Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


8. 8. Cant wait


I woke up next to Demi in her bed. I had slept here since yesterday. I rub my eyes and sit up. Demi get out of bed. I get out and walk to the bathroom and get a outfit on. I sthraighten my hair and walk out. I grab my bag and phone and me and Demi walk downstairs. We grab some breakfast and walk out off the door and drive off to school. (Outfits in comments) 


We walked inside school and to our lockers. We got our books and walked to class. We had spanish and i loved it. Me and Demi sat down and talked. Then the teacher came and we started class. 

2 hours later

I walked out of spanish class with Demi and we walked to the the guys locker to talke to them. We were talking on our way and finally reaches them. "Hey sweetpie!" Justin says and kisses my cheek. I giggle and hug him. "Hey Jay" I smile. We stand there talking until a girl comes up to us. "Hey Justin, are we on at my house after school?" She say and wink hungrily. My smile frown and i look at Justin. "No i said the library, its just a project" He answered confused. "Oh okay then i will see you" She say and smirk, then kiss his cheek and walk away. I wanted to slap her as hard as possible and kill her with everything i could kill her with! Oh god i am jealous!.....

"Who-o was she-e" I stutter out and look at him. "Don't worry its nobo----wait? Are you jealous?" He ask with a smirk. I shake my head and look down. "Aww don't worry baby, you're the only girl in my life, well and then theres my mom but you know what i mean" He say and pull me into a hug. "Awww" I hear Demi and Ryan say. I pull away and giggle. 

"Lets do something before i have a projekt deal with her" He say and smile. "What her name?" "Lisa and she's pretty annoying" He sighs. I laugh and look at him. "What do you wanna do then?" "We could......go to the park for a walk right after school" He say and smile. "But its snowing" "Your point?" He ask smirking. "Okay i would love to do that" I smile, he take my hand and interwines our fingers and we walk to class. 


After school

I walk out and see Justin talking to that girl, Lisa again. "Bitch..." I mumble and walk to them. Justin look sat me and smiles. "See you tonight Lisa" He say and takes my hand. She nod and takes her food out so i stumble over it. "Whoa" Justin say and cathes me. I smirk and stand up. We walk hand in hand around town and reaches the park. We walk around a little and then i pick up some snow and throws it at Justin. He gasp and glare at me. I look at him innocent and smile. 

He pickes up alot of snow and throws it on my head. "Arg! Justin! My hair.." I say and glare at him. We kinda start a snowball fight and at last we are both covered in snow, and i'm almost freezing to death. Justin wraps his arms around me and hugs me tight. He kiss my head and looks at me again. "This was fun, just having a nice day outside with you" I say and smile. He nods and kisses my cheek. "And prom is in 5 days! I'm so excited!" I say and jump out in the snow. He laughs and just look at me. "But Demi doesnt have a prom date yet" I say and frown. 

"We can do something about that" Justin say and smirk. I look at him confused. "We'll get Ryan to ask her out" Justin say and smile. "Only if he wants too" "Trust me, he needs a date too" Justin say and take my hand and we walk back to the school, takes Justins car and drive to ryans house. 

We knock on Ryans door and a few second later his dad opens up. "Hey guys, Ryan is upstairs" He say and smile. We nod and step inside. We take off our shoes and walk up to Ryan. "Hey dude" Justin say and does the hand shake. "Hey bro, Hey Selena" He say and hug me. "What are doing here?" He ask and closses the door. "We wanted to ask you something" I say and smile. "Yes?" "Do you have a prom date yet?" I ask smiling. "Um no" I smile and look at Justin.

"Who would you invite?" Justin ask him. "Well, i was thinking Demi or a girl from my class" He say and hrug his shoulders. "I think you should invite Demi" Justin say and takes my hand. He look at us both and we smile at him. "Are you guys dating?" He ask confused. What? "No" I say confused. "Oh i just thought, yer i'll think about doing it tomorrow" He say and smile. I mile and hug him. "Thank you!" I yell and smile. 

He laughs and pull away. "Bye dude, see you tomorrow" "Bye guys" I wave at him and me and Justin walk out. We get in the car and Justin drives. I play with the ring on my finger and just listen to the music. Suddenly Justin turns off the radio. I look at him confused. "What are you doing?" "We are at your house" He say and i look out the winodw. "Oh" I say and look down. "Is it annoying you i'm going to that study date tonight?" He ask turning off the car.

"Umm n-o" I stutter not making eyecontact. "Selena?" I look at him. "Okay maybe a little" "Why? It's not like anything will happen, she has a boyfriend" "I know, i just dont trust her" "But you trust me" I nod and smile. "Thank you, i'll see you tomorrow" I say and open the door. "Bye Sel" I wave at him while he drives away. 

I walked inside and put my bag down. I sighed and walked upstairs. I saw a note on my bed. I picked it up and read: 

Dear Selena

When you see this, and we aren't home, we have droven to see some old friends who just got to town. Madison is at Kristy's house, will you pick her up? Thanks. 

We'll be home around 10.00. 

Love mom and Brian

I sighed and got my keys. I walked downstairs and garbbed my phone and took my converse on. I locked the door and walked to my car. I drove to Kristy's house, which took around 15 minutes. It was already 7 and i was hungry. I pressed the honk buton, and 1 minute later Madison came in the car. "Hey sis" "Hey" I say and drive. I got an idea. We drive past the school. Justin and Lisa is in there...haha think you guessed what i'm gonna do. 

I pulled into the school. "What are we doing here?" "I'm just gonna do something" I say and unbuckle my seat. "I wanna go!" She yells unbuckling her seat. "NO! Sit back down" "I wanna go!!" She yells louder. "Shh" I say and put my finger on her mouth. "Fine, come on" I say and get out of the car. I take her hand and we go to the library. We sneak in and find a few students reading. We hide behind a book shelf, i can see Justin and Lisa. They are talking. 

"Sel this is boring" My littlesister whisper to me. "Shut up" I say and look at her. I could see her mouth become wide and she gasped. I look over at them and see Lisa kissing Justin. He is just trying to get her off. I gasps and my face frown. "I'm sorry sis" Madison say and sidehug me. "It's ok-kay" I stutter and look at them again. Justin finally pulled away and takes his books and leave. 

I take my sisters hand and we walk out. I get in the car and waits for Madison. She gets in and we drive home. We walk inside and i walk directly in my room. It was 8.15. I walked to the bathroom and got a shower. Would Justin tell me about that she kissed him? I hope so. Because if he doesnt i mean, i'll be a little dissapointed in him. 

I finished taking a bath and threw some panties on and Justins white shirt. He had given it to me after the party the time. He was so sweet. I walked downstairs and made some popcorn and walked to the couch, i sat down and pulled the carpet over me. I turned the tv on and zapped the channels through until i saw tangled. I smiled and watched it. "Hey sis?" Madion say while sitting down next to me. "Yes?" I ask still looking at the tv. "I think you will look beautiful to prom on friday" She say and smile. What a sweet sister huh? 

"Really?" She nods and takes some of my popcorn. "I'm holding my birthdayparty friday for my whole class" She say excited. "Really now? When?" "At 5 they will come and then they stay until sunday" She say happy. "For two days?" Sne nods and eats some more popcorn. "Thats fun, what are you guys doing saturday then?" "Swimming in the inside pool, and watching tv all day, and maybe a snowball fight" She say happy and smile at me. I smile back as i nod at her. 



Next day

I walked into school with Demi in normal outfits. Or actually i was wearing highheels so not completily normal. (In comments) 

We walked in and i saw Ryan and Justin talking to all the guys from the team. I smile and we walk to them. I wrap my arms around Justin from behind and he turns his head and look at me. "Heyy Sel" He say and smile. "Hey Jay" I giggle. He turns around and we walk a little away from the guys and Demi. "What are you doing?" I ask confused. "I need to tell you something"  He say and look down. I was leaning up against some lockers and Justin had his hands on each side of me. I look at him waiting to say something. "I'm moving". 







Those two words broke my heart. My face frowned completly and i just stared like someone just died. He couldn't move, i needed him more than anything in this world. "Wh-hat?" I said blankly. He looked down and then up again with a big smile on his face. Was it funny to him? 

What the hell is wrong with him?


"Why are you smiling?" "I'm kidding" He say and laugh. Fuck you!! Very much. "Justin you fucking asshole, you scared me to death!" I say and hit him on the arm and his chest hard this time. He holds his chest. "Ow, babe chill, i'm sorry, but i do have something to say about last night" I already knew what it was. "That study date with Lisa, she kinda...--..-" He sarted but couldn't say it. I could see he was nervous about my reaction. "She kissed you" I said and looked at him. "Yer, sh..-------wait? How do you know that?!" He say loud and look at me. "Were you spying on us?" He said shocked. I look down innocent. "Aww, you care about me" "Of course i do" I say and look at him. "But i thought you said you trusted me" "I do, but i didn't trust her, and i wanna slap her as hard as i can right in the face" I say and my jaw tighten. 

He giggles  hugs me. "Nope, don't do that" "I cant promise" I laugh. "Hey you heard your sister is having a birthdayparty?" He say and look me in the eyes. I nod and smile. "I actually thought of something...." I say while wrapping my arms around his neck. "Yer?" Justin asks confused. I feel like we are being watched and look to see the whole basketball team and Demi, Ashley and Vanessa looking at us. They smile and i smile back. "You know we are going to prom together..." "Yer?". 

"And i thought you could sleep over at mine from friday to saturday, or maybe even to sunday" I say and smile waiting for his response. "I would love too sleep with you" He say and winks. I giggle and slap his cheek, not hard this time. 


Later at  PE

Me and Demi were walking into the hall, from the changing room. "Omg you cant belive what happened at lunch!" Demi say loud and happy. "Ryan asked me to prom!!" She say and clap her hands and smile big. Aww i was happy for her. "Aww congratulations with your date then" I say and smile. "Thank you" She say and puts her arm in mine and we walk out in the hall. "Hey why dont we go shopping, and i mean big shopping today?" Demi say happy. I nod and smile. "I would love that!" I say loud and hugs her. 

Suddenly Justin picks me up and puts me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I laugh a he run around. "Why should i?" He say as he stops up. "Because.....i will by you cap today" I say and hopes he will say yes. "A cap and a kiss, then we got a deal" He say smirking. "Fine....." I sigh. He sets me down. "You'll get your kiss after school" He nods and smiles. 


After school

I walked out to see Demi, Ryan and Justin standing there waiting. I walk to them and hugs Demi. "You ready?" Demi say and smile, I nod and smile back. "You're missing something" Justin say and smirks. I roll my eyes and grabs him by his shirt and pulls himto a kiss. He kiss back, but then we both pull away speechless. "Lets go" Demi say and grab my arm. "You guys should totally be official" Demi whines. I laugh and smack her head. She giggles and we go to the car and drive to the mall. 

We shopped for an hour and then we ate and then kept on shopping. "Aye i need to get Justin a cap" I say and walk into a cap store. We walk around for a while and then i finally find one i want him to have. 

(all they bought are in the comments) 

We get home at 7.00. I walk in my house and up in my room. I open the door and walk in. Suddenly the door closses and i turn around with a shock. "Justin!" I say and hug him. He smile and hug back. "What are you doing here?" I ask as i set down all my bags. "Well you bought me a cap" He say and shrug his shoulders. "I did" I say and hand it to him. "Thanks!" He say and kiss my cheek. 

"And i asked your mom if i could sleep over and i could" He say and lays down on the bed. "Really? Thats nice" i say and smile at him. We get my things away and in the closet. Justin takes his pants off and takes his sweatpants on. He takes his shirt off and lies down on the bed. I take my pants off and shirt and throws on Justins white shirt. I loved it, it smelled like him, which was magical. 


I lie down next to him and we cuddle up in bed. We talk about everything theres on our mind and at 11.00 we eventually feel asleep. This was nice, having Justin with me. I felt safe. Like no one could hurt me, or i couldn't hurt myslf either. I loved him so much. 

I cant prom with him. 

The boy i was madly in love with. 


The boy i loved with all my heart.


The boy who made me smile, even if i was mad. 


The boy who made me laugh. 


The boy who would take care of me. 


The boy who...........




...loved me. 


There it goes! Hope you like it! Please leave a comment!! :D

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