Justin Bieber is the captain of the basketballteam and the most popular guy in school. Selena Gomez is the most popular girl and on the dancing team.
You would think that they would be great friends but think again...

At first they can't stand eachother, but then they fall in love. It leads to drama, breakups, hurting, cries, kisses, sex and last of all unbreakable love.

Read here in a Jelena love story!


7. 7. Party

Two days later, thursday

Me and Justin havn't made up yet.We havn't talked or texted, nothing. I needed to try and talk to him today, i miss him more than anything! I texted demi that she didn't have too pick me up. I took my warm coat on and my converse today. "Bye guys, i'm taking my bike" I say and walk outside, grab my red bike and drive to school. 

As i drive into the school a pink car honk behind me. I look behind me and see Allison and her two friends in it. "Get moving slut!" They yell out the window. I point my middlefinger at them and drive in the bike shed. I place my bike and take my bag with me. 

I walk inside the school and walk to my locker to see Demi, Ashley, Justin, Zac and Ryan there. I sigh and walk to them. "Hey Sel" Demi say and sidehug me. I fake smile and turn around to my locker. "Sel we are going now" Demi say and they walk away to class. I sigh and turn around. 

"OMG FUCK YOU SCARED ME!"i yell and hold my chest schocked. "Sorry..." He say and scratch his neck. I look at him and sigh. "Justin i...--" I start but he interrupts me. "No i'm sorry, you were right i was an idiot for not standing up for my friends" He say and scratch his neck again. I shrug my shoulders and make a "I guess i was right" face. He laughs and look at me. "I still shouldn't have snapped like that, and called you it" I say and look down. "No it's okay, you were mad" "But i wasn't mad at you, i'm sorry" I sigh and look at him in the eyes. He nods and look down. "Does this mean we can be friends again?" I ask and lift my shoulders up. He looks at me and smiles. "Yer i would like that" He say and smile. 

A smile appears on my face and i jump in Justin's arms. I wrap my legs around his waist and hugs him tight. He hugs back. "I missed you so much" I mumble but loud enough for him to hear it. "I missed you too baby" He mumble and kiss my cheek. 


At lunch

I walked in the cafeteria and looked around. Then i spotted Justin sitting with Ryan and Demi at a table. I smiled and walked in the food line. I got a egg sandwich and a cake and a coke. I walked of to their table. 

I put my food down and wrapped my arms fast around Justin from behind. He giggled with Demi and looked at me. "What are you doing?" He asked smiling. "I just missed you" I say and let go and sit down next to him. I move as close to him as possible. I was almost sitting on his lap, so close i was. He looked at me and smiled. I ate my food, didn't really talk with them. I just sat there listening and enjoying being with Justin again. 

"We have PE now, lets go" Justin says and stand up. I nod and chews my last bite and stands up too. He takes my hand and we all walk to PE. 



I was showering. In 2 hours we were going to the schoolplay. But before Justin, Demi, Ryan and i was going to Mc donalds to eat. I walked out and dried myself up. 10 minutes later i had done my hair and makeup and i put on underwear. I walked out i searched in my clothes. After 30 minutes i had found an outfit (In the comments, there is a link to her and Justins and Demi) 

I heard a car honk and i grabbed my phone and walked downstairs. "Bye mom and Brian, i will see you at the play" I say and open the door. I see Justin getting out of the car and walk in my direction. I smile and hug him. He pull away and checks me out. "You look beautiful" He says and smiles. I smile and look him in the eyes. "Thank you" I say and i get in the front seat and Justin in the drivers. "We are getting Demi and Ryan and Ryans house" I nod and smile. We drive there and pick them up. Forever by Chris Brown. I smile and look out the window. 


"Hey guys what do you say about going to a club after?" Ryan ask. "Yes!" Justin and Demi shouts. Justin strokes my lap. "What about you baby, i wont go if you dont" He say and look on the road again. "No i will go, i wanna have fun tonight" I say and place my hand ontop of his. We drove to mcdonalds and ate there. 

When there was 25 minutes till the show starts, we drove to the school. Justin parks the car and go out to my side and opens the door. I smile and takes his hand. We walk in the school, get a folder and walks into the the stage. "Here babe, we are sitting here" Justin says and walk into a row in the middle. I nod and walks after him. "Demi, Ryan here" I say and wave them over. They walk over to us Justin sits down, me next to him and Demi next to me, and Ryan next to her. 

We are just talking when suddenly someone comes on the stage. We clap and she smiles. "Thank you all for coming today, these kids have worked so hard for this to work, so i hope you will all enjoy it!" She says and the lights go off and the show begins. They were playing snowhite.


Under the show Justin leads his hand to my lap and rubs it gently. I smile and place my hand ontop of his and interwines our fingers. In the middle of the the show there is a break. The lights go on and the lady comes out again. "There will now be a 10 minutes break!" She yells and goes off again. Me and Justin sits there holding hands and talk when Demi pokes me on the shoulder. I turn around and look at her. "Will you go with me to the bathroom?" She asks. I nod and smile. We stand up and walks out. We walk down the hallway and find a bathroom. We walk in and Demi uses it. I stand there waiting. 

"Selena?" She says from the toilet. "Yer?" I ask her her. "You and Justin are really sweet together" She says happy and walk out of the toilet box. "We aren't together" I say to her smiling. "No, but you act like it" She says and wash her hands. I giggle and look at myself in the mirror. "You look sexy Sel, Justin likes it" She say and winks at me. "It has nothing with Justin to do, how i dress" She looks at me with a "Are you kidding me" look. I laugh and nods. "Okay maybe it has" I say shrug my shoulders. She laughs and we walk out again. 


After the show

"Selena sweetheart" I hear my mom say when we are on the dark parkinglot. It was 9.30 pm. I turn around from my friends and look at her. "Where are you going" She asks and walks to me. "We are going clubbing" I say and point to Justin and Demi and  Ryan. "Clubbing? Is that safe?" She asks worried. "Moooom come on i'm with my friends" I whine. "Fine, but you need to be home at 4.00" I nod and roll my eyes. "We'll see about that" I say and walk to Justin again. 

"PARTY HERE WE COME!" Ryan say and sits in the front. Justin laughs and gets in the drivers seat. Me and Demi in the back. We drive for 10 minutes and then see a club where there isn't as many people. Justin parks the car and we walk inside. "WUHU guys lets get a shot!" Ryan shouts and pull me and Demi towards the bar. "4 shots and 4 beers" He say and the guys hands us it fast. 

"4 more beers" Ryan say and he hands us it. Ryan and Justin drinks it fast and just sit there talking and getting drunk. But then "we can't stop" by Miley Cyrus hits the radion and people go dancing. I smirk to Demi and we walk to Justin and Ryan. I take Justins hands and pulls him with me. "What are you doing?" He say drunk. "Dancing with you" I answer and we start dancing with Each other and Demi and Ryan. We start grinding on each other. Justin is holding on my hips and i have my arms behind my head around Justins neck. I turn around so our faces is touching. 

Justin crashes his lips on mine and wrap his arms around my waist. I smile and kiss back and wrap my arms around his neck. "Guys! Ryan passed out!" Demi say pulling me away from Justin, but i kept my hand in Justins so he got pulled with us. "Ryan wake up" Demi and me are sitting and trying to wake him up. He opens his eyes and look at us with red eyes. "Demi you should get him home" I say and look at her. She nods and help him up. I take Justins hand and we all walk outside. "Taxi!" Demi yells. A taxi pulls up and they sit in. "Aren't you guys going" She asks conused. "No we will get Justin's car" I say and point at his car. She nods and they drive away.


I look around for Justin and see him sitting up against a wall, with closed eyes. I walk to him and bends down and shakes him. "Justin you need to get up" I say and he opens his eyes and tries to stand up. I help him and we walk slow to his car. I take the keys from Justins pocket and stick it in and locks it up. But before i do anything more Justin turns me around and press me up against the car. He leans up against me and kisses my neck, he slides his hand to my butt and grabs it.

"Justiiin" I moan, and whine trying to get him to stop. "Mmm" He says against my neck. "" I moan but Justin just crashes his lips on mine. I kiss back adding more passion. He opens the door to the backseat and he gets  in without breaking the kiss. He pulls me down with him but then flips us around so he is ontop. My shoes had already gotten of my feets from all the kissing. "Justin stop" I demand and pull away from the kiss, when he tries to take off my dress. "Why?" He pouts. "I dont wanna do this" I say and he understands and gets out and gets in the front seat. I sigh and get out and gets in the drivers seat. 


I pull up infront of Justins house. I can see Pattie open the door and run out to us. "Guys god it is 3.00 in the morning, is he drunk?" She ask looking at me, when i get out of the car. I nod and walks in bare feet to Justins side and help him out. He holds his arm around my neck to keep him from falling. I help him in the house and Pattie close the door. "Will you help him?" She asks. I nod and smile. She nods and walk back in the bedroom to sleep. I help him up the stairs. We walk in his bedroom and i close the door. "Baby i love you" He say sitting on the bed tired and really drunk. I smile and help him take off his shoes. "You are so beautiful" He say and holds my hand. "Justin you're really drunk" I say and help him take his jacket and shirt off. He nods and stands up and walk out in the bathroom, but stumbles over a few things on the way. 

"Bullshit!" He yells from the bathroom. I hurry out to him and see him having trouble taking his pants off. I giggle and help him. "Thanks baby" He say and stands up. He brushes his teeth and walk out. I help him lay down and pulls the cover over him. I turn off the light and sits on the side and looks down at him. I stroke his cheek and smile. "Goodnight Justin" I say and turn the nightlamp next to him on.

I stand up and turns around, but he grabs my wrist and i look at him. "Sleep with me, please" He say and begs. I sigh and nods. He smiles and pats the spot next to him. "Justin do you have a shirt i can borrow" I ask before taking my dress off. "You can just sleep in your sexy underwear" He say and wink at me.  I shake my head and laughs. "No" I say and walk to his closet and takes a white t- shirt. I walk to the bathroom and take off my dress and makeup. 

I brush my teeth and turn the lights off and walk back out to see Justin sleeping. I smile and turns the lamp next to him off. I lie down on the bed and pull the covers over me. I look out the window on the million of stars, with my back against Justin. But suddenly he wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him. I smile and place my hand on top of his. I close my eyes and drift off to sleep. 


Next morning

Justin's POV

I wake up with my arms around Selena. I was so drunk last night. I only remember me and Selena kissing a few times and then a big makeout, but not anymore. I looked at Selena, she was sleeping in my white shirt. You could see her bra thorugh it. I guess she took that herself. I turned the tv on and just kept my arms around her. There was a basketball game and i watched it. Today it was raining outside. Really much actually! Ugh my head! It hurts so much! 

10 minutes later Selena starts to move around and eventually opens her eyes. "Goodmorning Sel" I say and smile. "Goodmorning, what time is it?" I look at my phone. "11.45, almost 12" I say and lie back with my arms around her. "What?! My mom must be freaking out at home" She say and jump up from the bed. I guess i checked her out, but i couldn't resist! She wasn't wearing any pants.

"I need to get home" She say and walk stressed around the room. "Wow wow wow, Chill babe chill" she looks at me frustrated. "She is freaking out" She say and walk around. I stand up and picks her up from behind and throws her on the bed and lie down ontop of her. "Justin get off" She say demanding. I shake my head. "I'll call her her to say you will be home tonight" I say and look her in the eyes. "Tonight? Why tonight?" "Because then we can have a hangover day" I say and gets off her. "Really?" She asks and sit up. I nod and gets my phone and calls her mom. 


"She was okay with it" I say and takes Selenas hand and walks downstairs. I see my mom making breakfast and Jake had a few friends over. "Justin" Selena says standing behind me. I look cofused but then realises she doesnt have any pants on. I pull down in my shirt she was wearing and then her in front of me as we walk to my mom and takes some food on a the board. We walk back upstairs and sit on the bed. "Wanna watch a movie?" I say and look at her. She nods and takes a bite of the watermelon. 

"Do you have he's the girl?" She asks. "Umm yer, my mom likes it" "Lets watch it!" She says. We put the movie in and set down the food on the floor and we cuddled up in the bed. 


Selenas Pov

This was nice, cuddle. I like that. I like being with Justin like this. I mean, i just loved it. We were holding hands, his hand interwined in mine. And Demi was really right. We acted like a couple, i mean we kissed, hugged, called each other sweet things and everything a couple does. And i mean i wouldn't be mad if Justin asked me, but he havn't even looked like he would consider it. Maybe it was better to be friends from his side. 


When it was around 5 Pattie came in the room. "Hey guys what pizza would you like?" She asked. We looked at the pizza menu and picks out our pizza. She walks back out and an hour later the pizza is here. I take my dress on and then Justins shirt outside. We walked downstairs and sat down at the table and ate.  

At 8.00

It was dark outside and Brian was picking me after his work. I heard a honk outside and stood up and walked to take my high heels on. I took them on and my jacket. "Bye Justin this day was fun" I say and hug him. He nods and steps closer to me. I knew what he was gonna do and i didn't get to think more before our lips met. I held my hands on his neck and his hands on my waist. "Awww" It came from Pattie and Jeremy and Jake and his friends. I giggled and pulled away. "Bye Jay" "Bye Selly" He say and waves at me. I get in the car and we drive home. 

This have been fun! 

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