when i met you George Weasley sparks flew!

April is a witch that's missed almost 6 years of education at Hogwarts because she didn't have a muse to help her find herself. George Weasley is at a stop in his life and finds himself unable to perform magic scince he lost his twin brother in the great battle of Hogwarts 3 months ago. They fall in love and April attends Hogwarts and does the most amazing thing that leaves George forever in love and grateful for falling in love with her.

Please read it I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Please comment with any feed back it will all be appreciated.
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2. I feel like I can trust you!

April’s pov

I walked in trying to play it cool even though I was late. Poor George he must have thought I wasn’t going to show up. I instantly smiled at the song playing. Little things by one direction. And by the looks on George’s face he likes the song too.

“I’m so sorry I thought skittles would never let me leave.” I giggled.

“It’s fine honestly. Who’s skittles though?” George laughed.

“Skittles is my kitten. He’s the most important thing in my life and at the minute the only man I’m letting in.” I sighed.

“Well I’m going to try to change that.” He flirted.


George’s pov

We talked and laughed for a hour and it all went well until our hands touched when both of us reached for the sugar and that’s when it happened. Red sparks started exploding from the tip of my wand in my jeans pocket. I jumped up spilling the coffee everywhere and April looked shocked. She shot up out of her chair and came to my side as my wand clattered onto the floor.

How am I going to explain this?


April’s pov

Just as I shot up out of my chair something that looked like a wooden stick fell out of George’s pocket and as I picked it up green sparks shot out of the end and fell like falling stars and at that point everyone was looking at us so George picked up all of our stuff grabbed my hand and we ran out of the shop and kept on running until we got to a rundown milkshake bar with no-one in it but a employee with ear phones playing so we walked in and sat down.

“George. Please tell me what just happened. No tell me everything because I know there is something you’re not telling me and I need to know that you trust me enough to tell me these things otherwise what chance do we have even being friends? The truth with me is my dad run out on us and it’s just me and my mom but she just works all of the time. Not even my best friends have made me smile as much as you have in the time I’ve known you.” I sighed.

He sighed “My twin died 3 month ago and... I feel like... No I felt like my life had come to a stop. But then I met you. I know it’s cheesy but it’s true and-” He got cut off by me kissing him from across the table.

It was amazing. Like sparks we’re flying everywhere and it felt so magical.


3rd person

It was seconds into the kiss when the oddest thing began to happen. April’s hair began to change colour. Bright pink to blue to green, fire red to an amazing purple. It began to get longer and shorter. Curly and straight. George noticed and began to get so confused just as April’s eyes began to change colour and even turned into cats eyes.


George’s pov

What’s happening here? Well I think it’s obvious what’s happening here.

Am I doing this? No of course I’m not the one doing it.

Is April the one doing it? No of course not she doesn’t have magical blood.

Ohhh my days I’m turning into my mum arguing with myself in my head.

“We need to go see my dad.” Is all I said.

“George what is going on?” April asked me. Her hair had now settled to be a deep blood red that ran halfway down her back in loose curls replacing the straight brown hair it once was. Her eyes were hot pink and she looked like she was glowing.

We ran out into a back alley where I held out my hand with my wand in it. The bus appeared moments later. April looked scared. Muggles aren’t supposed to be able to see the night bus but it’s clear by the look on her face that she could see it. But how?

“Welcome to the night bus my names Lee Jor- George I... What are you doing here? Who’s this beauty?” Lee asked.

 “Hey Lee living the high life I see eyyy Lee. This little lady is April Southwell. Just the usual Lee for 2 please mate.” I said.


April’s pov

While George was talking I sat on a bed. I know a bed on a bus weird right? I instantly fell asleep.

I dreamt I was in a room with four beds and there was a ginger girl in there that looked a little bit like George. I was wearing robes with a lion on the badge in red and orange and I was sitting at a desk writing a letter labelled to George and someone called Fred and the red headed girl was hanging over me whining saying she was hungry and if we didn’t leave we would miss breakfast.


George’s pov

When we arrived at the burrow I woke April up and helped her into the house as she was still half asleep. But she couldn’t even walk straight so i picked her up and carried her bridal style.

“Georgie we... Ohhh my what’s happened here?” My mum asked.

“I’ll explain later mum just let me take her upstairs.” I stated.

Once I got down stairs I threw myself at the bookshelf and started pulling out any random books making comments like ‘useless’ and ‘why do we even have this’. Until I came across one that sounded promising. ‘Histories of magical blood’.

“Georgie what are you looking for” My mum asked as my dad walked in.

So I sat and explained everything.

“Well I’ve never heard of anything like it.” My dad sighed.

“Well at least we can safely say she’s a metamorphmagus. And a very pretty one at that Georgie.” My mum stated as she pinched my cheeks

“Well I’m going to bed mum. Night dad.” And with that I left to go up to bed.

I put April in my bed so I went in to find something to wear to bed to find her sitting up on the bed so I sat down next to her when she put her arm around my waist and cuddled up to me.

“Please stay with me” She whispered into my chest.

“Always.” I replied.

And with that we both lay down. Me cuddling up to the girl of my dreams. The muse to my magic. And her... well I don’t know what I am to her just yet.

“April I feel like I can trust you with anything.” I whispered into her now shocking pink hair.

“You can. Whatever you want to say just say it.” She whispered quietly.

“I’m a wizard. And you’re a metamorphmagus.” I whispered back to her.

“A... A what? How can you be they don’t exist and what does that even mean?” She asked.

“I explain in the morning.” I stated.

And with that we fell asleep.

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