She's Eccentric

A story of a boy that met a girl who changed his life.


12. She's Eccentric Chapter 11

Chapter 11

            I just finished having my exercise here at the gym but my mind is still flying. I am still thinking how to face Aimee.

            Right now I am still not sure whether I should tell her that I love her or not. I am guessing, if I just know what will make her stay then I'd pick what she wants.

            I was about to go when I saw a familiar girl. She smiled at me and greeted. "Hi, nice to see you here today." she said.

            I returned her the smile to her. "Nice to see you here too." I said. I took my phone out to check the time. It is half past two now.

            "You're done? You look like you are about to go home now." she said looking at me then looking at my bag.

            I gave her a nod. "Yeah. I got here early because something came up." I said. I remembered Aimee again and it made me make a face without knowing.

            "Oh! Do you want to hang out for now? You see, I still have time." she said while looking at her wristwatch. "With that face you're making, you look like you have a problem. Maybe I can help." she offered.

            Maybe this is what I needed. To talk to someone who doesn't know me or Aimee, a person who can't judge us. Or even if she judge us, it will not affect us.

            I nodded. "You came just when I needed someone to talk to. Maybe I really need your help." I said and she gave me a smile.

            We chose to go to a coffee shop since I already drank last night and I don't want to repeat the same mistake.

            We sat at the far side of the shop and ordered coffee and mini cakes. We first chit chat for a bit before I started opening up my problem.

            "You see, there is this one homeless girl, she's my classmate. I took her to my house and let her live with me. She asked me never to fall in love with her but then, I did." I said. I lowered my head since I am not really the kind of person who shouts out my problems.

            Sandra nodded as a sign she's trying to understand what I am telling her. "You know, it's really difficult for me to control myself because she's so attractive, she's sexy and she loves seducing me." I continued.

            She interrupted me for a while to ask a question. "Did you have sex with her?" she straightly asked me.

            I nodded. "I did once, and know what, I feel like I took advantage of her even though she's showing me that it's okay." I said.

            "Do you have any pictures of her? Like, I just want to see how attractive this girl you are talking about." she said.

            I took my phone out to find a photo of Aimee. I have some that was taken from the camera and I copied to my phone. "And what is her name?"

            I looked at her in a second to tell her the name. "It's Aimee." I said and I continued browsing my phone to find her picture.

            I found a solo picture of Aimee from the time she sang at the Acquaintance party. It was taken from Arvin's camera.

            I hand over the phone to Sandra to show her the picture. "Oh my! She's so pretty and her boobs are so inviting! Can you seriously control yourself in your house when she's there?" she asked while still having a 'wow' on Aimee's picture.

            "Believe it or not, I've been evading her advances for a month now. I just don't want her to look cheap at all." I said.

            Sandra gave me my phone back. "So you mean, it's like she's already throwing herself at you, and then you are pushing her away. Seriously! Are you sure you're not gay? With that kind of woman seducing you?" she said.

            I laughed with what she said. "I am definitely not gay. It's just so difficult. I can have sex with her but I can't love her in return? Do you know how complicated that is?" I asked her.

            She chuckled. "Most of the guys I know would love to have sex without any strings attached. Seems like you're too different." she said.

            "Well, I may be perverted and all but I have respect in woman. I was brought up like that and I'll stay like that." I said.

            Sandra remained silent and listened to me. "Besides, I love and respect her. I don't want to ravish her, I want to take care of her. I want her to stay and I want her to love me too." I said.

            "There must be some reason why she said that you can't love her. By the way, how old are you right now?" she asked.

            "I just turned eighteen." I briefly replied. "Know what, for someone you age, you seem so mature and serious. They usually play around at that age." she said.

            Now I got curious, I don't know anything about this girl I am talking to. "How about you, how old are you?" I asked.

            She faintly laughed. "Don’t you know it is rude to ask a woman about her age. Well, since I am the one who first asked... I'm twenty eight." she said.

            She doesn't look like she's twenty eight, she looks like twenty one or something. Something close to my age. "No freaking way! You look the same age as me!" I declared.

            Sandra nodded. "I can fool a lot of people that I'm eighteen right? It gives me confidence and pleasure. It makes me feel young too." she said.

            I took the cup of coffee and sip it. Ah! Drinking something warm really feels great after a night of drinking.

            "You see Chase, meeting someone like you is really a shock for me. I have past experiences with guys but I never came to meet someone like you." she paused for a while as if estimating what my reaction will be. "Not even my husband."

            I choked with what she just said. "You're married?" I asked. That was quite a revelation that I had never imagined.

            She nodded and gave me a rather cranky smile. "I am, and it is really something I tried to forget every day." she said.

            I was engrossed with what she's telling me now. "What's wrong with being married, you married the wrong one?" I asked.

            She shook her head. "Not that I married the wrong guy, he married the wrong girl." she said. She took a sip of her coffee before she continued talking.

            "He's actually perfect. He works, has a good job. He's a managing director, he makes time for me, buys me flowers and all that. But he wants to have a kid." she said.

            My eyebrows furrowed with what she said. "So, you don't like to have kids?" that is my initial reaction.

            "Not that I don't want to have kids. God knows I want to have one of my own. But, I'm a barren. I can't have kids." she said.

            Oh! She must be very sad about that. Every married couple wants to have a kid of their own, and not having one can ruin marriages.

            "He decided to have a kid from another woman. Which I agreed to since he really wants to have a kid." she said.

            I saw her took the spoon and saw her took some blueberry cheesecake. But she didn't eat it, she just put it down to the saucer.

            She gave out a sigh before continuing. "He paid the woman after she gave birth and asked her to stay away, well that was what I thought. I didn't know that the kid will keep him attached to that woman."

            "I only knew it when he told me that they are gonna have another kid. And that was like a slap on my face." she bitterly said.

            I got curious so I asked some questions about her. "Are you still talking to each other?" I asked her.

            "We're still living together. He can't live without me." she paused. "Can you believe he even attempted to kill himself when I packed my stuff to leave? That is why I'm staying with him though I hate him." she said.

            I listened to her. If I am on her side, I would feel like I am the one who needs to attempt suicide.

            "That is why, in revenge, I had my share of affairs. He knows about it but he doesn't care as long as I stay with him. He sent his kids to their mom and send them money every now and then." she said.

            I interrupted her. "He put down his pride just to be able to live together with you, can't you see that. He made a mistake and he is suffering because of that." I said.

            "I know! I understand that but, you can never erase the fact that those kids are living. The sign of his infidelity, they live." she said.

            Then I remembered the first time I saw her when we met at the gym. "So, at that time we first met, you are actually thinking of having an affair with me?" I asked.

            She nodded. "I still think of it that way. Right now, I know you need someone like me if you are running away from that girl, and I need you to help me too. We could help each other." she offered.

            I can't believe she's actually offering for us to be sex friends. "Believe it or not, I've heard this before. And I do understand what you are going through." I paused and hold her hand to show my sincerity.

            "But I don't want to end up like your husband. I don't want to lose Aimee the way your husband lost you. I don't want to make a mistake that will make me lose her."

            “I hope you understand that. We can be friends and you can tell me all about your problems and all, but I won't cheat on Aimee even if she's not my girlfriend." I said.

            Sandra held my hand too and nod with a smile on her lips. "She must be one hell of a lucky lady to have someone like you loving her that much."

            I looked at her in the eye and she seems earnest with what she is saying. I feel a bit better when I talk about Aimee with someone else.

            "Continue what you're doing and don't lose her. I hope she loves you the way you love her." she said.

            After we talk, I decided to go to the bakeshop and buy something for Aimee before I go home. I picked a cute mini cake that looks like a gift.

            So after I bought the cake, I went straight home. When I got home what surprised me is seeing Aimee with two big bags on her hands.

            I immediately run towards her. "Hey where are you going? Why do you have those bags?" I asked her.

            Her blank expression turned into a frown. "I'll be leaving now, Chase. Since I don't think you'd want to stay in a place where I am staying." she said.

            "Wait, wait, wait!" I said while I took the bag in her hands. "You got the wrong idea. I told you we are going to talk when I get back." I put my own bag down the floor.

            "I've been such a burden now and I don't want to stay like that so please let me leave." she pleaded as she tried to take the bags from me.

            I put the bags inside the room and come back out after to face Aimee. I am eager to make her stay and I'll make her stay no matter what.

            "If sex makes you feel good about yourself and what you wanted then I'll do it. I'll do everything you want." I think I said it in a bad way, but that is how I said it.

            She became upset with what I said. "Do you know what you're trying to say? You're making me look like I'm an itchy bitch!" she screamed.

            I held her arms to try and keep her calm. "No, I didn't mean it like that. But I'll do anything Aimee. Just stay and don't leave." I pleaded.

            She frowned again and held my hands. "Didn't we talk that you wouldn't ask me to stay?" she asked.

            She looked into my eyes as if she is waiting for me to promise. "Promise me you will not ask me to stay." she asked. I got quite shock with what she said.

            I patted her head like a little puppy. "Don't make yourself worry about those things. I don't have to promise anything to you. Because you will not promise you will stay anyway."

            I remember that. That is the time I took her home from getting her stuffs at her previous place. I shouldn't have agreed with that.

            "I'm sorry. Please, all I'm asking is a second chance. I'll make whatever this is work. I'll do everything." I said. "Please." I uttered in a very low voice.

            Aimee looked down her feet. She stayed quiet for a while like she's hesitating. "One week!" I said. She looks at me with a confused expression.

            I tried to make her understand what I really want to say. "Just give me one week, stay for a week. After a week and you still want to leave, then I won't stop you. Please!" I pleaded and knelt in front of her.

            The initial reaction I got from her is a hit on my arm. She even pulled me to stand up. "Chase! Don't do this, I'll stay but don't do this ever again." she said.

            I stood up and I felt really great now. I'll have to show her the best of me to make her stay, and eventually make her fall in love with me.

            I held her hand and lead her to the room. "Let's unpack your things." I pulled her and then make my way towards the bags.

            Aimee stopped and held my arms so I turn to look at her. "Chase." she mentioned my name. I love the sound of my name when it’s coming from her lips.

            I stopped for a while and face her. "Thank you, for caring for me, and for making me stay. Because I really hate to leave." she said.

            One thing is for sure, even if Aimee doesn't love me, she wants to stay with me. And I want to stay with her too.

            I took Aimee in my arms and hug her tight. We've only been away from each other for a night but I feel like I missed her a lot.

            I embraced her tighter and tighter. I feel like crushing her in my arms right now. And I smell the sweet scent of her hair. So I kissed her head.

            "Don't leave me again, okay? Promise me that if there's something wrong, we'll talk about it and won't let it become big." she said.

            "Yeah, I promise." I said with my lips still on her head. I love this kind of feeling. I feel like I am floating in the sky.

            Yeah right. I think I'm really being a romantic fool now. But this feeling is irreplaceable so I don't give a damn.

            We stood there embracing each other for like twenty minutes until Aimee asked me something she's bothered about.

            Aimee gently pulled away from me. "Where did you go last night? Why didn't you go home?" she asked.

            I know I've got to explain everything and it might disappoint her, but it's better to tell her the truth.

            "I went out and to go a playground to have some time to think and to also clear my head. There was a vending machine there so I bought some beer and later on got drunk. I actually called Rhea before that and she met me." I said.

            Aimee just looks at me. I am not wrong with what I thought since I can see disappointment in her eyes.

            "I got drunk so she took me to their house. It's already lunch when I woke up that is why I got here late." I said.

            "Did you..." she paused as if hesitating to say what's on her mind. “Did you have sex with Rhea?" she asked.

            I laughed with what she said. "No, no, no! Rhea is my childhood and best friend. We don't cross the line like that." I said.

            Aimee smiled and embraced me again. "I should thank her then for taking care of you while you are not here." she said.

            I shook my head. "You can't talk to Rhea. She somehow doesn't like you for no reason at all." I replied. Maybe I should fix the gap between the two girls.

            "I don't dislike her. It's just that she shows me so much how she dislikes me. I remember the first day of school. I really thought she's a bully." Aimee said.

            I embraced her tight. "Nah! She's nice if you really get to know her. She's just protective and all. She's like that to all of my ex-girlfriends." I said.

            "But I am not you girlfriend Chase. Why does she still hate me that much?" I heard Aimee asked me.

            I tried to think about what happened on the first day of school that made Rhea hate Aimee. There must be something that happened that day.

            “I’m Charmagne Louis. I’m not interested on making friends. So please stay as much as possible away from me. Thank you.” Aimee said.

            Oh yeah right! Now I remember why Rhea doesn't like Aimee. It's because of the thing she told the class.

            "Do you remember the first day of school? You said that you are not interested on making friends so you asked us to stay away from you." I said.

            Aimee pulled away from me in a way the she's still embracing me. "Oh, yeah! I remember doing something like that." she said.

            "Well Rhea hates that. Rhea is the kind of person who loves making friends. She actually has lots of friends around. That is why I think she hated what you said." I told her.

            Aimee smiled at me. "You know? The way you tell things about her makes me think we just really started on the wrong foot. Maybe I can get to know her." she said.

            "She's a nice girl." I pulled away from her. "Anyway, let's start bringing your clothes back where they were." I said while I opened up the zipper of the bag.

            We brought her things back to the closet and her other stuff to where they originally were. I enjoyed pulling up her stuffs and asking what they are for.

            So after we fixed her stuff we both lay down on bed. We we're laughing since we keep on teasing each other about the personal items we have.

            As I was lying down I look at her, she's looking at the ceiling with a smile on her lips. Later on she also looked at me.

            I don't know if it's just me or if she has gravity on her lips. It's as if she's a magnet and I am a metal that can't help but be drawn closer to her.

            And like what I imagined. She pulled me closer and made her lips meet mine. It was a tangling sensation I felt just by kissing her. I am feeling high.

            I pulled her closer, embraced her tighter. I feel her breast rubbing on my chest and it just makes me feel hot all over.

            I pulled her shirt up so I can touch her breast. The feel of it on my hand arouses me and now I’d really want to make her mine.

            Now I don’t need to stop myself from feeling like this. I just need to indulge myself with her and make her feel good.

            Yes, since she’s driving me crazy I should make her feel good. I pulled my lips away from her lips and started planting kisses on her neck.

            I heard her moan once and it made me burn with desire. “Chase!” she calls out my name. I just feel so good with making her feel like this.

            I want to brag to the world how I make this girl feel good. I planted more wet kisses on her neck down to her collar bone.

            She keeps on groaning and moaning and it turns me on more. I continued making her feel good since I feel good myself.

            I know what’s going to happen so I parted from Aimee and removed my shirt. I also unbuttoned my pants but Aimee pushed me down.

            She went on top of me and planted kisses on my cheek, down to my neck, and to my collar bone and to my chest. 

            Damn how good it feels! I felt myself get harder and harder and I know she feels it too. We both removed my pants and continued kissing.

            We were in a very intoxication moment when we heard a knock on the door. We both stopped and looked at each other while panting.

            Aimee pulled away from me and sighed. “I’ll get the door. It must be Serena or Arvin.” She said and in an instant she went out the room.

            I took a deep breath before I reached for my pants and wear it. I heard the door open but I didn’t hear anything else so I decided to call out.

“Aimee?” I called out but I did not hear any response. “Aimee? Who’s in there?” I asked. I finally wore my pants so I took my shirt and wore it. I went out to check why Aimee is not answering.

When I got to the living room, I was stopped with the scene I saw; Rhea was standing right in front of Aimee.

Rhea was looking at Aimee then looked at me. “Charmagne is Aimee?” she asked with a very high tone of voice.

It’s only then I noticed that Rhea is holding a Tupperware on her hands. I got stuck up at the moment and I am not sure what to say.

I didn’t expect Rhea to come to my house. I totally forgot about her after I talk to Aimee. I was so consumed with happiness that I totally forgot.

“I just went here to bring this food for you.” Rhea went in and hand the Tupperware over to me. “I never expected to see that girl here.” she pointed at Aimee.

Aimee and I remained silent. Rhea is upset and we shouldn’t say anything that can upset her more.

I put the Tupperware on the table and faced Rhea. “Rhea…” I uttered as I still try to form words in my head.

She hit my chest. “You shouldn’t be deceived by that bitch Chase!” and she hit me again. “How could you do this to yourself!” she screamed.

I held Rhea’s arms to calm her down a bit. “Calm down. We’ll talk about it. I’ll tell you everything.” I said.

Aimee went closer to us. “We didn’t mean to fool you or anything. It’s just…” Aimee didn’t finish what she was about to say because in a blink of an eye, Rhea released my grip from her and slapped Aimee.

“Why Chase? You bitch!” Rhea said and she is about to hit Aimee again. I pulled her away from Aimee who’s now rubbing her red cheeks.

“Bitch! Are you so itchy that you’ll take every guy huh?” she shouted at Aimee. “Get of me!” she then shouted at me.

“Calm down Rhea. Please!” I begged her. I am stuck up in the middle. I understand Rhea’s concern but she does not understand us.

I saw Aimee walk towards us. “Let her go Chase.” Aimee said. She looks so serious and sad. I don’t know if I should follower her.

After Aimee spoke, Rhea stopped screaming and resisting so I let her go. Aimee looked at Rhea. “I know you’re mad at me because you’re his best friend and you want to protect him.” Aimee said.

“Don’t you dare act as if you know everything! You know nothing about our friendship. You are just a cheap girl he just met!” Rhea cried out. “Stop it…” I was about to say something more but Aimee gave me a sign to keep quiet.

“I do understand. Chase told me a lot of good things about you. How you two were close since you were a little, and how much you cared for him. He also cares for you, that is why he kept this from you.” Aimee said.

Rhea became speechless with what Aimee said and her expression changed. From being upset, she looks surprised now.

“Chase knows how much you hate me but we can’t get enough of each other that is why he kept this hidden. He doesn’t want you to know about it. Maybe someday we’ll part ways, God knows. But you, you’ll stay with Chase until he grows old,” she said.

“I may just be like what you said I am, a cheap girl. But I like Chase and I want to stay with him, I know he feels the same about me. But he wouldn’t want to lose you. Believe it or not, keeping it hidden from you hurts Chase more than you ever thought.”

Rhea lowered her head and started to sob. “It’s just so hard to think he kept so many things hidden from me, ever since you came. He never did that before,” she said.

I can’t believe that there’s one side of Aimee that I haven’t seen. She made me fall in love with her all over again.

I pulled Rhea and wipe away her tears. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Hush now.” I embraced Rhea hoping I could make her feel better.

“I was just so mad.” She keeps on weeping. “I feel so terrible! I feel so stupid I am taking it out like this. I thought you don’t care for me anymore.” She cried out.

I embraced her tighter. “Chase loves you in his own way Rhea. That is why I know a lot about you. He treasures you.” Aimee said.

Rhea pulled away from me and wiped her tears. “I’m sorry Charmagne for saying so many bad things about you. It’s just so upsetting.” She said in between her sobs.

Aimee embraced Rhea while Rhea continued to cry. What a lovely sight this is, the girl I love and my girl best friend embracing each other.

After we cleared up the misunderstandings, we brought Rhea home. Rhea said she’s still not comfortable with the idea of Aimee and me but she’s not totally that much against it now.

She even said that I found a girl who will understand my needs. I think she just doesn’t want to admit she likes Aimee too.

We brought Rhea home and after we get back at our house, we continued our unfinished business.

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