What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

When the twins parents die, they leave to find fame. With their bright violet eyes and powers that come with them they also set off to find out who they inherited them off. On the way they bump into five boys and romance sparks...but it seems where ever they turn something bad happens.


6. Numbers please!


Trinity went over to talk to Liam and Louis so i talked to Zayn for a bit and he logged his number into my phone. Niall and Harry did the same. As we were walking Trinity told me everything will be ok....I hope so. 

At home we're eating the food and Trinity speaks up, "RIGHT! Come on Duckling time for bed!" 

"Oh quack quack!" I tell her as i curl up in a ball. "Night sis!" I say to her as i start to fall asleep. "Night Beth.." She says as she falls asleep at the same time. 


I wake up the the annoying noise of my old alarm on my phone. This was one of the rare days i didnt have my bad dream. "Morning Trin!" I shout as i get in the shower. "MORNING BETHANY!!!" She shouts back to me after five minutes i get out of the shower. 

"Im off to work!" I say as i leave in my dungarees and blue top...plus im wearing my favourite blue converses. "Hey Mike! Hey Bill!!" I shout to the fishermen i sell to. "Hello Bethany! Got any fish yet?!?" Mike calls, "on my way to get some now Mike!" I call back.

i get to the bay and i use my water power to steer the fish towards me and chuck a net in. "BINGO!" I shout, ive caught about ten cod and five pikes. "right time to gut these then!" I whisper to myself. As i gut the fish and im on my last one, someone walks down the pier and sits beside me. I don't look up. I just finish the fish and put all of them in the net. "Hi.." Someone whispers into my skin, I can tell its one of the boys from yesterday. "Hi..." I whisper back.

I get a text -

From: CuteLeprachaun ;)x

Its nice to see you again xx <3

"ha!" I laugh out loud...I've never seen a guy do that many kisses or hearts.


From: CuteBrunette ;)x

I missed you :( xx <3

To: CuteBrunette ;)x

Me too :( xx <3

From: CuteBrunette ;)x

What do you think about me? Xx<3

To: CuteBrunette ;)x

I think you're the most beautiful girl ive ever seen and i think that Im falling for you.....

From: CuteBrunette ;)x


To: CuteBrunette ;)x

What do you think about me? xx <3

From: CuteBrunette ;)x

I think you are the most good looking guy on the planet, I think you have a brilliant personality and i think IM falling for you.....

To: CuteBrunette ;)x

oh.....;) xxxx


"I love you..." I whisper as someone puts their arms around my waist and turns me around. "Niall..." I whisper into his neck. "I love you too..." He whispered back. We stayed in eachothers arms until the alarm went off on my phone, "OH!" I shouted, "Niall ive got to go but please text me later so we can meet up!" I tell him and with that I kiss him on the cheek and run off with the fish to Mike and Bill. "MIKE BILL!!!!!!" I shout, "IVE GOT A LOAD FOR YOU!" I run to their boat and give them the load. I make forty pounds off it. I look back to Niall and he's starting at where we stood holding his cheek....the one i kissed. "Niall!" I call while i run, "meet me at seven o'Clock tonight at the restaurant." I tell him and with that I give him a hug and a peck on the lips.

With that I ran off back to the attic. While texting.

To: CuteLeprechaun ;)x

You have no idea how much I <3 you

xxxxx <3 <3 xxxxx

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