She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


15. She's Eccentric Chapter 14

Chapter 14

            Aimee and I are inside the cab. We are on our way to her Aunt Leila’s house. I feel rather excited and nervous but I hope everything’s going to be fine.

            Aimee is sleeping and leaning on my shoulder. Her face is so carefree and radiant, I love seeing her this way.

            I moved a little to give her a kiss on the lips.  “Not in a cab, Chase. That can wait later,” she said while her eyes remained closed.

            I pulled aback a little. How come she always know if I’m about to kiss her. I thought she was sleeping but it seems like she’s just closing her eyes.

            “Are you really sleeping. You seem to know what I’m doing all the time.” I said. She opened her eyes and looked at me

            “Why? Is it bad to close my eyes when I am tired?” she asked and then leaned on my shoulder again.

            I held her hand and kissed it. “You can sleep and relax.” She gave me a cracked smile and I realized why.

            That must be the only reason. “Oh, yeah, I remember you have insomnia right?” I asked and she nodded.

            I wonder how it feels to have an insomnia, when you can’t sleep even if you wanted to. That must be pretty tiring.

            I held her cheeks to pull her closer to me and I felt her embraced my arms. Her chest is brushing on my arms and I don’t think it’s really good.

            So, I removed her arms from my arms and just put my arms around her shoulder. She’s now leaning on my chest.

            We’ve been like that for hours, I didn’t know that it is so far. Now I know why she hasn’t visited them eversince she arrived on our city.

            There are beautiful views that we passed so I decided to take a picture of them. I also took some pictures of us on the cab.

            It’s not all the time that we travel so I guess it’s better to take pictures. I captured a video of Aimee and me.

            I was daydreaming, Aimee and I are old but still together. We are checking out these pictures that we’ve taken when we were young.

            What a very good sight of the future. I don’t really mind spending my whole life with Aimee, I know I’ll never get tired of her.

            A few hours later, we have arrived in our destination. When I went down from the cab, I immediately saw the house where Aimee is looking at.

            It must be her Aunt Leila’s house. It looks pretty normal in the outside. Suddenly, I had a strange thought.

            I am going to face Julius as well, Leila’s husband who tried to violate her before. For some reason, I am not comfortable with the idea of meeting him.

            I saw Aimee moved at the gate and press the doorbell. Atfter a minute, a woman, I think on her early thirties went out and opened the gate for us.

            Her eyes are wet and I think she’s about to cry. After she opened the door, she called out something. “Kitty.”

            I bet the woman is Leila. She immediately pulled Aimee closer and embraced her tightly. She was also unable to stop her tears.

            I saw Aimee pushed her away a little then laughed. “I get it. I miss you too, Leila. But let’s get inside first,” she said.

            Leila pulled away from her and let us get inside. The house is pretty normal inside as well. What took my attention is the big mirror at the living room.

            When we got inside, Aimee immediately introduced me. “Uh, Leila. This is Chase Wells, he’s the one who’s keeping me,” she said.

            Leila looked at me so I waved and smiled. “Hi!” I said since I’m nervous that I would choke, I didn’t say anything else.

            Leila moved towards me, and since I am a bit taller, she’s looking up to me. “What a good looking man. Thank you for taking care of Kitty,” she said.

            Aimee almost interrupted her, “Don’t call me Kitty anymore Leila. I am not a little girl, I am all grown up,” Aimee said.

            Since Aimee got our attention, I  tried to get Leila’s awareness.  “Uhmm… Actually I am really thankful for having Aimee. She’s helping me with the house chores and all.” I said.

            Leila nodded. “Do you still take the sleeping pills?” I heard Leila ask. But instead of answering, I felt Aimee stiffened.

            “Oh, I see, I see,” she said. “Uhm… Chase dear, I hope you don’t mind if I talk to Aimee personally.” Leila said.

            First I was confused, but then, maybe they just want to talk about personal stuffs that doesn’t concern me.

            “Sure, it’s okay. I know you two needed to talk since you’ve been away from each other.” I said, even though the truth is, I am really curious.

            Leila smiled at me. “Thank you,” she said then pulled Aimee to one room. Curiosity is killing me now.

            I sat at the sofa while waiting for them to come back but it seems like it will take a rather long time before they’ll go back.

            So I just sat and look around me. I saw a photo album at the desk so I took and opened it. The pictures I saw are pictures of three girls.

            I recognized the little girl to be Aimee, the other girl is Leila and there is a woman who looked like Aimee. An older version of her, I realized that it wa sher mom.

            But the girl in the picture has long straight hair while Leila has a short curly hair. I think he took the waves of her hair from Leila but the face is from her mom.

            She was beautiful, her face is angelic and beaming. It’s just so sad that I will not be able to meet her.

            I will not be able to thank her for bringing Aimee into this world. I flipped the page of the album to see the next pictures.

            Most of the pictures in there are just the three of them or, the three of them and a man. It must be Aimee’s late father.

            Her father look’s so respective and handsome. He’s really handsome I can say. Aimee has beautiful parents, no wonder she’s stunning.

            I’ve finished the first album so I took another one. The next one I saw was Leila’s family album.

            Her little girl looks a bit like Aimee and a bit like Leila in a way. She’s also pretty. As far as I remember, her name is Therese.

            I also saw Leila’s husband on the pictures, Julius. He doesn’t really look trustworthy at all. I wonder what Leila saw in him.

            Anyway, I browsed the pictures and it seemed like Leila’s husband is a responsible father for their daughter.

            It’s such a shame if Therese will know what kind of father she has. Well, it must always be hidden from her.

            I was about to turn to the next page when I heard the sound of an opening door. I thought it was already Aimee and Leila but it seems like I was wrong.

            A kid walked in with a surprised look on her face. She almost had the same face as Aimee, same shocked face though.

            Her eyes are as beautiful as Aimee’s, her curls are as cute as her’s as well. The little girl’s nose is a bit flat and she has a smaller lips.

            Her eyes are wide openly looking at me and her lips are wide open as well, in a shape of an “o”. I know it is Therese.

            She stood there looking at me for about a few minutes and she’s didn’t speak, didn’t even moved one bit.

            The feeling when a kid is looking at you like that is somewhat weird. I decided to talk to her hoping I can erase the uneasiness I felt.

            “Hi little girl, you must be Therese.” I said while smiling at her. She’s stayed standing in front of me.

            She slowly nods while still looking at me. “Yes,” she said and them move closer to me. She’s really pretty, it’s as if I am looking at a smaller Aimee.

            I noticed she’s also holding a teddy bear on her arms. “Are you Aimee’s new boyfriend?” she openly asked.

            The idea of a kid asking me such a question made me wow. I gave her a nod. “Yes, I am Aimee’s new boyfriend. My name is Chase.” I said.

            Therese keeps on staring at me. “You looked like him,” she slowly said. What she said made me draw in confusion.

            Him… Who is she talking about? I unconsciously furrowed my eyebrow that made her snap out of it.

            Therese gave me a smile and sat beside. “Aimee surely knows how to get the good looking guys,” she said.

            Seriously, I don’t think I am talking to a seven year old kid. Well, it’s like she said I am good looking so I flashed her with my best smile.

            “Oh, by the way. Where is Aimee? I’ve been dying to see her,” she said while giggling. She seems excited to see Aimee.

            “She’s with your mom. They said they just need to talk for a while and will come back in any minute,” I said.

            Therese nodded. I think I should talk to her as an adult instead of a kid. It seems like she’s a mature kid for her age.

            And then I remembered her father. I am really curious about him and I don’t want to face him. Maybe I could ask Therese.

            I look at her and found her looking at me too. “So, where is your father?” I asked her. I really hope he’s not here.

            “Oh, daddy. He was sent off to somewhere because of his work. I don’t know when he’s coming back,” she innocently said.          

            I just wonder what that twerp is doing while away from his family. He might be molesting another young girl behind Leila’s back.

            To my surprise, Therese took my left hand and put it straight to her right hand. I looked at her wondering what she’s doing.

            She straightened my curled fingers. “Wow, your fingers are so long. Aimee must’ve enjoyed and have lots of fun with these,” she said.

            What is this kid thinking? I am not sure if what I am thinking is the same as what she’s thinking. Is this kid that mature to know about sex?

            She looks at me and I felt more uneasy. “Aimee taught me a game when I was a little, it’s called finger wrestling,” she said.

“ And if you have longer fingers, you have an advantage. It must be fun playing with you,” she continue saying while playing with my hands.

Oh goodness! I honestly thought she’s thinking of something else for a minute there. Of course a kid will no think about sex. I think I am starting to be a sex-minded man.

She continues playing  with my fingers and then stopped to look at me. “Do you love Aimee?” she asked.

I wasn’t expecting that kind of question from her. I patted her head before answering. “Yes, I love Aimee so much that I’ll turn the world upside down for her,” I said.

For some reason that I don’t know, she frowned. “I’m sure you’ll be very lonely once Aimee leaves,” she said.

I smiled at her but I am not sure what gave her an idea that Aimee will leave me. “I will be very lonely, so please pray that Aimee will not leave me, okay?” I said.

Therese stood up. “But she will…” she said before she got interrupted. The door of the room where Aimee and Leila are in has opened.

They went out of the room with Leila’s eyes all red. I think chances are she cried, or she just scratched her eyes.

But I am sure she cried. Maybe she missed Aimee that much that she’s unable to stop her tears from falling.

“Aimee!” Therese shouted as early as she saw her. She ran towards Aimee and embraced her while Aimee carried her.

Aimee embraced her tightly. “Oh, I miss you so much sweetie. How you’ve grown! The last time I saw you, you were so little,” Aimee said.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Leila smiled at them. “I’ve missed you too! You look more beautiful Aimee,” Therese said.

The look of the two of them made me smile. Aimee saw me and made Therese look at me. “Therese, this is Chase. A friend of mine,” Aimee said.

Therese gave her a nod. “Your boyfriend,” she said and both of them laughed. Leila laughed with them as well.

Therese gave me a look and then faced Aimee again. “He was nice but he looks like your ex-boyfriend that made mommy send you away,” she said.

The last thing she said left me confused. I also saw the puzzled face of Aimee as she looks at me. Her face suddenly turned pale.

I think I am missing something. Earlier, Therese said I look like him. Now she said I look like Aimee’s boyfriend ‘that made Leila send her away’?

Leila took Therese from Aimee. “We’re just going to prepare some food,” she said then left the two of us on the living room.

I looked at Aimee who can’t look at me. “What’s wrong? Is there something that you forgot to tell me?” I asked.

Aimee finally looked at me. “It’s not that I forgot to tell you. I just didn’t want you to know.” Aimee said.

Now, I feet upset. Is it something that big that she didn’t want me to know. Because if she just forgot to tell me, it’s not really that important then.

“Wait, we’ll talk about it. Just wait me here,” she said as she ran after Leila. What now? This is going crazy.

I waited for Aimee to come back and when she came back, she took our things then pulled me with her.

She lead me into a room, it’s like a guest room or something. She put our things down and then sat on the bed.

I remain standing infront of her and I know that with the expression on my face, I look upset, angry even.

“I told Leila that we’ll just relax from the long ride and we’ll come out later,” Aimee said without hinting anything.        

I shook my head and looked away. Does she really have any plan on saying anything to me at all?

I heard her sigh. “Okay, I get it. But I want to know first what Therese told you,” she demands.

Why do I have to give the story first? “She just said I looked like him, thought I didn’t get first what she meant by that. Now tell me what it’s about.” I insisted.

Aimee pulled my hand and made me stand a few inches from her. She held my hand and looked at me.

            With her looking like this, I don’t think I can still be upset so I sat beside her. “I want to know everything.” I said.

            Aimee put her head down before looking back at me. “I thought that you didn’t have to know, since it’s already in the past,” she paused while touching my hands.

            “I made a lie about me being sent to Marisse,” she said. I kept myself contained and silent. I shouldn’t react unless I heard the whole story.

            “It’s true that Julius tried to violate me a couple of times but Leila doesn’t know anything about it. Julius stopped when he saw Therese growing up, he changed because he loved her,” she said.

            “About my ex-boyfriend. He… Uhm… We broke up because he cheated on me, I know you know that. But that didn’t end with that,” she paused then looks at me.

            She looks as if she’s suffering. I would love to stop this from going on but atleast, I want to know first.

            “He tried to win me back. It was after the school year so I hid from him. He tried to find me and even went to see Leila and asked her. And, he found out where I was.”

            “I didn’t give him a chance since what he did really hurt me. He is eager to get me back but, I really gave up on him. So, he resorted into being violent,” she said.

            Now I feel scared hearing this. Her eyes are teary and she can’t look straight into my eyes while telling me this.

            “He beats me to the point I trully hated him and then he tried to rape me. It was very frightening, I felt so degraded and all,” she said.

            I heard her sniff as if she’s trying to contain herself. I didn’t know Aimee was beaten by someone she loved.

            “But when he saw me cried so hard, he stopped before he even started. He snapped, but I was too scared that I ran away from him and went to Leila,”

            “When Leila saw me crying, she felt worried so I told her what happened. We both know that he will be looking for me. That is why Leila sent me somewhere far,” she said.

            She took her hands back and wiped her eyes so that the tears will not fall. My heart is breaking by seeing her life this.

            Aimee bowed her head down as if she doesn’t want me to see her like this. I cupped her face with my right hand and wiped her eyes.

            “It’s alright now, you got me and I won’t let anyone harm you again. I’ll protect you and I won’t be like him,” I said.

            I must hold this promise and not break it. Because once I broke that promise, I know I will be breaking her as well.

            Aimee held my hand and looked at me. “I know. You are different, Chase. I’ve known that even from the start,” she said as she smiles.

            I gave her a smile too. “I understand why you don’t want to talk about it and I know now why you don’t want to be in a relationship with me before.” I said.

            Her eyes grew wider and she looked concerned. “I will accept whatever things that happened in your past, and I’ll make sure that we’ll have good future together,” I said.

            She smiled again but this time, her smile is different. She gave me a nod. “Thank you, Chase. Thanks for always understanding,” she said.

            After we talked, we went out of the room and we ate the food that Leila prepared for us. The uneasiness has now vanished.

            It was fun talking with them and the mood has lighten up. Therese told me a lot of things that I never thought I’d knew.

            She said that Aimee loves playing with cockroaches and I find that really odd. Therese said Aimee loves all sorts of insects and make them her pets.

            Most of the girls I know hate insects a lot and are even scared of them, it is really weird why Aimee loves them.

            I’ve also heard about Aimee’s color preference, she loves purple and hates pink. Most of the girls I know loves pink though.

            She makes house rats as her pets too, according to Therese. I think that’s gross, well I shouldn’t be surprised since Aimee is one heck of an eccentric girl.

            After dinner we all watched a movie and discussed about it. After an hour or so, we all decided to sleep.

            I entered the room and Aimee followed me. I didn’t really expect to share rooms with Aimee. I thought she’s going to sleep with Leila or Therese.

            I faced her to inform what’s on my mind. “You know, I think it’s weird to share a room here in Leila’s house.” I said to her.

            Aimee smiled as she closed the door. I even heard the ‘click’ sound of the door knob while it locked.

            “Leila won’t mind. I’ve already told her about you when we talked to each other,” she said as she removed her blouse.

            “But it’s still weird, you know.” I said as I watch her undress. She really looks so hot that I want to kiss every part of her smooth skin.

            I saw her move to one corner of the room where there is a door. She opened the door and it turns out to be a bathroom.

            I feel so hot right now that I want to take a shower too. A long cold shower. “So what did you tell her?” I asked in curiousity.

            She looks at me as she put the towel on the sink. “I told her that you are making me happy and I want to be with you,” she said.

            The love talk she’s giving me right now is just makes me harder. But I don’t want to have sex with her in Leila’s house. I felt that it would be disrespectful.

            “Do you want to take a shower with me? We’ve never took a shower together before,” she invitingly said.

            The invitation is really tempting but then again, I have to convince myself that it is not right. I turned around so I don’t see her because she hasn’t closed the door.

            “I don’t think so. I’ll just take one after you’re done,” I said. I tried to focus my attention on something else, but I can’t stop myself from imagining what Aimee looks like right now.

            I heard the door closed so I think Aimee went on ahead. I removed my shirt because I feel really hot that I started to sweat.

            Suddenly, I felt two gentle hands held my waist and embraced me. I was hit by the suddenly truth the she is now embracing me from my back.

            “Chase…” she called out my name as I felt her nakedness. I don’t know what to do now, I feel like I’m going insane.

            I have to take control of the situation and of myself as well. But hell, does anyone know how hard it is especially if a girl like Aimee is with me.

            I felt her breathe at my back. “There are still a lot of things about me that you don’t know. Some of the things, I feel like I don’t want you to know,” she paused.

            I felt Aimee release a sigh again. “There are really things that I rather not let you know or maybe, let you know sometime soon,” she said.

            The truth is, I really wanted to listen and understand what she’s saying. But the situation won’t let me focus on her words.

            I can’t remove my attention from the feelings I am having right now. I tried to reach for my shirt so I can wear it and maybe, go out and have some fresh air.

            But she didn’t let me reach my shirt. She embraced me tighter as if she’s not letting me make any move, or as if she won’t let me move away.

            The time seems to stand still as we let ourselves become silent for a while. We were just feeling each other. Waiting until one of us speaks or moves.

            Is this a test of resistance? Is this a test of vulnerability? I guess whatever this is, it’s really making me reach my limit.

            Well, the limit I made was only set eversince Aimee came into my life. I’ve never felt this way before.

 I’ve always enldulged myself with the goodness of what’s in front of me and just make my way out while still making myself look as if I am clean.

Before, I do the things I want even if it’s not good for another person. I make ways to make it look like I am innocent and blameless.

But right now, I don’t want to commit any mistake. I want to make things as perfect as possible, that is why I feel like running away is a better option.       

I tend to doubt myself every now and then. I think of Aimee first before I think about what I want or what my body needs.

Aimee always comes first before anything else. But if losing her is a result of this outlook, then I’d rather be her slave and do what she wants.

What she wants is exactly what I need, but there are times I really doubt if it’s right. I feel uncertain and displeased with myself.

But right now, I want to forget about all the reticence. I want to make it seem like we are the only one who are real, like we are the only ones here.

I gently removed her hands from me and faced her. With the dim light I can only see a bit of her. But it is enough for me to see how beautiful she is.

I’d love her. I’d love her to the best that I can. No matter how difficult or disgraceful tomorrow is, I will love her.

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