Oblivion *An AU One Direction Fan Fiction*

She wished she could just fall into oblivion.
❀Warning, this story could trigger self-harm! Leave a comment on my profile if you need to talk.❀


3. Chapter 3

Zayn’s heart broke as Ali continued to sob. She was like a little sister to him and he felt as if he needed to protect her. Zayn felt horrible and she continued to cry and he felt broken. ‘Maybe if he had talked to her more she wouldn’t have felt like she had to do this.’ Zayn thought. Perrie walked into the room and sat down on the bed next to her boyfriend of five years.

“Sh, I’ll be over there in a half hour. The boys will be over for one.” Zayn whispered. “It’s gonna be okay Ali.” Zayn added quietly. After a few moments, he put the phone away.

“Zayn, what’s going on? Is Ali okay?” Perrie asked rubbing Zayn’s back. He shook his head sadly.

“Ali…” Zayn started but couldn’t finish his sentence. Perrie coaxed him into talking. “She cuts herself. And she won’t eat! And it’s all because of those bloody haters. Perrie, promise me baby, if you ever feel like this, come tell me. Please Perrie.” Zayn sobbed, having completely lost it.

“Zayn, sh baby. I promise I’ll tell you if I ever feel like that. I promise.” Perrie whispered.

“I have to get over to Liam’s to tell him. Ali won’t do it. Just you can’t say anything Perrie. Just be over for one.” Zayn said trying to pull himself together. Perrie nodded, tears in her eyes.

“I’m so proud of you Zayn. I love you.” Perrie whispered. Zayn kissed her passionately.

“I love you more.” Zayn said before running out the door and driving to Liam’s flat.


“Babe, I’m going for a walk.” Ali yelled to Liam. She had changed into leggings and a jumper.
“Okay! See you later!” Liam called back. She shut the front door and walked downstairs, bumping into Zayn on her way out. He hugged her tightly tears glistening in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Zayn.” She whispered. “You were never meant to find out.” She sobbed.

“Alison Brooke Mason, you have nothing to be sorry for. We’re going to help you get though this. I’ll text or call you when I’m done talking to Liam” He said with a small smile. Alison hugged him tighter.


“Thank you Zayn.” Ali whispered before walking out the door. He nodded and took the elevator upstairs to the sixth floor where Liam and Ali lived. He knocked on the door and tapped his foot waiting for Liam to answer the door. He had a towel around his waist and a toothbrush.

“Zayn, Ali said you weren’t coming until one o’clock.” Liam exclaimed.

“We need to talk.” Zayn said quietly. Liam’s smile faded quickly.


“Uhm okay, let me go get dressed. You can chill here.” Liam said, worry evident in his voice. Zayn sat on the leather couch and Liam came back in, fully clothed and teeth brushed. “What’s going on Zayn? Is everything okay?” Liam asked wanting to know why Zayn was so upset.

“Not really.” Zayn said quietly, he didn’t know what to say. Liam’s eyebrows furrowed together.

“Did I do something wrong?” Liam asked. “Am I getting kicked out of the band?”

“No, of course not. It’s about Alison.” Zayn said. Liam was relieved but tensed up when he heard Ali’s name. He was trying to figure out what was going on. Why Zayn was so upset.

“What happened to Ali?” Liam asked, become more frustrated and worried.

“Li, this is really hard. Ali asked me to tell you, because she couldn’t say it herself.” Zayn started, he felt horrible and upset. He felt guilty telling Liam this but he knew he had to.

“Ali’s been receiving a lot of hate Li. She hasn’t said anything to anybody, wanting to handle it herself.”  Zayn paused. Liam was listening to Zayn intensely. He looked so worried.

“Zayn, what are you saying?” Liam asked, his voice quivering and his fists clenched.

“Liam, Ali’s turned to self harm. She’s not eating. She cuts. I think you need to confront her.” Zayn whispered. Liam stared at his best mate; not being able to process what had just been said.

“Why my Ali? Why do they have to do this? This is my fault.” Liam started to sob. Zayn stood up and grabbed Liam into a hug. Liam pulled out his phone and tired to call Ali. The call went right to voicemail.


“Hi, this is Ali! Sorry you missed me! I’m probably with my wonderful boyfriend Liam right now but I’ll call you back later!” Ali’s melodic voice said. Liam started to cry even more.
“A-Ali, please call me back. I’m really scared! Just come back home. I love you Ali.” Liam whispered. He called again and again but there was never an answer. Zayn tried calling and finally after the fifth time Ali picked up.


“Is he mad?” Ali whispered.

“No, he’s worried sick about you.” Zayn said looking at Liam who was pacing on the balcony to see if Ali was outside. Ali breathed a sigh of relief. “Where are you? He’s panicking Alls.”

“I’m on my way up. I was sitting on the staircase.” Ali said quietly. Zayn hung up the phone and walked outside to find Liam. Liam was pacing and crying and muttering profanities on how this was his fault.


“She’s coming up now. She just called.” I said. Liam turned to face me, more tears rolling down his face.  The door opened and Ali slipped in, tears rolling down her face. Liam walked inside facing his girlfriend of three years. She ran into his arms and he held her close.

“Sh, baby. I’m so sorry.” Liam cooed as Alison howled in his chest.


“Liam.” She sobbed uncontrollably. Liam held her close. Zayn was outside on the balcony, watching the whole affair but not saying a word like he usually did.

“Sh Ali. It’s okay baby.” Liam cooed. Eventually they both calmed down.

“Whenever you feel like this, you come talk to me. I don’t care what time it is or where I am. That can wait. You are one million times more important than a stupid interview,” Liam whispered holding Ali close. 


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