Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


9. 9. Prom

"PROM IS TODAY!!!" I heard yelling from the side of me. I groaned and opened my eyes to see Demi jumping in the bed, with a big smile on her face. I smiled at her. "I'm fucking excited!!" She yelled and ran into the bathroom and changed for school. 

I laughed and shook my  head at her. Crazy girl! I stood up from my bed and walked to my closet i picked out a outfit and put it on. I walked out to the bathroom, did my hair and makeup and packed my bag. Demi was almost finished putting her clothes on. (Outfits in comments) 


We walked in to school and saw an ambulance and the police there. "What the..." I mumble and look around for Justin. I take Demis hand and we walk to him, Chaz, Ryan, Vanessa and Ashley. "What happened?" I ask and hug Ashley and Vanessa. "They found drugs, and suddenly they heard a shot and a student got shot in the stomach" Ashley stumble out.

"Omg" I say and takes Justins hand. "Is he dead?" I ask worried. Some people are just sick in their head! Justin shakes his head "No, but he is very hurt" He say and takes his arm around me. "Gosh this is awful" I say and hold my hand for my mouth.


"OKAY EVERYBODY LISTEN! EVERYONE GO TO YOUR CLASS, HE IS FINE AND THE DRUGDEALER HAVE BEEN FOUND AND BEEN SUSPENDED!!" Our teacher yells. I nod and we walk to class. Me and the girls had singinglesson. We weren't many in that class, i don't get why?


When class was over it was lunch time. I walked with Ashley in the line. "I cant wait to see who is in my group tonight" Ashley say and smile. By group she means who she is sitting by tonight at the prom. Every couple get some other couples to sit by at 1 table.


"Me too, i hope we get to sit together" I say and take some food. She nods and smiles. We take a drink and walk to the other girls at the table. "Hey girls" I say and sit down next to Vanessa. "We just got the paper with couples on!" She say and shows me. I take it and reads: Table 10: Vanessa Hudgens, Chaz Somers, Demi Lovato, Ryan Butler, Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.


"Omg!! Yes!" I yell happy and give the paper back. "I cant wait to wear a beautiful dress and see you guys'" Ashley say happy. "Me neither" Demi say eating her chips. I smile at them and drink my coke. Me and the girls were all getting ready tonight at Demis house, together. 


After school

I walked out of school with the girls, we stood there talking when i noticed Justin talking to the guys. "I'm just gonna talk to Justin, be back in 2 minutes" I say and walk to him. "Hey Jay" I say and smile. "He turns around and smiles. "Hey pretty lady" He say and winks. "When do you guys pick us up?" I ask and look at all of them. "Around 6.00" Zac say and smile. I nod and smile back.


"Okay then see you tonight boys" I say and hugs Justin and wave at the others. I walk back to the girls and we get in Demis car and drive to her house. "What time is it now?" I ask Vanessa since she had a watch on. "Umm 3.00" She say and smile. "That means we have 3 hours to get ready" Demi say and opens her closet.


Ashley nods and walks into the bathroom. We all take a bath, not at the same time. I was the last one and walk out to see all of our parents here. I smile and walks to Demis closet, ince she had my dress. We put everything on and do our hair, and makeup. (Every girls outfit is in the comments)


We walk downstairs to our parents. "Wow girls you look incredible" Vanessa mom and my mom say and lets a few tears fall. I smile and hugs my mom. "My little girl i a grown up, i cant believe your 18 and going to prom" She say and pulls away. I smile and hugs Brian. "I'm so proud of you sweetie" Brian say and kiss my cheek. I smile at them.


"Guys stop, your making me cry, which will ruin my makeup. I love you guys" I say and hugs them both. "We love you too" My mom say and smile at me. I look at the clock in the living room and see that there is 10 minutes till it is six. "We need some pictures to remember this" Demis mom say and takes her phone and camera.


My mom takes my phone and Brian takes his phone and their camera. And you heard right my mom took pictures with MY phone. First a picture just of me, then one of me and Demi, then one of me and Ashley, then some of the other girls, then one of me and vanessa, and at last one of all of u girls. 

"Mandy why dont we take one of mom and daughter" Brian say and we take one of me and my mom. Soon the door rings and Demis mom opens. I look to see Justin standing there is a tux with his beautiful brown eyes, of course also the other guys, but i only reconized Justin. I walk to him and hug him tight.


"You look beautiful, more than ever" Justin say and kiss my cheek. "You dont look to bad yourself, handsome" I say and smirk. I could hear my phone take pictures and look to see my mom taking pictures of us. I laugh and take my phone to take a silly selfie with Justin. "Gather up everyone, we need pictures" They all say and we take alot of pictures.


When we are finally done, we leave to prom. This night will be the best ever. We get in the limo and drive to the school. 15 minutes later we are at the school. I get out of the car followed by Justin. We walk in with the others and sit down at our table. When the clock is 6.30 a teacher comes on the stage and we all clap at her.


"Welcome everybody! Thank you for coming here tonight. Now there is the first menu, enjoy the evening" She say and we clap. All the waiters comes with the first food. We eat and talk, and just have fun enjoying everyones company. We eat 1 more menu and then its time to announce the king and queen. We all get out on the dance floor. All the girls on the one side and the guys on the other side. "Okay everybody voted for the queen and on the third place is..........................


...............Demi Lovato!" He yells out. I hug Demi and she walks through all the girls and up to the stage. She hugs the guy and gets her third place crown. I'm so happy for her, she looks so happy. "And on the second place is...........................................................................................................


..............................................Ashley Tisdale!" He yell and we all clap and me and Vanessa hugs her tight, before hshe walk on stage, places her self next to Demi nd gets her crown. I smile and look at them. "And on first place......This years queen is!......................................................................


...........................................Selena Gomez!" He yells and everyone starts claping and yelling. Vanessa hugs me and i hug back tight. "omg" I say and walk up to the stage, hugs the guy and walks next to Ashley and gets my crown and badge where there stood Queen on. I smile and a tear roll down my cheek. It was every girls dream to be prom queen! And here i am! I'm the prom queen.


"Now to the guys! On third place is........................Logan Kowland!" He yells and everyone clap. He was one of the guys from the basketball team and football team, and i have to admit he isn't ugly, ha. But he had a girlfriend and she was really pretty. "On second place is...............................

.......Zac Efron!" I clap and smile at Ashley. "And this years king is....................................................


.................Justin Bieber!" I smile and clap really much. He smiles and walk up and stands next to Zac and me. He hugs me and kiss my cheek. "Give them a hand!" He yell and clap at all of us. "Anyone got a speech?" He whisper to us. I see Demi rase her hand. I look at her and smile, as she walks over to the microphone.

"Hey guys, thank you so so much for this third place, i would never had thought i would ever get any crown on my head ever!" She say making all of us laugh. "An i'm so proud of my friends, because they made me, be me" She said making a few tears fall. I take Justin hand and press it tight. He smiles and listen to Demi. "And i have to admit, you guys are the best classmates and frenemies i have ever had!" She say and we all laugh.


"..And i just wanna ay i love you guys, and when we go seperate ways, to college or work, i will miss you guys so fucking much, even if i dont really talk to some of you, then you will all still have a little place in my heart. Especially my best friend Selena, who have been my friend since kindergarden, and we are gonna be friends till we die, i love you" She say and smile at me. "so thank you!" she say and walk back to us.


"Thank you Demi, now its time for the queen and king dance!" He yells and looks at me and Justin. "Will you dance with me?" Justin says flirty and hold his hand for me. "It will be me a pleasure" I say flirty  and takes his hand. We walk down to the floor and in the middle of the dancefloor. I wrap my arms around Justins neck and his hands on my hips. We slowdance with everyone looking at us. "I like this" I whisper and smile. "yer?" I nod and smile. A few more people start dancing too. "I dont like it" Justin say cold. Excuse me?


"What?!" I say raising my voice at him. He smirks and smiles. "I love it" He say flirty. "Gosh Justin" I say releaved. He giggles and we keep dancing. "Selena, i have a question for you" He say and look me in the eyes. "Yes?" I ask him a little confused. "Will you go on a real date with me on tuesday?" He ask nervous.


Pay back is a bitch!



"No, sorry" I say and look down. "What? Why?" He ask hurt. "I'm kidding, i would LOOOVE to" I say and smile. He hits my amr, not hard. "You little idiot" He say and smile. I shrug my shoulders and laugh. He starts to lean in and so do i. But jus as our lips is inches apart, i ge ripped away of Ashley and Vanessa. "DANCING BBY!!!" Vanessa yells just as they hit up run the world girls by beyonce! We start to dance around all night.


We stand outside waiting for some taxis to pick us all up. I stand there freezing since it is winter and i dont have any jacket. Suddenly Justin wraps his arms around me and rubs them for me to get a little warm. I smile ad holds his hand. "Baby...." He say. "Yer?" I say and look at him. I actualy didn't get the time to look at him before he crashed his lips on mine. I kissed back adding more. I wrapped my arms around his neck and forgot everything about taht i was cold. 


Justin open the door and we walk inside. I could see all my littlesisters friends and her was asleep in the livingroom. My mom and Brian was sleeping, since i could hear snoring. I giggle and walk upstairs slow, trying not to make any sound, followed by Justin. We walk in my room and change to our nightclothes. We jump in the bed and turn the tv on. I wasn't really so tired, just cold. "This night have been amazing" I say and wrap my arms around Justin. He nods and kisses my head. "I know, i cant believe that we became king and queen" He say and interwines my fingers in his. "Me neither" I say and kiss his cheek.

We watched a little of extreme homeservice, but before i knew it we were both asleep. I guess after all we were pretty tired. 


This have been.........



.........A night to remember.




Hope you like, leave a comment below. :D 



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