She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


3. She's Eccentric Chapter 2

Chapter 2

            "Aimee!" I shout her name in shock as I see her standing outside my door. The expression on her face is different than how it was earlier. She looks kinda... soft.

            A moment in silence enveloped the evening. I wasn't able to say anything but her name. Well, the girl who is filling up my mind the whole day is now right before my very eyes, in front of my house. She's still wearing her school uniform which reminds me I'm still wearing mine. Just that I removed my polo.

            "Can I come in?" I heard her ask. I still can't react for some reason. I stand there looking stupid as I froze in front of her.  She's asking you if she can come in. I told myself.

            I moved aside to give her a way. "Sure. Come in." I uttered. The voice which came out of my mouth is very low. I'm not even sure if she heard me but she came in.

            She removed her shoes one by one then face me. "Where should I put these?" she asked as she raises her shoes to show me.

            "Oh!" I uttered. Of course, where should we put them? I took her shoes from her hand and put it beside the door. "Here should be fine. I don't usually get visitors, you see." I chuckled.

            She nods with what I told her showing that she understood. She looked around as if she is checking my whole house. "Nice house. You live alone?" she asked.

            I nodded. "I still hasn't asked the reason why you're here." I told her. She faced me. Oh yes! Her eyes are looking intently at me. They look so fierce now.

            I unintentionally glanced at her boobs. Then when I look at her, she's looking at me. Oh shit! She saw that? Darn. I saw her smirked.

            "Don't get the wrong idea, I..." what do I say. "Uhm..." I uttered as I try to find the words to say. Now she is raising her eyebrows. This is freaking me out.

            I grasp some hair and had a deep sigh. "Okay, I'll be honest. I'm attracted to you." I told her. Her expression did not change at all as if she has anticipated this. "Still, I don't know why you are here." I told her and turn around.

            I feel like the temperature went a couple of degrees up. I went near the ACU to turn it on. I feel nervous, this is so awkward. Having this girl in my house. Is she even thinking? She doesn't have any idea what I want to do to her now. Or maybe, she does.

            I didn't realize that she is already beside me. Her proximity just really freaks me out. Like right now, she is inches away.

            "Thank you for always being honest." She said and her expression is now calmer, softer. Is she going to tell me now why she is here? I just stood there waiting for the next thing she's going to say.

            She looked around the house again and did not speak anymore. I gather up the courage to ask her one more time, one last time, why she is here.  "So, why are you here?" I asked

            Now she bend her head forward. "I am going to ask a really big favor..." she looked at me as she continues what she is saying. "... from you."

            I got nonplussed. That surely caught me by surprise and I don't really know how to react. She seems like a person who can handle herself. What kind of favor is she going to ask. Ask from me?

            The irony, of all people, she's asking me. I'm not even sure what favor she's going to ask. I don't know what is running on her mind.

            I took a deep breath and give out a sigh. She noticed it and I saw the hesitance on her face. Is she hesitating to ask the favor or is she hesitating that I can help her. "It depends on the favor you are going to ask me." I replied.

            I saw her took her hands up her lips as she bites the nail on her pinky. Her eyes is moving right and left in a fast motion. Is it that big of a favor? Should I ready myself with what I'm going to hear.

            I took out her hand which is previously on her lips. She looks at me. "You've got to tell me what you need, so I can see if I can help out." I told her. I feel nervous. Why am I nervous?

            She looks down on her feet then gathered some air and breathe. "Ok. I need a place to stay." she said. Is she going to ask me to help her find a place? What's the big deal. "And I want to stay here." Boom! I froze. It's like time stopped.

            Aside from my body, it's like my brain froze as well. I can't think. Earth to Chase! Earth to Chase! Darn! It's like I didn't hear what she said. "You what?" I asked, not being able to get what she is saying.

            Maybe the tone of my voice gave her a fright or something. She lowered down her voice. "I want to stay here... in your house." she repeated slowly this time.

            I shook my head in confusion and I saw her frown. "No no no, not that I'm saying no. I'm just confused and I still don' t get what you are trying to tell me." I explained to her. I saw her lips formed an "O".

            "You need more details, I see." She followed. I took her hand and take her to the couch so she can talk more about it.

            She's tensed, I told myself. I can feel her hand is trembling. "Of course." I heard her say. I think she does not know how to start. I held her hand to calm her. "It's ok. Start with why you want to stay here."

            "Erm... I..." she's babbling. "I don't know what is going to happen to me if I stay where I am staying right now. It's..." she stopped and looked at me. I gave her an assurance that I am listening and I will try to understand. I think she got it anyway.

            "I am going to start from the very beginning, ok?" She asked me. I cupped her hand and smiled in response. I'm really curious. And there, she started telling me about her life, about her.

            On our talk, she told me most about her background. Her mother Jane died with a rare disease when she was five years old. Her father Charlie became depressed and got sick because of this. Her father cannot accept her mom's death and resort to being a drunkard. It's because of Aimee that her father stopped. And just when she thought her father's already well , he killed himself.

            Young Aimee felt devastated. She felt lonely, abandoned, and unloved. Since her grandparents died with the same disease as her mother, she doesn't know where to run to. Her grandparents on her father's side is not approved of her parent's marriage so they didn't care at all.

            The only one she have is her aunt Leila. Leila is just twenty when her brother died. And yes, Leila is the sister of Charlie (Aimee's father). Leila loved Aimee above all else so she took little Aimee with her who was just six that time.

            Leila met Julius, and later on got married to this man. And much to her delight, Julius loved Aimee as well. He was very fond of her. But Aimee does not like Julius.

            A few years later Aimee grew up to be a pretty girl and there, Julius cannot keep his hands of her.

            Leila is working and so is Julius. But there are times when it's just Julius and Aimee who's in the house. He tried many times to violate her but she was always lucky to get away. She knows Leila loves her and she would understand so she told Leila.

            Leila believed her. There's no way that she would lie. But Leila loves Julius and they are married. She doesn't want to be separated from him. She doesn't want to ruin their marriage of how many years. Besides, they had a child named Therese whom Aimee loves.

            Leila decided to send Aimee away. It is for the better since Leila wants to keep Aimee away from Julius. But she didn't know that sending Aimee to her friend Marisse is a bad idea.

            Leila sent Aimee to her close friend Marisse who recently just moved here in our city. Marisse was nice to Aimee but she's different from Leila.

            What is their difference? So here it goes.

            Marisse has a younger boyfriend named Alvin who is so into Aimee. He was nice with Aimee but she knows how he feels. Since Marisse is different from Leila, she decided not to tell her. She seems like a person who will not believe her.

            Later on, Marisse enrolled her into our school with of course, Leila's money. Aimee told me that Leila still sends her cash through the bank. Just like my parents.

            A few days ago, this guy, Alvin, tried to violate her as well. She hit him with a very hot frying pan since she's cooking that time. Alvin got his right arm burned so he was rushed to the hospital. She tried to explain it to Marisse but she wouldn't listen.

            The incidence was actually witnessed by their neighbor Mrs. Darlington who decided to keep her for the time being. Leila is still not informed with what happened. But there is a problem, Mrs. Darlington is just a caretaker and can't let her stay for long. The owner of the house she's in right now will be back in a month so she will need a place to stay.

            And here comes my story. Last Wednesday, Aimee saw me enter my house after school. She noticed that there's no one living with me. Of course she is in doubt.

            The next day, she was asked by Mrs. Darlington to run an errand and she saw me leave the house, I was about to go to school that time. And that was Thursday.  She said she got curious about me since I look gloomy. She said I look lonely. She watched me until Friday.

            She also said she was in shock when I talked to her after Mack tried to hit on her. She was not expecting that It is "me" who's going to talk to her.

            She does not want to show what she's feeling to anyone. She doesn't want anyone else to know what she's thinking. She does not want to get me in any trouble. She told me that, In class, I act so different. Like I am faking my every move. Like I'm making everything perfect to please everyone. And that is when she thought of staying in my house.

            Great story huh? I was left rather speechless after hearing what she had to say. I need time to analyze, to think. What does  - her staying here -  got to do with - me faking things.

            I didn't know that I am spacing out.  "Hey!" she said trying to get my attention. And she did. I faced her.

            "I know you are lonely here. That is why I can stay with you and in exchange you'll let me stay here.” It seems like she has an idea that I’ll agree to it.

            I raised my right eye brow. “What gave you an idea I’ll agree to that proposition of yours?” I asked.

            She stretched her hand to reach her bag which is currently at the other couch. She opened her bag and took a paper, a folded paper that looks like it was crumpled. Oh no! I think I know what it is.

            She opened the paper from being folded and shown me what’s in there. “This.” I heard her say. In the paper is her face I drawn earlier.

            It took me by surprise. I remember her getting that piece of paper but I never thought she’d actually keep it.

            “I don’t know what to say.” I laughed at myself and shook my head. “That’s very embarrassing, you know.” I said while I covered my mouth with my hand.

            A long silence enveloped us again. No one’s speaking. She’s looking intently at me as if she is waiting for my approval.

            I stood up and walk round in circles. “These things should be thought over thoroughly. We cannot haste things.” I said.

            “If I don’t haste then Alvin will come after me again.” She sounded as if she is scared, sounded as if she is in pain.

            I closed my eyes. I know she is using her situation as a bait for me to say yes. Am I going to be all heroic and agree as if I am rescuing a damsel in distress? But what if I am just like Alvin, just like Julius?

            I looked at her again and now she’s looking at me as if she’s begging. This girl knows how to manipulate me.  “Don’t look at me with those kind of eyes, I hate it.” I tried to take control of the situation.

            She stood and brought the paper back to her bag. “Okay.” She made two steps towards the door. “I think it’s really not a good idea to get you involved.” She smiled, but her smile did not reach her eyes. Then, she continues walking.

            Oh darn! I run immediately to catch her hand. That was reflex action I may say. She takes control of me and I don’t like it one bit. She looks at me. “You don’t have to force yourself, because I won’t… force you.” She said removing my hands from her arms. But she failed.

            Uh! This is annoying. “Look, I can’t let you out of might sight now. Telling me about what happened to you, I know you know I’ll act this way.” She became calmer and so did I.

            “Just give me a couple of minutes.” I told her. “Just sit on the couch, I’ll be back.” I went inside my room and open my closet to find something to wear.

            First I grabbed my favorite knee length shorts and my The Cab Tee. I feel so cautious changing my clothes. Of course, there is a girl outside my room waiting for me. This is so awkward.

            I found myself staring at the mirror. Oh! I was checking if I look fine. I always look fine. I just feel a bit insecure about myself. It’s the first time something like this happened to me.

            I've got to calm myself. I've to stop thinking and let things flow. Like what I always do. I took a deep breath and told myself, "Relax."

            I grabbed the door knob to open it up. The first thing is saw was Aimee's back. She turned around and looked at me. I figured she was holding my framed picture.

            She glanced at the picture again then put it down. "Sorry, I just think you look like a kid here." She then faced me. The picture she saw was my picture when I was thirteen years old. I was wearing a handkerchief in my head.

            In that picture, I was smiling my heart out and showing a peace sign with my fingers. The background of the picture is somewhere in Alaska. It is where my parents are located at that time.

            I looked at Aimee and she has a clueless expression on her face. I closed the door of my room, grabbed her arm and lead her towards the door outside.

            A shock register on her face as she asked, "Where are we going?" I felt her hesitation when she held my hand holding her arms as if she wants to remove them.

            I think I'm holding her arms too hard so I released them. "We are going to get your things from Mrs. Darlington's house." And... she finally smiled.

            Her smile... She is so beautiful. It made me smile too. The reality hit me back. Ok, this is a little awkward. "So... let's go." I heard her say.

            She grabbed my hand as we walk hand in hand to her "previous" place. I never did this holding hand things with my previous girlfriends, aside from Diane. Diane will always be special.

            I think Aimee felt that my hands are trembling so she looked at me. We just continue to walk. "You're not comfortable holding my hand, huh?" she asked.

            I just gave her a smile. "Just not used to this kind of stuff". I don't even think there is a reason why we should hold hands. I kept that in my head.

            I tried to feel her hand, they are not like Diane's. Diane's hand are small while she got long fingers. But god they are so soft. I wonder how it would feel like if those hands touched me. I removed the idea from my head.

            I should stop thinking of perverted thoughts if I want her to stay with me. One wrong move and I might scare her off.

            Aimee's reactions earlier came across my mind. For some reason it's like she doesn't care if anything happens. Or maybe she does, but it just really seem weird.

            She's a girl. She must know that I might take advantage of her. Is she thinking I am a good guy? Does she trust me enough to stay with me? Or maybe she's just desperate to get away from Mrs. Darlington's place which is the neighbor of that damned woman who has a bastard of a boyfriend.


            It made me remember the past she told me about. I unconsciously gripped her hand. Of course the action made her look at me again.

            "What's wrong?" she asked.

            "Nah. I just remembered something." I murmured.

            She stopped walking and for a second there I thought she's going to ask more. "Here we are." She pointed to a big gate

            Whoa! Such a big house. "So, you are staying here?" I asked. She smiles.

            "This is the house Mrs. Darlington is taking care of." She pressed the doorbell looked at me and looked somewhere near the house. "You see that?" she pointed at a small house beside the big house. It is more like a room instead of a house.

            I nod at Aimee in response. "That is where I'm staying at the moment," she said. I figured she's not staying at the big house.

            I heard a creak and noticed someone is opening the gate from the inside. Aimee let go of my hand just before the door opened.

            The gate released an old woman, looks like she's in late fifties or early sixties. Her skin is tanned and she is a bit chubby. Her face looks tired but she is wearing a smile on her face. "Aimee, I was waiting for you."

            The old woman embraced Aimee and she did the same. They were in that moment when the old woman noticed me. Must be Mrs. Darlington. She let go of Aimee and looked straight at me. "Who do we got here?" she asked.

            Aimee smiled. "Oh yes. This is my classmate Chase. I'll be staying with him for the time being." she told the old woman. "Chase, this is Mrs. Darlington. She's taking care of me." she said as she introduced the old woman.

            "Hi Mrs. Darlington." I waved at the old woman. I though she's going to smile and say hi too but what I saw is her eyebrows reaching each other. She looked at me from head to toe then looked at Aimee. She held Aimee's arms in both sides. "Are you sure about this?"

            Oh my! I think the old woman doesn't trust me. Well, I don't trust myself either when it comes to this girl.

            Aimee smiled at Mrs. Darlington. She slowly removed the old woman's hand on her arms and held them. "You don't have to worry yourself about me. I am thankful to you. I really am. But remember what I told you?"

            Mrs. Darlington's hand cupped Aimee's hand. "No darling, I could never forget such a sweet kid like you." Forget. That is weird. "I came here to pick up my things and you should pick up where you left before I came here." Aimee removed Mrs. Darlington's hand from her face. "Please. This will give me peace of mind." she added.

            The old woman looked so teary. What's with this drama? They can see each other anytime. It's not like Aimee is moving somewhere far. I wanted to tell them that but I decided to stay quiet.

            And so Mrs.  Darlington lead us to Aimee's things. There are two big bags, obviously full of clothes.

            Before we went back to my place I noticed that Mrs. Darlington is crying. I heard her asking Aimee to get in touch with her if she's already having a hard time. What could go wrong anyway.

            I was carrying two big bags, they are pretty heavy. But since I'm a gentleman, I cannot let Aimee carry any of them. I looked at her as we walked home silently. I can see the sadness in her eyes. Her brown eyes.

            I decided not to talk. Maybe she needs silence. If she wants someone to talk to, she'll probably tell me by now. But then, I don't really know her, I don't really know what she's thinking.

            She stopped walking for a while and so did I. I turned around to look at her and she's staring at her feet, biting the nail on her pinky. I put the bags down and held her hand. "What's wrong?" I asked.

            She still hasn't looked at me. She just stood there and then held my arms. "I need you to promise me one thing." she said. I gulped. What is this girl up to? "Promise me." she repeated.

            "It depends on the promise you are going to ask. If you are going to ask me to keep my hands of you, I might have problems with that." I joked.

            "It's not about that." she said. She is so serious. I tried to search her eyes, she looked as if she is worried. "Tell me." I asked.

            She looked into my eyes as if she is waiting for me to promise. "Promise me you will not ask me to stay." she asked. I got quite shock with what she said.

            I patted her head like a little puppy. "Don't make yourself worry about those things. I don't have to promise anything to you. Because you will not promise you will stay anyway." Where did I get that? I don't know where I am getting the words I am telling her.

            "You are right Chase," she smiled at me but the smile did not reach her eyes. "So, let's go," I held her hand on my left and took the bags on my right.

            "That's quite heavy, let me help you with that." she said. And with that I figured her mood has lighten up.

            I didn't have to show it but I felt there is something wrong. The way that Mrs. Darlington reacted, the tears, the look on her face. I guess if there is really something going on, Aimee will let me know in time.

            At home, we talked what our arrangements will be. But I think there will be a huge problem, I only have one room, and one bed.

            "I think I'll just stay at the couch." I told Aimee. I saw her chuckled while she is opening her bags. "Don't be such a kid Chase. We can both stay in your bed." she said.

            I raised my eyebrow. "You don't know what you're saying." I told her. She stood up and glared at me. "I know what I'm saying Chase." She keeps on saying my name.

            "You know Chase, I'm not a little kid. I actually know more of life than you'll ever think I know." she said as-a-matter-of-fact. I raised my hands as a sign of surrender.

            "Okay, You know a lot about life. But I don't want to invade your privacy. You still don't understand things in a man's perspective." I went inside my room and turned on my pc. It's been a while since I last used it.

            I heard Aimee's footsteps coming nearer. Bet she's going inside my room too. "Oh, I do Chase. I'm not a clueless girl, you know." She shown me the clothes she was carrying. "And where do I put these?" she asked.

            I stood up and checked my closet. Mrs. Laydon finished my laundry yesterday so my closet is a bit full. I remembered the drawers. I pulled the drawers, took the stuffs from it to clear it. "You can use these drawers." I pointed at the drawers.

            Aimee put a few of her clothes on the drawers. I saw her kneeled down but ignored. "Your girlfriend?" she asked.

            I looked at her and she was holding a picture. I stood next to her to check it. "She's beautiful." I heard her say. It was Diane's picture she was holding. Aimee looked at me. "You did not tell me you have a girlfriend."

            I took the picture in her hand and joined it to the ones I took from the drawer earlier. "I would've told you if I had. And," I looked at her. "If I have a girlfriend, you wouldn't be staying here you know."

            Aimee smirked at me. "I kinda figured that out half way of asking you. I just want to make sure no one will just pull my hair and give me a life threatening slap outside." she joked.

            The thing between us is still not clear. Well if she's going to stay with me and sleep in my bed, anyone with a normal brain would think something is going on. I did not know that I was actually spacing out again.

            "You don't have to worry about anything you know." she said. She seems to always figure out what I am thinking but I never get to know what is running on her mind.

            "I may be staying here with you but I will always pretend like I don't know you in school." she said.

            Is she kidding? "You don't have to do that. We can pretend that we are cousins, family friends..." I'm trying to think of something else.

            She closed the closet as she finished putting her things in. "No Chase, I won't talk to you in school. I'll be cold. I'll be different." She is talking but not looking at me. I am facing her back and she is facing the closet.

            "Trust me. I know what I am doing. I don't want to cause any more trouble than staying here with you." I cannot see the expression on her face. But her voice is low as if she was sad.

            I closed my eyes and sigh. This is already troublesome. I don't know what to think anymore. This girl is just turning my world upside down and I can't do anything.

            "You have to look at me to convince me." I moved her shoulder so she would be facing me. She can't look at my eyes.

            "There's a lot you don't know," she said

            "What do you expect? I just met you today." I said with a joking tone. "We can go through the things I don't know... slowly."

            "There are things you don't have to know," she replied. There must be something troubling her that she can't tell me. It must hurt her to the extent she wants to keep it to herself.

            I know, there will be a time when Aimee will tell me everything. I am looking forward to that. It must be curiosity but staying one day with her already took me out of my league. I wonder if she's with me longer.

            Who would have thought that I'll be a keeper of such a beautiful creature here. Any guy would battle me for this position.

            I have to admit it, I am into her. But I don't want to mess this up, knowing what she's been through. I can get to know her. And maybe something can start.

            I was really hoping something would start because I don't know what this will lead to. This beautiful girl is such a disaster.

            Aimee went to the bathroom, she must be changing there. It's taking her so long so I decided to change my clothes in the room. It is so funny, I usually just walk around  here in boxers.

            I was in the middle of wearing my shorts when she came in. In shock, I tried to wear it quickly. She laughed. "I saw far more than that Chase, believe me." she joked and get on top of my bed. It turned my pc off and sat next to her. "Is it really alright?" I asked and she nodded. She laid on my bed and she looks like a seductress in a spaghetti strapped top and cycling shorts. I copied her and we were facing each other.

            She smiled at me and that is the last thing I can remember before I fell into a deep sleep.

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