And in that grave stone, the name ‘Charmagne L. Wells’ is engraved.

            Yes, she’s my wife and she’s going to use my surname until the very end. I can’t move on at all, so I only went to the cemetery once.

            The baby stayed at the hospital for months since it’s premature. It was only on its seven month when it was born.

            I never went to the hospital to check it because it’s becoming more painful just thinking about it.

            I know it’s not the child’s fault but somehow, I keep on blaming it. If we had it taken away from Aimee’s body sooner, then she would’ve still be living with me.

            The hopes, dreams and wishes; they are all gone. I stopped dreaming because getting my hopes up just hurts.

            My parents stayed in this country but I decided to move. I went to America and study. That is all I could do to forget.

            Yes, I am trying to forget. Even though it hasn’t been a year since Aimee and I met, I felt like I’ve been with her forever.

            That is why, it’ll take me forever to forget about her too. It’ll take me forever to remove me from my system.

            But I deep inside I know, whatever happens, wherever life may take me, the fact that there’s one woman called Aimee that I loved and married, will never change.


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